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    After the facility accomplished, the water measurement accuracy can get to ±0.5% in the range of 0.5-380 m3/d; the oil measurement accuracy can get to ±0.5% in the range of 0.5-380 m3/d; And the gas measurement accuracy can get to ±1.0% in the range of 6-5400 m3/d.
    实验装置建成后水计量精度在0.5-380 m3/d范围内达到±0.5%,油计量精度在0.5-216 m3/d范围内达到±0.5%,气计量精度在6-5400 m~3/d范围内达到±1.0%,保证了实验的要求。
    coli disinfection efficiency in urbanwastewater can get to 99.99% when the flow rate is 2.04m3/h and HRT is 2.5 minutes correspondingly.
    控制流量2.04m3/h,水力停留时间(HRT) 2.5min,城市生活污水中大肠杆菌杀灭率达到99.99%,已达到再生水回用于景观水水体水质指标(CJ/T95—2000)中对大肠菌群总数的要求。
    Remove rate of Cr(VI) may get to 66.9%,more 22.1% and 37.8% than its of PAC and PFC.
    Distance Knowledge in Environmental Space is the knowledge to determine whether human can get to a distant target within a fixed time.
    摘要环境空间距离知识(Distance Knowledge In Environmental Space)是决定人们能否在既定的时间达到目的地的必要知识。
    When OD_(600) get to 20 , IPTG is added to final concentration 80μM , glucose concentration is kept under 0.1 g/L, 40 ℃,then harvest bacteria after 4h induced by IFTG .
    ②The time needed about 11~15 days when the value of Chla get to the maximum.
    The growth curve of Excherichiacoll has been determined throuth the result of the effect of 25-400Gs constant magneticfield and it shows the growth of Excherichia coli began to restrained when the magneticclose get to 400Gs.
    经过25—400Gs的恒定磁场作用于Escherichia coli,测定其生长曲线,结果表明磁剂量达到400Gs时Escherichia coli的生长开始受到抑制.
    The results of experiments during 1996 to 1997 showed that the culture technology of hole seeding of plastic film mulching for late-sown winter wheat can increase effective accumulated temperature, promote the life processing effectly, make the period of young panicle differentiation and filling more longer, form big ears, increase grain number and thousand kernel weight, get to high yields.
    The feedback in basketaball teaching and training is that applying the principles and methods of the feedball control in the control theory of modern physical education makes the process of basketball teaching get to the best control so as to enhance the teaching quality and attain the aim of the whole teaching.
    篮球教学与训练中的反馈 ,就是运用现代体育控制论有关反馈控制的原理和方法 ,使篮球教学过程达到最佳的控制 ,以便提高教学质量和达到整体教学目的的要求。
    The results showed that the bacteria total count would get to 10~6cfu/g after 3~5 days if the initial bacteria count was above 10~3cfu/g.
    The components of the medium were optimized by orthogonal experiment. When W-1 was cultured under the optimum conditions, the activity of laccase could get to 7.1U/mL in 7 days.
    在最优化的培养条件下 ,培养 7d后 ,W 1产生的漆酶活力可以达到 7 1U/mL。
    c$ The sensitivity, accuracy and specificity of PGA index >4.5or HA > 200? g/L were over 94% , 91% and 86% respectively. Combination with both of them could get to 98.3% in sensitivity, 95.2% in accuracy and 96. 4% in speciality.
    From plot trail, we can prove that it makes survival rate of maize get to more than 95% to Trans-plant seedlings into bowl with nutrition and makes maize yield increase by 11.2% extraordinarily.
    小区试验表明 ,使用营养钵育苗移栽可以使玉米成活率达到 95 %以上 ,玉米产量增加 11.2 % ,增产效果显著。
    The intensities of all lines get to maximum when laser energy is 330 mJ/pulse, then there is a small flat between 330 and 370 mJ/pulse of laser energy, and subsequently, the intensities of all lines gradually decrease with further increase of laser energy.
    改变激光脉冲能量 ,观测到Cu的原子谱线和离子谱线随激光脉冲能量有不同的变化关系 ,但都在 330mJ/ pulse时 ,谱线强度达到最大 ,随后在 330mJ~ 370mJ/pulse间出现一小平台 ,能量继续增加 ,各谱线强度减小。
    The introduction of 12% zirconium silicate powder and 4% zinc oxide to the glaze can make up the side effect of gangue's introduction of Fe and Ti,the white rate of the surface get to 80%.
    在釉料中加入 12 %的锆英粉、4 %的烧氧化锌 ,弥补了尾矿引入铁、钛的负面影响 ,釉面白度达到 80 % ;
    Results The level of natural antibody IgM ascended slowly after birth,and get to 31% at 3 months old,but the level of natural antibody IgG was at low level all the time.
    结果 IgM类天然抗体水平出生后缓慢上升 ,3月龄时达到 31%左右 ,而IgG类天然抗体水平始终处于低水平。
    By carrying out refining raw material guideline, standardizing deoxidation technique, optimizing argon blowing process, selecting optimum water distribution model in second-cooling zone, adopting low degree of superheat casting and overall-protection casting, controlling withdrawal speed and starting roll temperature, the rolling yield and soundness get to 95.8% and 99.3% separately and reach the demand of country standard.
    The efficiency can get to 81.4%.
    The ratio of ultrasonic degradation of methyl orange in the acidic condition of pH=1.0~3.0, irradiated with the ultrasound of 25 kHz frequency and power input of 1.0 W/cm~(2) and within 80 min can get to 98% and its COD elimination to 99%, respectively.
    The result of experiment shows that the time of switch is 8- 10 ms and the maximum flow has get to 120 L/min.
    试验结果表明,该阀切换时间为8~10 ms,最大输出流量达到120 L/min。


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