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    The antitumor activity of Ag-CTL and non Ag-CTL in vivo was evaluated in BALB/c nude mice bearing A549 lung cancer.
    A recombinant pseudorabies virus (rPRV-HA) expressing the hemagglutinin (HA) gene of swine influenza virus (SIV) A/Swine/Inner Mogolian/547/2001 (H3N2) was immunologically evaluated in piglets. Twelve 4-weeks old healthy piglets were inoculated intramuscularly (i.m.)
    利用猪流感病毒(Swineinfluenza virus,SIV)与伪狂犬病病毒(Pseudorabies virus,PRV)血清学阴性的4周龄断奶仔猪,对此前构建的表达SIVA/Swine/Inner Mogolian/547/2001(H3N2)血凝素(HA)基因的重组伪狂犬病病毒(rPRV-HA)进行了免疫效力评价
    The treatment effects of Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) cleaning wastewater through the UV/Fenton process were evaluated in brief. Treatment methods of the effluent were further studied.
    The expressions of plasmid mCAR1/pCR3 and CYP2B6 mRNA were detected by RT-PCR; Cytotoxicities of MMC and 629 in vitro were evaluated in g2car cells and HepG2 cells by MTT method under anaerobic and aerobic conditions.
    用RT-PCR检测质粒和CYP2B6 mRNA的表达,用MTT法评价MMC和629对g2car细胞和HepG2细胞在有氧和乏氧条件下的细胞毒性。
    The subjects' regimen included qd×6,2/W×2 weeks,qd×7,qod×7 and qd×5.Safety and efficacy were evaluated in one month after the injection.
    给药方法有:qd×6 d(10 mg.m-2组),每周2次,连用2周(25,35,45 mg.m-2组),qd×7 d(45 mg.m-2组调整方案一),qod×7 d(45 mg.m-2组调整方案二),qd×5 d(60 mg.m-2组); 1月后评价安全性和疗效。
    Compared with IVU and MRU, CTU was evaluated in the diagnosis of upper urinary tract disease in children.
    The zeolite Al-ITQ-13 was evaluated in light olefin aromatization reaction.
    对 Al-ITQ-13分子筛进行了轻烃芳构化反应评价
    Harbin The SO_2 absorbability of 7 main tree species were evaluated in Harbin
    The second sand upper~1 low pore and permeable reservoir rolling object evaluated in PU-WEI Loop low lying strip's western wing
    The characteristics of forestry policies in four Dynasties were analyses and evaluated in modern scientific view.
    3.The ability of urban sustainable development of Guangzhou city during 1978-2003 is evaluated in this paper.
    The efficacy, safety and possible mechanisms of PPAR-γ agonists therapy are evaluated in vivo.
    An ecological campus will be evaluated in structure, function and coordination respectively. Correspondingly, the index systems and their general process are presented and the standards the evaluation should abide by are stated to introduce the calculation method of each item in it while the basic methods and parameters are provided, too.
    Anti-hypoxic effects were evaluated in mice, the results indicated that all compounds expect P12 had certain anti-hypoxic effects under the same dosages. Furthermore, the effects of P1, P3, P4, P7 and P10 were stronger than that of puerarin, and among them P4 was the best.
    The vasodilator effects of 5 compounds (P1-P6) were evaluated in the trial on rat isolated aortic rings, the results indicated that all compounds expect P3 had significant vasodilator effects.
    In succession, the research actuality and related theory about access-control are probed, and three representative access-control models’realizable mechanism, including DAC, MAC and RBAC, are analyzed and evaluated in this paper.
    2) In the experiment of CO selective oxidation, the catalyst is CuO/CeO_2, which is prepared by impregnating CuO into CeO_2 support. The catalytic activity is evaluated in the continuous fixed bed reactor too, choosing the CO percent conversion and the CO_2 selectivity as evaluation indexes. The content of CO below 10 ppm after reaction must be achieved or else the excessive CO will poison the membrane.
    2)CO选择氧化部分的实验中,以CuO/CeO_2为催化剂,采用浸渍法将CuO负载在CeO_2气凝胶上,催化剂活性评价也在固定床上进行,选定CO转化率和CO_2的选择性作为评价指标,反应后所得气体中的CO含量要低于10 ppm,以满足PEMFC用氢的纯度要求。
    Part 3. On thebasis of the analysis of the distribution and type of the remains resources, the remainstourism resources is qualitatively evaluated in resources and developmental conditionand it is quantitatively evaluated by analytic hierarchy process too;
    The roles of 2D-DSA and 3D-DSA were evaluated in five aspects: 1. Detection of aneurysm;
    This paper took Nanwan Reservoir in Henan Province as its research object, an investigation on physiochemical features of water quality and bait biological changes were conducted in Nanwan Reservoir from 2004 to 2005. On the basis of these investigations the trophic type and present situation of fishery resources were evaluated in order to provide theoretical base for the reasonable utilization of fishery resource and ecological management of environment.


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