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    In groups A,B,C and D,the grey values were 68,50,56 and 49 after 4 weeks; 46,30,24 and 30 after 8 weeks; and 24,17,15 and 20 after 12 weeks respectively.
    Since digital images are usually expressed as two-dimensional arrays, in order to fast de-correlate the relations among pixels, a Cat map is introduced and then used to shuffle the positions or grey values of pixels in the image.
    The analysis of image shows that the grey values of GAP 43 was higher in hypothyroidism than that of normal pups at postnatal 15th days ( 171.35 ± 0.69 vs 160.83 ± 4.69 , P< 0.001 ), but lower at pastnatal 30th days ( 149.60 ± 3.94 vs 159.42 ± 6.66 , P< 0.01 ).
    图像分析显示甲状腺机能减退新生鼠小脑皮质分子层GAP 43灰度值在生后 15d(171.35± 0 .6 9)明显高于正常组 (16 0 .83± 4.6 9) (P <0 .0 0 1) ;
    E2F-1 protein and p21 WAF1/CIP1 mRNA were stained by immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization separately. The grey values were measured by image analysis system and analyzed by statistic method.
    利用免疫组化和原位杂交的方法对三组分别进行E2F - 1和p2 1WAF1/CIP1的染色 ,并进行灰度值测量和统计学分析。
    RESULTS: The average grey values of NKB and NPY positive reactive product in the unit area of hippocampus CA4 region in the experimental group (215.2±9.1, 238.4±8.35) were greatly reduced as compared with those in the normal control group (98.3±6.3, 197.5±6.14) (P< 0.01).
    Results ①Immunohistochemistry results showed that there was no obvious difference for the mean grey values(0-black to 255-white) of MMP-2 positive products in the airway epithelia and the pulmonary inflammatory cells between normal saline control group(185.60±4.81,161.47±5.71) and simply sensitized group(184.80±9.64,160.33±4.03)(P>0.05).
    Immunohistochemistry results showed that [The intensity of staining reactivity, determined by means of an image analysis system, was expressed as grey value (0-black to 255-white)]: there was no obvious difference in the mean grey values of IL-1β positive products between normal saline control group and simply sensitized group (P>0.05).
    The mean grey values of IL-1β positive products decreased significantly in the lower respiratory tract, nerve terminals in vascular smooth muscle, C_7-T_5 spinal ganglia and corresponding spinal dorsal horn of the asthmatic guinea pigs compared with the normal saline control group and the simply sensitized group (P<0.01).
    ②Grey values of SB-pc in the anterior gray horn of pars thoracica medullae spinalis of both groups were lower than those of the lumbosacral enlargement (t=5.918, 5.375, P < 0.01).
    Results The average grey values(0~255,black~white) of p38mRNA positive cells in synovium and lung of the arthritis rats were much lower than those in the normal control rats(P<0.01),p38 mRNA positive cells were the macrophage cells,fibroblast cells and lymphocytes in the synovium.
    结果AA大鼠滑膜和肺组织p38mRNA阳性细胞的平均灰度值(0~255,深~浅)明显低于正常大鼠(P<0.01)。 AA大鼠滑膜的巨噬细胞,成纤维细胞和淋巴细胞的胞浆内均有p38mRNA的表达。
    The original face image captured by the recognition system usually is denoted by the grey values of grid pixels.
    Two-dimensional Gabor wavelets transform can link the pixels in an adjacent region together, and reflect the changes of the grey values of pixels in a local area of an image from different frequency scales and orientations.
    1.The sAPP released into the incubation medium we have detectedby westernblot analysis assay with monoclonal antibody 22C 11 all have MWbetween 97×103Dand 116×103D The new method showed a fine linearityrelationship betweenaccumulative grey values of sAPP(y) and total hippocampalprotein(x) within therange from 150-600μg (y=0.5077x-20.721,r=0.9929) This newmethod is easy tomaster and repeatable.
    清总蛋白范围内(150-600μg),sAPP的积分灰度值(x)与上清总蛋白量(y) 之间的线性良好(y=0.5077x-20.721,r=0.9929)。实验结果重视性好。该方
    Minutiae extraction algorithm is achieved through the coding of eight-points surrounding which show the type of aim point and the states of its neighbored points, thus it can be seen the aim point is the ending or the bifurcation, and then in term of the grey values of eight-points surrounding minutiae can be extracted.
    Changes in zinc grey values in the hippocampal neurons of zinc-deficient rats were observed by Timm's histochemical method and quantitive graphic analysis.
    In this study, we used Timm's histochemical method and quantitive graphic analysis to observe the changes of zinc content reflected by Timm's reaction grey values in the hippocampal construction with pure zinc deficient status.
    The results of image analysis showed that there was no significant differences between different postnatal days and brain regions in grey values of GAP-43.Conclusion GAP-43 is an important factor of axonal growth and elongation.
    图像分析显示不同日龄新生鼠不同脑区GAP 43灰度值无显著性差异。 结论 GAP 43是轴突生长、延伸的重要因子。
    At 15 d,the grey values of GAP 43 were increased in hypothyroidism (P<0.01),there were no statistical difference between experimental pups and controls (P>0.05) at 30 d.
    图像分析显示 :生后 15 d甲减鼠大脑生长相关蛋白灰度值较正常对照组明显升高 (P <0 .0 1) ; 生后 30 d,其灰度值虽低于正常对照组 ,但经统计学分析差异无显著意义 (P >0 .0 5 )。
    The relative grey values of 100 positive cells of each factors from every case were determined by computerized image analysis system and were compared between different groups and cells.
    检测每例每种阳性细胞各 100个的相对灰度值,在不同部位的组织和细胞间进行比较。
    The grey values of GAP-43 were decreased in hypothyroidism( P <0.01),there were no statistical difference between excessive iodine pups and control( P >0.05) of CA1 hippocampal formation during critical period of brain development.
    图像分析显示 :甲减鼠海马CA1区GAP - 4 3灰度值与对照组比明显升高 (P <0 0 1) ; 高碘鼠同一脑区其灰度值虽低于正常对照组 ,但经统计学分析无显著性差异 (P >0 0 5 )。


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