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    The finance keeps the state power to run well, bring about an advance in economy and social cause, And carry on macro adjustments and controls, important factor of optimizing resource distribution to the total supply and demand and structure, Influencing the national implementation of great reform and important principles and policies directly.
    As the great state-owned assets, the state-owned agricultural land of Productionand Construction Corps, which is used with pay, in using which the great reform isbrought about, which is the need of developing socialist market economy.
    The electricity power system of our country is facing the great reform , electric pricing ways and electric power mechanism should be adjusted.
    Under the new situation, it accords with the principle and request of territory resource management that set up purchase and store mechanism that are adjusted with government and great reform and innovation of the operation mode of urban land market.
    This is a great reform to loan risk management system of our banks and in the meantime a big act to protect financial security, and moreover an important link of joint between our banking after entry into WTO and international current rules.
    This is a great reform of a rural system.
    The system reforms, which are to separate main and secondary business and downsize workers, are great reform actions of state-owned enterprises to activate the assets, solve the profound contradiction of restricting development and improve key competitiveness.
    The system of invitation and submission of bids of power engineering is a great reform in the national management system of power engineering and an important link in strengthening the market supervision of the electric power business.
    The implementation of ULRS is a great reform in order to strengthen state-owned land management, to standardize grant of rights to use state-owned land, to establish openness, fairness and justice land use system, to avoid state-owned land assets loss.
    Rural taxes and fees has not only been called the third time great reform after Land Reform carried on in the country and the Household Contract Responsibility System since 1949, but also been regarded as a permanent cure policy which can alleviate peasant's burden.
    The reform of forest resources capitalization management is a great reform of forest resources management system; it is also a sufficient way to promote the country's forest resources continueable utilization.
    The implementation of principal's responsibility system is a great reform of school management system.
    Since investigation of managerial work of goods and materials and new situation of great reform on system of organization for circulatiou of production means present, This paper first has inquired into that how the business can be strengthened and how to deepen hands of goods and materials and to reduce cost and inerease beneficial result of economy.
    ealth bureau of Dalian city learnt and acted seriously in the spirit of the 《the decision about reform and development of health of the state council of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party》,grasped the essence of general and specific policities,united thinking,broke away from outdated traditional modes of thought,they have have a full undertanding that the community health service is a great reform of health work,is a key of health service reform in city.
    The rural tax and fee reform experime nt done in Anhui Province in 2000is an other great reform following the lan d reform and the contracted responsib ility system with remuneration link ed to output.
    Issuing and practicing "Accountant Institution for Enterprise" is a great reform for close accounts in enterprise once and again, and in comparison with the old professional accountant institution, the new institution has some breakthrough and innovation with three features included: 1.Suitable to the accountant environment at the present period of the country;
    The college rear-service reform is a kind of great reform of higher education.
    The establishment of administrative province system in ancient China is a great reform in the history of managing administrative district in our country.
    中国古代行省制度的创立 ,是我国政区管理制度史上的一次重大改革
    Conclusions γ GT reaction is a significant marker to determine esophageal cancerous risk and its adoption is a great reform of preventive tactic in esophageal cancer.
    结论 选择γ -GT反应作为判定癌变风险大小的主要指标 ,是改变我国食管癌预防策略的一项重大改革
    The combination of library and audio visual center under new management is a great reform to the manafement system of Dalian University of Foreign Languages.


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