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    Primary Study on Implementing Customer Satisfaction Engineering in the Logistics Branch of Institutions of Higher Learning
    On the Application of Value Engineering to the Evaluation and Checking of the Teaching of Higher Institutions
    Practice and Strategy in Technological Innovation Engineering in Combination of Industry,Academic Studies and Scientific Research
    MEWEM is a kind of method moral education with "psychology phenomenon" being its key point. It means to study and deal with problems concerning moral education with engineering method, make moral education a common pattern, realize the teachers and the students' mutual influence, explore the students' potentiality and accelerate their development comprehensively by means of synthesizing, creation, and practice.
    Reference to the experience of developed countries, as the first professional degree in engineering, MEng will replace the bachelor, associating with the professional accreditation system and the occupation entering system.
    At present, most of the evaluations of engineering projects in university is neither evaluated after the projects have been finished, which do not point at the necessity, risks, sustainability of the project, nor conducted in accordance with the speciality of higher education, of which the signification is not evaluated in more realistic and all-round way.
    The knowledge frame "one body, two wings, three foundations",the direction of specialized course environmental engineering and three basic principles of the construction of the specialised course are stated.
    在此基础上构造了课程体系 ,提出了“一体、两翼、三基”的知识框架和环境工程的专业课主线以及专业建设的三条基本原则 .
    The course system of packaging engineering is discussed on its definition, function and teaching practices of Southern Yangtze University. They should include the widerange of engineering course, the basic and specialized course of the packaging technology , the artistic course, the computer and the testing technology ,the related elective course of the engineering and social science, etc.
    从包装工程的定义、功能及江南大学的教学实践出发 ,探讨了包装工程专业的课程体系建设问题 ,应包括宽口径的工科基础、包装技术基础与专业课、艺术类课程、计算机与测试技术、相关的工程与人文社会科学选修课 ;
    In this article, several proposals on the adjustment and combination of the discipline of optical engineering in the new age are presented and the analysis on the scientificity, potentiality and feasibility of transforming optical instrument and devices into information engineering is mainly gives.
    As the development of rear-service reformation in whole nation colleges,we must change the past traditional thought about the quality and management in college maintenance engineering,work out a reasonable plan,strenthen the audit work to all maintenance angineerings,tap the latent power deeply,economize on capital and increase effect,and serve better the school and the staff.
    随着全国高校后勤改革的发展进程 ,高校维修工程的质量与管理也必须改变过去的传统思想 ,制定出合理的计划 ,加强对各项维修工程的审计工作 ,深挖潜力 ,节资增效 ,更好地为学校和教职工服务。
    Raising the status of engineering education in China obviously benefits the educational service trade and engineering service trade for China.
    它将有利于提高我国工程人才和工程教育在国际上的地位 ,有利于开展国际教育和工程的服务贸易。
    By introducing characters of contemporary engineering, the author insists that it is necessary and instant to strengthen the innovative education in the institute of technology.
    This paper analyses integrated management system characteristics of academe level in university and sets up the system function model. System analysis and system design are carried based on software engineering. Then integrated management system is developed using ASP technology.
    It requires that engineering education should provide comprehensive knowledge background, emphasize on the practical aspects and cultivate the creativity of students.
    Defining the principles of the curriculum and establishing the scientific and practical system of further education courses are the themes of the further education engineering of the primary and secondary school teachers.
    明确继续教育课程设置的原则 ,构建科学、实用的继续教育课程体系是中小学教师继续教育工程的主题。
    analyzing the relations between innovation and engineering, pointing out definitely when solving engineering problem ,we should protect students' innovative idea and foster students' innovative ability;
    The paper points out the problems in Chinese engineering education by discussing the differences between science and engineering and the characteristics of modern engineering,and expounds the main aspects and the direction of reform in Chinese engineering education.
    The national Excellent Curriculum's Building is a systematical work,which is the basis for the specialty building and subject building. It's the important component of universities' teaching quality and teaching reforming engineering.
    The paper discusses the methods and steps of developing value engineering in evaluating student cadre in the university. By comprehensive analysis of the function and cost,it can confirm the problem with the student cadre.


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