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    Under the Deng Xiaoping theory,three represents,and scientific development,the modern adult education has seen great reforms,and progress in research achievements in educational thoughts,system,managerial system,and operational mechanisms.
    Russian Worker's Labor Morality after the Great Reform
    The Enlightened Bureaucrats and the Russian Great Reforms
    Great reform of information service under the networked environment of academic school is the motivation of resources sharing this paper points out the external environment of networked information services,as well as the inevitable trends of resources sharing,then puts forward countermeasures aimed at establishing the settings for networked information service and resources sharing.
    网络环境下高校图书馆信息服务的重大变革是实现资源共享的动力 ,指出了我国高校图书馆网络化信息服务的外部环境 ,也指出信息资源共享是必然趋势 ,针对其中存在的现实问题 ,提出建立我国高校图书馆网络化信息服务与资源共享环境的对策。
    The reform of information technology has a deep effect on the library's development It leads to the great reform of library's function.
    In order to enable 50% of the people aged from 18-30 to get access to higher education by the year 2010, the United Kingdom is launching the greatest reform on its university admission system since the World War II.
    To Meet the Great Reform of the Urban Planning Work----A Speech on the Closing Ceremony of the 1992 High Level Seminar for the Protection and Development of the Old Cities
    Li Liang: China short distance communication suffers great reform
    The Key to the Problems of Agriculture,Countryside & Peasant:Advance the Three Great Reforms
    Great Reform on Enterprise Bankruptcy
    Secondly, it is a historical choice and great reform that the CPC will exercise the rule of law.
    Till now Chinese greatest reform is still the reform of rural economic system in early 1980s, i.e. the household contracting system's replacing of the collective system of agricultural production.
    迄今为止,中国最成功的改革仍是80年代初农村经济体制的改革,即家庭承包制取代了集体生产制。 家庭经营制激发了农民的生产积极性,解放了农村生产力,极大地促进了农业生产和农民收入的提高,使全国绝大部分长期难以解决温饱的农村解决了温饱问题,并在此基础上获得了新的发展。
    Given the fact that the stock market is undergoing great reform and development, it is necessary and important to study the formation mechanism of China's stock price.
    After the Nanjing national government is established, one of its great reforms in legal system is the promulgation of" the civil law " during 1929 to 1931. As to the struggle in politics, military and so on between the Kuomintang regime and the Communist Party, seen from the social infrastructure change of long-term, the Kuomintang civil law is thought to have more influence To modern China.
    南京国民政府成立后,在法制方面的重大举措之一便是于1929至1931年间颁布了《民法》。 相对于国民党政权在政治、军事等方面与共产党之间的斗争而言,从长期基础结构变化的角度来看,国民党民法被认为对近代中国更具有影响力。
    With the gradual founding and perfection of the social market economy since we carried out the policy of reform and open to the outside, our distributive system of national income has come through great reforms.
    The reforms drew up the curtain of modernization in the Middle East, but the great reform goal failed.
    Meanwhile, the study of strategic change has practical significance to Chinese enterprises at great reform times.
    These innovations, especially means of share issuing, the milestone publication of The Verification Procedures of Shares Issuance, and later the experiment of some new pricing mechanism in share issuance, all reflect the dawning of a great reform in China's share issuing system.
    If state-owned enterprise's debt probIem could not be well settled indue time, it will affect directly the great reform and development ofeconomy and finance.
    The advent of internet promotes a great reform of the news media industry. Because of the fear of meeting with the challenge of the internet, traditional media are starting network business in succession.


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