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    The Progress in Technology of Acoustic Emission Evaluating in-service Pressure Vessel
    Real Time Fault Monitoring and System Evaluating in FMS
    The Reform Experoment of Education Practice Teaching Results Evaluate in Teachers' College
    The tumor uptake and imaging properties of 99Tcm-MAG2Lys-Dx10-SMS are evaluated in nude mice bearing human pancreatic tumor.
    The hydroxyl number of Gd@ C82 (OH)x was determined by XPS on its C1s spectrum and the compound was assigned as Gd@ C82(OH)16. The proton relaxivity and MRI photographs of Gd@ C82 (OH) 16 were evaluated in vitro and in vivo on a Bruker 4. 7T/30 cm Biospec magnetic resonance imaging scanner.
    The levels of SIL-2R in serum were also evaluated in 1,2 and 3 weeks after infection.
    Six compounds Ⅲ_2,4,5,7-9 exhibited marked anti-inflammatory activity in xylene-induced mice ear swelling model and were further evaluated in carrageenan-induced rat paw edema model. Ⅲ_2,7,8 possessed anti-inflammatory activity.
    Objective Smoking effects on vascular endothelial dilatation function and on inflammation media such as interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor-α(TNF-α) and C-reactive protein (CRP) were to be evaluated in healthy young adults and in passive smokers.
    The grade of spinal cord injury before operation and improvement of neurological function during the 9th month post-operation were evaluated in 17 cases,according to the standards of ASIA amended in 2000.Result:21 patients were followed up for 9 to 26 months(mean,14.2 months).
    按ASIA 2000分级标准对17例脊髓神经损伤患者评估术前脊髓神经损伤程度及术后9个月脊髓神经功能改善情况。
    The antitumor activity of Ag-CTL and non Ag-CTL in vivo was evaluated in BALB/c nude mice bearing A549 lung cancer.
    5) two high yielding parents,963-4-1 and 88-1202,were evaluated in the investigation,as well as 904-79 and Georgia had a higher use value in peanut breeding.
    The causes of the measurement uncertainty for tensile strength of 2Cr13 were analyzed. Moreover the measurement uncertainty for tensile strength of 2Cr13 was evaluated in detail according to JJF1059-1999,and the expanded uncertainty was also obtained.
    A recombinant pseudorabies virus (rPRV-HA) expressing the hemagglutinin (HA) gene of swine influenza virus (SIV) A/Swine/Inner Mogolian/547/2001 (H3N2) was immunologically evaluated in piglets. Twelve 4-weeks old healthy piglets were inoculated intramuscularly (i.m.)
    利用猪流感病毒(Swineinfluenza virus,SIV)与伪狂犬病病毒(Pseudorabies virus,PRV)血清学阴性的4周龄断奶仔猪,对此前构建的表达SIVA/Swine/Inner Mogolian/547/2001(H3N2)血凝素(HA)基因的重组伪狂犬病病毒(rPRV-HA)进行了免疫效力评价。
    It indicated that approximately 60%(15 out of 24) of the ecosystem services evaluated in the MA are being degraded or used unsustainably,18%(4 out of 24) are being enhanced,and 22%(5 out of 24) are being used with mixed patterns.
    评估结果表明,在MA明确评估的24项服务中,15项处于下降趋势,约占60%; 4项处于上升趋势,约占18%;
    The treatment effects of Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) cleaning wastewater through the UV/Fenton process were evaluated in brief. Treatment methods of the effluent were further studied.
    Methods Gated by CD3 and SSC, the changes of CTLA-4, PD-1, and CD25 on CD3+CD4+ cells were evaluated in 38 new diagnosed cases with MDS(RA 17, RAS 1, RAEB 14. RAEB-t 6) and 11 normal controls respectively by directive immune labels.
    方法以CD3和侧向角设门,采用直接免疫三标法以流式细胞术检测38例初治MDS患者(RA 17例、RAS 1例、RAEB 14例、RAEB-t 6例)及11例正常对照组外周血CD3+ CD4+细胞上CTLA-4、PD-1、CD25数量和比例变化,并探讨与疾病进展的关系。
    Expression of MMP-8,TIMP-1,and TGFβ1,and myocardial remodeling index were evaluated in the 2nd,4th,8th and 12th weeks after operation and sham operation. Collagen contents were measured with Masson stained sections of cardiac muscle. Expression of MMP-8,TIMP-1,and TGFβ1was tested with immunohistochemistry SABC method and protein immunoblotting.
    The specific water content of the hydrogel was evaluated in artificial urine, artificial blood, 0.9% NaCl and deionized water for the second time, and the result were 131, 378, 198 and 1450, respectively.
    Methods The treatment value of 3-dimentional Titanium alloy memory connector was evaluated in 25 fractures of 15 patients,in which 3 occured in middle and proximal 1/3 parts of hu- merus;


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