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    The Minimum and Minimal Points of Arithmetical Function f(n)=n+[k/n]
    In this paper,with the help of Dulac function on E_2 systems,two theorems of non-existence about close orbit and Singnlar close orbit are established.
    我们应用 Dulac 函数建立了 E_2系统中不存在闭轨线和奇异闭轨线的两个定理.
    The copula "是" in the copular construction is a predicate operator in essence, which has no semantic content and whose major task is to transfer the property denoted by the noun into a propositional function so as to realize the predication relation.
    but f(z) is an arbitrary analytic function and doesn't vanish at any Z_j((j=1,2,…1).The similar residue is true for the general sol- utions of Euler's equations.
    其中g(x)是z 的n次多项式,在z_j (j=1,2,…l)的值为零,f(z)是任一个解析函数,=1,2,…l)的值不为零. 欧拉方程通解有类似结果.
    Thus in discussing the field value of the function and drawing range curves,we should state the field value on field source in the following.
    It is brief and to the point that enropy function is led by the basis of Euler' s criterion of complete differential.
    By [x] we denote the least integer not less than x,et f (n) =n+[k/n]be a function of n with domain of set of positiveintegers, where k is a given positive integer.
    In this paper, we discuss the application of the H(?) lder inequality in univalent function and Hp spaces. We obtain some new results, some of them are the extension of Huko and M. Mateljevic's.
    This paper applies the theory of partial inverse operator and Green function methed for Nonlinear boundary Value Problems, Combining method of upper and Lower Solutions,discusses the existence of solution of the Secend order nonlinear Integral Differential equations and nonlinear two ponint boundary Volue problem's of the equation: x″=f(t,x,Tx) a<t<b φ(a, x (a), x′(a))=A h (b,x(b),x′(b))=B
    本文利用部分逆算子理论,及线性边值问题的Green函数方法,结合上下解方法讨论了形如 x″=f(t,x,Tx) u<t<b φ(a,x(a),x′(a)=A h(b,x(b),x′(b))=B的二阶非线性积分微分方程与其非线性两直边值问题解的存在性。
    The essentiaf tool of the proof is the Green's function method.
    The paper attempts to systematically introduce JavaScript:characteristic,date,statement,function,object,buit-in object,and event,Also,the end of paper presents an example using JavaScript and HTML to make up HomePage.
    The vocal-tract area function which controls the synthesis model is derived from the first three formant trajectories using the inverse solution of speech production.
    Also, this paper has given the function formulas, absolute value and locus governing the uses of shape based classifiers.
    此外 ,文章还给出了二维和三维形状量词的使用函数公式 ,并从绝对量、轨迹方面讨论了形状量词的一些特殊用法。
    We adopt improved computation of autocorrelation function for the case of FO change in the end of sentences, and realize accurate tracking to rapidly changed pitch.
    Structural meaning and lexical meaning are a complex function of sentence meaning.
    The GLR-based parsing algorithm uses a symbol map function to automatically recognize the boundaries of English phrases and child-brother trees to describe the syntactic structure of phrases. And also phrase transform patterns are introduced in the extended CFG to translate English into Chinese at phrase level.
    The results indicated that imagery representation of time metaphors is not epiphenomenal but rather the function of the imageability of metaphors.
    虽然语义表征是时间隐喻表征的基础和起点,但表象表征并不完全是一种附带产物,而是句子表象性程度的函数,在隐喻理解过程中有介入作用。 高表象性的隐喻存在双重编码。
    In order to comment all of these clustering algorithms and recognize the best one finally, the experiential results of the different algorithms are analyzed and compared seriously, and an evaluation function is also constructed.


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