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facts controllers
    Convertible Static Compensators: A New Kind of FACTS Controllers
    Modeling and Simulation of FACTS Controllers
    An overview on modeling and simulation of FACTS controllers
    This thesis presents a scheme, which uses FACTS controllers to achieve compensation and control of negative sequence and zero sequence currents under condition that power transmission lines operate on long time-non full phase mode.
    Based on the latest studies and achievements concerning controlobjectives and control strategies about FACTS. the functions and impacts of some primary FACTS controllers are compared. It is pointed out that multi-objective coordinated control in power system is the main aim to design FACTS controllers in the future.
    The objective of this dissertation is to analyze the interactions among FACTS controllers in multi-machine power system.
    With the help of strategies dealing with AC/AC and DC/DC interactions, the dissertation tried to study the interactions between HVDC and FACTS controllers in multi-machine interconnected systems, which mainly includes the following aspects:1. Generally introduce the benefits of different kinds of HVDC and FACTS instrument, make the suggest of how to model HVDC and FACTS controllers for interaction analysis properly.
    本文以此为核心,分以下几个方面探索研究: 1.简要介绍HVDC系统模型及基本FACTS控制器的种类、模型及特性,比较不同HVDC系统模型和FACTS控制器的特性差别,选取互联系统交互分析的实用模型。
    In this thesis, the batch processing function of RTDS was used to coordinate the parameters of PSS and SVC. This method was presented for the first time. It provides a new way to analysis the interactions between traditional and FACTS controllers.
    In this paper the FACTS controllers as well as their terms and classification are described and analyzed. Based on the new definition suggested by the author in the reference [ll], a new classification by which the FACTS controllers are classified as three subgroups is offered, and the recent application and future development of FACTS controllers are also presented. Several proposals for foreseeing research and practice of FACTS controllers in China are put forward in the end as the conclusion of this paper.
    A brief enumeration of cooperative development projects of FACTS controllers in China also was given.
    Besides, the relationship chain among the developments of power semiconductor materials, power electronic devices and FACTS controllers is described, and some suggestions for further researches are raised for reference.
    A unified model of FACTS controllers for transient stability analysis based on EEAC is proposed. The effects of FACTS on transient stability are described through the series and parallel control to power system.
    The influences of the FACTS model to network equation, swing equation of generators and the one-machine infinite bus (OMIB) equivalence of EEAC are discussed in the paper. The unified OMIB equivalence equations are derived. which are applicable to all EEAC methods and all kinds of FACTS controllers.
    研究了这一模型对电力系统网络方程、转子运动方程和 EEAC单机无穷大系统等值的影响,推导了适合于 EEAC各种方法和各类FACTS控制器的单机无穷大(OMIB)系统等值统一表达式。
    Since the FACTS controllers designed by using single m achine infinite bus SMIB system as system model cannot handle perfectly the above problem due to disadvantages of the m odel,a four- m achine system benchmark is proposed in this paper.
    目前以单机—无穷大系统为模型所设计的 FACTS控制器 ,因系统模型的局限性不能很好地解决上述问题 ,文中提出了 4机系统模型作为 FACTS暂稳控制研究的基本模型。
    The effects of FACTS controllers are described as the series and parallel controls to power system in this paper, which are applicable to all EEAC methods and all kinds of FACTS controllers.
    本文将 FACTS对暂态稳定的作用通过对电力系统的串联和关联控制来描述 ,适合于 EEAC各种方法和各类 FACTS控制器
    Based on the revised EEAC,the effects of three typical FACTS controllers (TCSC、STATCON、UPFC) to transient stability of power system are discussed,which have been tested by the simulation package of EPRI(China),the results are satisfactory.
    本文基于 EEAC法研究了三种典型的 FACTS控制器 (TCSC、STATCON、UPFC)对系统暂态稳定的影响 ,并应用电科院电力系统综合仿真程序进行了校核 ,得到了满意的结果。
    In this paper, new approach to determination of optimal location of FACTS controllers is developed by accessing transmission segment vulnerability using cutest stability index ranking.
    通过建立网络中割集的稳定度指标选择评价网络中的输电环节的脆弱性 ,通过指标的排序确定FACTS控制器的最优装设地点。
    The model will provide a foundation for the analysis of the interaction of multiple FACTS controllers with multi-control functions.
    This paper summarizes the concept and effect of FACTS, and discusses the development of FACTS control technology in detail. The principle ,advantages and disadvantages of some primary FACTS controllers are analysed. The present status and future development trend of FACTS control technology are presented.
    The classifications and functions about FACTS controllers, including the application in power system, are completely introduced. Based on the classification of models about FACTS, the fashionable researches about the modeling and simulation of FACTS controllers are overviewed. It is pointed out that to realize the multi-objective coordinated control in power system is the main aim to simulate FACTS controllers in the future.


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