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    Calculating Formulae of Detection Probability and False-Alarm Probability of the Pulse-counter Detector of small Sliding Window
    The modified generalized sign detector (MGSD) and the two-pole filter detector (TPFD) are simulated by the use of Monte Carlo method,to obtain the curves of their false-alarm probubility,detection probability and angular accuracy in Weibull noise.
    采用Monte Carlo法模拟了修正型广义符号检测器(MGSD)和双极点滤波器检测器(TPFD),给出了它们在Weibull噪声中的虚警概率检测概率和测角精度曲线。
    Experimental results show that when IR threshold coefficient is 2.0-2.4, more than 95% of the detection probability and lower false-alarm probability for targets with signal-clutter-ratio of 1 can be obtained by the algorithm.
    2 Researching the constant false-alarm ratio (CFAR) detectionBased on the order statistics theory and CFAR method, a new kind of detection schemeand performance analysis method are put forward to detect the dependent target innonhomogeneous environment.
    2 恒虚警(CFAR)检测方案的探讨在对信号检测的基本理论进行深入研究的基础上,根据有序统计(OS)理
    With this criterion, two good algorithms are designed: inertia-based cut detection algorithm, and cut detection algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio (CFAR). The latter one translates the CFAR processing technique from radar signal detection into the field of video content analysis.
    A low-complexity CFAR (const false-alarm rate) frame detector is proposed, which exploits periodic structure of preamble and outperforms conventional autocorrelation detector.
    This thesis mainly discussed the realization of Pulse-Doppler radar signal processing system. The signal processing system of this thesis is mainly composed of Pulse Compressing (PC) and Moving Target Detection (MTD) and Automatic Angle Detecting and Constant False-Alarm Rate(CFAR).
    本文研究的主要目的是实现某脉冲多普勒雷达信号处理机, 该信号处理机主要由脉冲压缩(PC),动目标检测(MTD),自动测角,恒虚警处理(CFAR)四个模块组成;
    If logarithmic begining point puts below 10db receiver noise level. It still has constant false-alarm rate characteristics.
    Ely comparison MGSD has an advantage over TPFD in that the former pcovides a constant false-alarm rate when the samples of the reference cells are independent and identical-ly distributed,besides,its defection prodability and angular accuracy in Weibull noise are higher when the signal-noise ratio is smaller,with a reduction in the effect of extraneous targer.
    Its major functions include digital pulse compression, weighting in various forms, moving target indication, Doppler filtering, constant false-alarm rate detection, video integration, threshold detection, etc.
    The paper reviews and discusses pulse doppler signal processing circuits on board and fundamental concept and formulae of target detection probability and the probability of false alarm. Being known the threshold level and signal-to-noise ratio, the WATFIV (a modified version of FORTRAN 77) program for calculating the probability of detection is given. Another numerical example is also presented in terms of BASIC when the signal-to-noise ratio and probability of false-alarm are given.
    The operating SNR is dependent on the detection probability and false-alarm rate of system.
    An algorithm of detecting targets is proposed and the probability of detection and the false-alarm probability of this altimeter are calculated according to the system simulation results,which shows this altimeter are calculated according to the system simulation results,which shows this altimeter can be used on all kinds of aeroplane to detect altitudes.
    Under the Swerling II assumption, the analytic expressions of false-alarm probability (Pfa), detection probability (Pd) and Average Decision Threshold (ADT) of this detector are derived, its detection performances in homogeneous background and in strong interfering targets environment are analyzed, and compared with that of OS-, GOSGO-CFARs.
    我们推导出了该检测器在Swerling Ⅱ型目标假设下的虚警概率(P_(fa))、检测概率(Pd)和度量平均判决门限(ADT)解析表达式。 分析了它在均匀背景和强干扰环境中的检测性能。
    The character of fusion entropy is discussed and the entropy concept of optimal decision in multi-sensor systems is then deduced. The influence of the method in the reliability and false-alarm probability of fusion systems is analyzed showing its significance in enhancing the quality of the fusion systems.
    A digital GPS PN code acquisition circuit based on direct IF sampling is presented Based on the mathematics model of this circuit, the relations between searching rate, probabilities of false-alarm, probabilities of detection and input carrier-to-noise density ratio(C/N 0) are analyzed A digital system scheme based on the acquisition circuit is proposed According to the result of the analysis the digital acquisition circuit can be adopted for improving acquiring performance and system reliability
    在对其进行数学建模的基础上 ,分析了该电路的虚警概率、检测概率、载噪比与捕获速率的关系 ,并提出了GPSC/A码捕获数字系统的实现方案。 数字化GPS接收机码捕获电路可以有效地提高捕获的成功率和抗干扰性能 ,也为提高接收机集成度 ,增加系统可靠性起到了重要作用
    Based on the spread-spectrum code acquisition scheme of P-SCDMA ( Packet-Switch-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) , the paper sets up a signal model and analyzes parameters of the acquisition system theoretically with the statistical result of partial-correlation of m sequence. Figures of false-alarm probability versus E_c/N_o and figures of detection-probability versus E_c/N_o on AWGN condition are presented.
    在包交换同步码分多址 (P- SCDMA:Packet- Switch- Synchronious Code Division Multpiple Access)系统的扩频序列的捕捉方案基础上 ,建立了信号模型并运用 m序列部分相关的统计结论从理论上对捕捉系统的参数进行了分析 ,给出了在 AWGN环境下虚警概率对 EC/N0 、检测概率对 EC/N0 的图像。
    The paper gives out mathematical modeling of the digital PRN code acquisition and tracking process,derives the expressions of the detection and false-alarm probabilities, presents the improved double_dwell search strategy ,analyzes the dynamic tracking performance and influence of input noise mathematically.
    从数字码跟踪环的角度研究了高动态体制下GPS接收机性能 ,对伪码捕获和跟踪过程建立了数学模型 ; 推导出伪码捕获的检测概率和虚警概率 ,提出改进的双Dwell搜索方法 ;
    From the simulation results of real infrared images, the algorithm can successfully detect dim moving point target with the signal-to-noise ratio equaling 2 and obtain its real-time position and velocity information accurately under the condition of constant false-alarm probability(CFAR). The algorithm useful in many practical applications is insensitive to the changes of noise's statistical distribution and adaptable to real-time image processing and target detection.


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