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    Forms and Countermeasures in Frustration of Gear Transmission
    Study on the Legal Issues of Frustration of Delivery of Cargo Carried by Sea
    On the Rule of Frustration of Contracts in Anglo-American Law
    Frustration coping that builds on the two theories of stress and coping,is a realistic research field that concerns the concentrated phenomena of frustration of currentmiddle school students, especially junior school students.
    To be concrete, the thesis puts forward two theoretical angles, president's leadership style and power resource, and then use the two angles to analyze the frustration of President Clinton's policy agenda in 1993-1994.The thesis falls into three parts.
    the frustration of certificated public accountant's audit direct;
    In this article, the author expounds the main theoretical issues on the principle of change of circumstances and puts forward to the difference between its basic implication and the frustration of contract in common law, the accidental force and the commercial risk . Meanwhile, its applicable conditions and the force of law are illustrated in detail here.
    Then this thesis analyzes and summarizes the relationship of principal-agent theory and financial supervision. This thesis thinks that the source of presence of financial supervision under market economy is due to the frustration of public equity agent by government, and the problem of asymmetric information is the cause of the frustration.
    Also discussed on the necessity and feasibility of separate criminal action stemming from civil action, and on jurisdiction and frustration of criminal responsibility.
    主要针对司法实践中出现的问题,阐明将刑事诉讼与民事诉讼分离的必要性和可行性。 并就普通救济中出现的司法管辖权、级别管辖、专属管辖以及刑事责任追究落空等问题提出了看法和建议。
    On one hand, though most students want eagerly to improve their writing proficiency, they are confronted with the frustration of not knowing how to write and what to write due to their limited language competence.
    The fourth part ‘the system of force majeure in Anglo-American law (system)’,explains frustration of contract and force majeure clause in Anglo-American law(system) assume jointly the part function of the system of force majeure.
    In this article, the author try to explain the theoretical issues on principle of change of circumstances and pay attention to the difference between its basic implication and frustration of purpose in common law.
    本文一共分为四个部分。 第一部分主要介绍了情势变更原则在大陆法系的发展以及英美法系中与情势变更制度类似的合同落空制度,从发展的角度阐述了情势变更原则的历史内涵;
    The first part is mainlyabout the history and evolution of Clausula rebus sic stantibus, and it also makes acomparison with the doctrine of frustration of purpose in the common law contracts.
    第一部分是关于情事变更原则的历史演变及其发展状况。 重点论述了其在两大法系的具体演变与发展,并将其与英美法中的合同落空原则进行了比较。
    In Anglo-American law, the exception rule is the rule of frustration of contracts'.
    In the modern Anglo and American countries, once the circumstance of 'frustration of contracts' appears, the contract is instantly and automatically discharged and it is unjusticiable.
    on the contrary, the frustration of reaction is the fainter.
    However, the difficulty of beginning, frustration of development, imperfect system and unequipped policies make the private enterprises to have a serious problem of lack of intergrity.
    Objective: 1. To work out the questionnaire on the frustration of senior middle school students and explore the types of frustration of students with it.
    2. To explore the status of middle school students, then analyze the differences of frustration and the influencing factors of frustration of senior middle school students in different backgrounds. 3.To analyze the effect of personality feature, attribution styles, coping ways and healthy factors on the frustration of senior middle school students and explore which variables affect the frustration most.
    2.调查高中生的挫折状况,并分析不同背景下高中生挫折的差异及其挫折的相关因素 3.用回归方程对人格特点、归因方式、应对方式、健康因子等因素对高中生挫折感的影响进行分析,以探讨哪些变量对挫折感的影响大。
    4. Stepwise regression shows neuroticism, dreaming, social health, psychological health, inner controlling, extroversion and solving problem affect the sense of frustration of senior school students.


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