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    Forming Mechanisms of Plate-shape TiC in Ti-6Al-2C
    Principal Characteristics of Limestone Saprolite and Its Forming Mechanisms
    TEM and EDAX Studies for the Forming Mechanisms of Laminated Zones in Natural Initial Carious Enamel
    Research Trends and Forming Mechanisms of Environmental Service Market in River Bains
    Forming Mechanisms of Interdisciplinary Research Methods
    Study on the Forming Mechanisms of Industrial Cluster's Location Selection
    Forming mechanisms and accumulating processes of gas regulation by rice paddy ecosystems
    Research for China Oil and Gas Pipeline Transporting Price Forming Mechanisms
    As its reversibility, alcoholic fibrosis has been recognized asone of the most exciting domains in the studies on the forming mechanisms ofalcoholic liver fibrosis.
    研究肝纤维化的形成机制是当前研究的热点之一,而星状细胞的激活、I 型胶原的过度分泌机制又是研究的焦点,本课题运用细胞生物学和分子生物学技术在两个层面上研究复方慢肝消抗酒精性肝纤维化的细胞与分子机制。
    This paper has introduced major tasks and characters of oil and gas transportation pipelines, reviewed price forming history of, analyzed present situation and existing problems of oil and gas pipelines' transporting price and used the price forming mechanisms of foreign oil and gas transportation profession of other countries for reference.
    The forming mechanisms of social exclusion include mechanisms of system, market and social capital.
    This paper regarding the optimization of the whole supply chain as the goal, beginning with the supply partnership relation interests, study the interest mechanism of the supply chain partnership relation. Its main content consists of the forming mechanisms, security mechanisms and allocation mechanisms of supply chain partnership relation interests.
    The main conclusions are as follows:1. studied exhaustively the features of the microstructures of ductile shear zone , including wavy extinction, deformation bands, deformation lamellae, deformation twins, subgrains, dynamically recrystallization grains, core and mantle textures, pressure shadows, and relic phenocrysts etc, and also studied their forming mechanisms in primary.
    The thorough research on JinQu basin have importance significances for exploring oil an gas resources, illuminating basin sedimentary laws, structural evolution, forming mechanisms, probing into the relations of formation evolution and constraint which regional structures, deep structures acted on basin, offering new evidences for the Chinese southeast lithosphere evolution.
    Chapter 6 compares the forming mechanisms of de jure standards and de facto standards and proposes some competition strategies.
    , forming mechanisms the Dupal anomaly. Whether the primary origin of Dupal anomaly only located at southern hemisphere mantle or not, and how the Dupal anomaly drifted to north- era hemisphere. It was suggested that the origin of Dupal anomaly may be existed within continental lithosphere mantle and also within deep asthosphere mantle.
    Two forming mechanisms are considered: the carbonate cement dissolution caused by organic acid resulting from redox reaction when hydrocarbon migrated up from underlying upper Triassic source rock and reacted with oxidants (Fe2O3) in the sandstones. Another is the meteoric water leaching during the uplifting ofYansan middle epoch.
    This paper describes the geometry of Nanpu fault zone and restores a main seismic profile across the belt by using balanced cross-section technique for extensional area. On the basis of reflection configuration, overall structural framework and the balanced ctoss-section, the author discusses the tectonic evolution and forming mechanisms of the belt.
    The geographical distribution and population spatial pattern of Monimopetalum chinense of rare and endemic species in China and its forming mechanisms are studied in this paper, with the method of contiguous grid quadrats of Greig Smith.


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