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    Since the value of law lies in the fact that it is not only to preserve the credit and freedom of contract but also to pursue fairness, the scholars of continental legal system and common legal system put forward the principles of clausula rebus sic stantibus and the frustration of contract respectively.
    Also, that of the frustration of contract in common law system has been.
    However, some neglects during the consciousness period lead to the frustration of the Snowland Novel after 1990.
    This paper is asummary of our hospital (1975-1992) admited to hospital 192 cases of liver trauma and furtherly analysised in 88 cases of severe liver trauma. It's made diagnosis criterion of sever liver trauma, emphatically discussed experience and frustration of severe liver trauma made in basic hospital
    The-personal differences and conditions in the psychological frustration of teachers are discussed and there are five kinds of frustration categories.
    The third phase (1966-1976) spanned the "Great Cultural Revolution" and witnessed serious frustration of the development of ecomomic theories.
    第三阶段 ( 1966- 1976年 ) ,这是“文化大革命”的 10年 ,经济理论的发展受到了严重挫折。
    Probing into Xin Qi-ji's love ci from the psychological point of view reveals that his ingrained sense of family,frustration of official career and subtle individuality are the basic psychological factors of the creation of his love ci
    :从心理学角度来探析辛弃疾爱情词 ,可发现根深蒂固的家庭观念 ,坎坷的仕途经历以及敏感细腻的个性是构成其爱情词的三个心理基因
    African Village Socialists want to realize modernization based upon African traditions. Because of not making analysis its traditions objectively, they have chosen radical development strategy, which has resulted in frustration of African modernization.
    非洲村社社会主义的真正意旨是试图在立足自身传统的基础上实现现代化 ,但由于非洲村社社会主义领导人对自身的传统不能给予客观科学的分析 ,导致非洲村社社会主义选择了过激的发展战略、政策和措施 ,使得非洲的现代化进程遭受重大挫折
    The principle of frustration of purpose is the important principle of contract performance,its character stressing practical rationality has been provided in detail in both coutries of continent law system and countries of Ocean law system.
    情势变更原则作为合同履行的重要原则 ,以其强调的实质理性的特点 ,在大陆法系和英美法系国家均有详细规定。
    A mixed spin-1/2 and spin-3/2 transverse Ising model with random bond is studies within the framework of the finite cluster approximation (FCA). The phase diagrams and the other critical properties are examined. Re entrant phenomenon which comes from the frustration of exchange interaction is found.
    用有限集团近似 (FCA)研究了自旋为 - 1/ 2与 - 3/ 2的混合自旋横向无规键伊辛模型 讨论了相图与其它的临界性质 ,发现了来自于交换作用起伏的重入现象
    The paper has analyzed cause of the frustration of social security and supervision system of China and fundamental features of compositions of social security and supervision system according to supervision theory of social economy activity, and put forth assumes of composition of social security and supervision system of China on several aspects such as settings of supervision organ, supervision factors, standard of supervision activity and so on.
    对我国社会保障监督体系失效的原因进行了分析 ,借鉴经济活动的监督理论 ,比较分析了社会保障监督体系构成的基本特征 ,从社会保障监督机构设置、监督要素及监督活动依据标准等方面 ,提出了社会保障监督体系构成的初步设想
    The poet expresses the decline of the civilization and spiritual crisis of the Western society by depicting its life's emptiness and emotional frustration of modern men after the First World War.
    It also introduces the meaning and theoretical basis of the principle of changing of state of affairs, analyses the stipulation and application of the principle of changing of state of affairs in continental law system and the theory of frustration of contract in common law system with comparative method.
    介绍了情势变更原则的内涵及理论基础 ; 运用比较法分析了大陆法中情势变更原则及英美法中合同落空理论的规定与适用。
    When he experiences the frustration of affection and soul,and a lot of unforeseen events,the tragic features and tragic mentality are prominent.
    当宝玉遭受了感情和心灵的挫折、亲见亲历了家族亲人发生的一系列变故之后 ,宝玉的悲剧性格和悲剧意识更加突出。
    Results Some people seemed to have high score of SAS and SDS, which parent have higher education degree and who is single offspring in family and which have some trouble in life events such as dissatisfied with specialty, difficult in relationship, insomnia, worry about the job, frustration of love, shortfall of money and friends, hurt of self-regard, being not adapt the environment and so on.
    结果 提示以下这些学生 (其父母有较高学历、独生子女、专业不满意、人际交往困难、失眠、毕业分配担忧、恋爱苦恼、经济拮据、朋友少、自尊心受伤害、环境不适应等 )有着较高的SDS、SAS分值。
    Sense of frustration of strong a mental state, physiology for, with corpus contain close relation.
    Fro m the angels of Political Legitimacy, Ideology, Political System and Institution , Political Democratization, the process of political development was a challeng e to Islam, and the frustration of political development was political roots of the movement of Islamic revival.
    从政治合法性、意识形态、政治制度与政治体制、政治民主化的角度看 ,中东的政治发展进程对伊斯兰教形成了强劲的冲击 ,而政治现代化的受挫更是构成了伊斯兰复兴运动的政治根源。
    This school of thought questions and contradicts the status quo of China that suffers from the frustration of humanism and the decline of academy owing to too much bigotry on historical modernity, thus forming a historical force that pushes modern Chinese literature into a new era.
    它对于因历史现代性的偏执而导致的人文精神失落及学术衰微的中国现状提出了质疑与抗衡 ,构成了推进中国现代文学发展的历史合力。
    It is important to cultivate the ability of resisting frustration of students in higher vocational academy because frustrations are universal and minds of students are frail.
    Military attack can not only detory the enemy's political and martial objects,but also cause the effect of military soft damage such as the chaos of social order,the frustration of economic development and the scare of people's mind,etc.


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