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    Enterprise credit is the accumulation and synthesize of its credit behaviors. Influenced by several factors such as enterprise performances, scale of enterprise, market competition degrees and market growth degrees, enterprise credit is the result of internal drives and exterior pressures.
    But as the improvement of the economic level and market growth, the defects and problems are gradually becoming evident.
    AbstractThe size of the state-owned economy is decided by many economic factors, such as the extent of market growth, the size of market, the situation of capital, enterprisers resources,and the market competition.
    Therefore, the growth and development in a nation's capital market are definitive to Corporate governance mechanism there.
    With the growth and improvement of our socialist market economic system and deepening reform of state-owned enterprises the quality and working efficiency of the executives have great impact on the success of business operation. Therefore, it is paramount important to establish incentive and constraint mechanism and set up equitable income distribution mechanism within the businesses.
    "Enterprise recapitulation law" has borrowed the concept of "biological recapitulation law" to research the rules in the development of business organization and the growth of individual enterprise.
    企业重演律是借用“生物重演律”的概念,来研究企业组织发展和个体企业成长的规律。 生物重演律是德国生物学家海克尔(E.Haeckel)(1866年)根据动物形态学和胚胎学的研究成果所提出的定律,即生物在个体的发育过程中,会重新演化其物种的主要进化阶段。
    In the atticle,the author systematically expounded the interrelative effect and co-dependent relation of the technical Creation and modern enterprise system in the course of its growth and development so as to prove the integration of the creation system and the establishment of modern enterprise system.
    Business Incubator is an artificial environment of fostering the innovation system of SMEs. The essential of incubating is controlling and regulating the conditions and environment of incubator to promote the growth of SMEs.
    企业孵化器是一种培育中小企业创新系统的人工环境 ,孵化企业的实质是控制并调节孵化器之中的条件和环境以使其符合企业的发育 .
    The business incubator model includes policy and means that promote the development of enterprise and industry, which is the basic meaning of the incubating function, and focuses on the environment and system factors about enterprise and industry growth.
    企业孵化器模式是对企业孵化器孵化功能的最一般理解 ,涵盖促进企业与产业发育的政策与手段 ,突出企业与产业成长的环境与体制因素
    The construction of regional innovation system is a new type of regional economic development mode. The key of the exertion of system's functions depends on the growth of functions of regional innovation network.
    Customer orientation and competitor orientation are two important company management theories pro-duced with constant development of market economy and naturing of market growth gradually. And the coordi-nation of the two orientations has already become an inevitable trend of current company's operation.
    The paper probes into the essence of entrepreneurial mechanism, analyses its role in shaping,growing and upgrading of the cluster of enterprises from the microcosmic point of view and entrepreneurial decision - making in the course of cluster of enterprises' up growth and shaping process.
    However, there will be different effect among various enterprises subjectto different types of growth and phases of life cycle.
    The positive analysis of Shiling Town of Huadu City in Guangzhou called "the capital of skin commodity in China" shows that the development of skin commodity enterprises fit the evolution process which the evolution process of middle and small enterprises endure the stages of opening or vanguard community,gloomy and closing growth,and gloomy and closing stabilization.
    Only if we make industrial cluster into overall frame of urbanization,and strengthening it on the skirt of city,can we effectively promote infrastructure in the city and social construction,thus accelerate the growth and process of urbanization.


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