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    Boll number had very high dominance contribution ratios on lint yield(CRD=96%),and followed by that of boll weight(CRD=41%).
    The community had very high species diversity.
    The homology analysis showed that these 5 fragments had very high homologies with the maize mRNA that hade been separated . S_(TT-GC) had 80% homology with cytochrome b5 gene of N. tabacum .
    序列同源性分析表明:这 5 条片段都与已经分离的玉米 mRNA 有很高的同源性,S_(TT-GC)与烟草细胞色素 b5基因有 80%的同源性、SCT-TG与玉米、牛筋草、大麦、狗尾草、水稻等的 α-微管蛋白基因有 90%以上的同源性。
    Grain length,width and 1000-grain weight all had very high broad heritabilities,their narrow heritabilities were 78. 70% ,89. 53% and 86. 46% ,respectively.
    The results showed that hybrid with K, V cytoplasm had very high heterosis in the grain yield per plant,7 crosses yielded 7 11%-25 1% more than the average of both parents, where 3 crosses of them were 15 7%-25 1%,4 crosses increased 2 4%-18 1%.
    The staining percent of CD45RO,CD43 and CD3 with T cell was 85 7%~100%. The specificity of CD45RO and CD43 were lack,but the polyclonal CD3 only reacted with 5 9%(1/17) B cell NHL and had very high specificity.
    Result: The 1298 bp full length cDNA fragment of BC006151 gene was successfully cloned which has complete reading frame and coding region. The cDNA had very high homology with the 494 bp fragment obtained by SSH.
    β-glucans extracted at higher temperature (65℃and 95℃) had very high averagemolecular weights, about 2.4×106, and their molecular weight distributions were rather limited β-glucan extracted at lowertemperature (40℃) had relatively low average molecular weights, about 3.4×105, its molecular weight distributions wereextensive.
    较高温度(65℃和95℃)下提取的β-葡聚糖相对分子质量较大,且分布范围较窄,在2.4×106左右; 而较低温度(40℃)下得到的β-葡聚糖分子分布范围宽,且相对分子质量较小,为3.4×105。
    The immature cells had very high input resistances ( R N >1.0 GΩ), low peak amplitude (~0.87mA) and short decay time (~0.98 ms).
    出生后 1周内的细胞属于不成熟细胞 :阻抗高 (RN>1.0GΩ)、峰值低 (约 0 .87mA)、下降时间短 (约 0 .98ms)。
    At surrounding humidity of 90% the HT-730 adhesive still had very high bonding strength and its ageing property and pot life weren ,t influenced.
    研制的HT - 730胶在环境湿度 90 %时仍有很高的粘接强度 ,同时老化性能和适用期并没有受到影响。
    The results of simulation calculation and experiment showed that the valve had very high switch speed and frequency, and its on off time was less than 1ms. The control accuracy of electro hydraulic PWM can be much raised by using the high speed on off valve.
    仿真计算与试验结果表明 ,这种阀具有很高的切换速度及频率 ,其开关时间少于1ms,能够显著地提高PWM电液控制精度。
    In winter, different from the air sample in summer, the content of bi- to tetra- PCBs was only 2.94 times as that in the particle phase sample, being nearly 1/2 of that in summer. Compared with the studies at aboard, Dinghushan natural protected region had very high content of PCBs.
    Th e results showed that Ye478 and Ye52106, the parents of Yedan 19(main cultivar i n production in Ningxia) had very high SCA.
    These P genes had very high homologous about 98.9%-100%. The O_1 P ORF nucleotide sequence was 100% homologous with that of the O_~78 .There were only 2 bases different between O_2 and O_1,O_~78 .
    The result indicated that the mixed culture had very high degrading effectiveness for organic compounds, average degradations of 92.94% and 92.36% were obtained for CODCr and BOD5 respectively.
    The paper explained the Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System net,proposed the ANFIS network predicting models for industrial water consumption and predicting. With the industrial water consumption of 1993—2002 year in the Yellow River Basin as the sample and the year 2003 and 2004 industrial water consumption as the check-up sample,the result indicated that the ANFIS neural network predicting model had very high accuracy and practicability.
    阐述了自适应模糊推理系统(Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System,ANFIS)网络,提出了工业用水量预测的ANFIS网络预测模型,并以黄河流域1993—2002年工业用水量为训练样本,以2003年、2004年工业用水量为校验样本,结果表明,ANFIS神经网络预测模型具有很高的准确性和实用性.
    The ITS and 5.8S rDNA sequences of SK-2 were 331bp; (2) the sequence of P.pungens had very high level of similarity with that of two strains of P.pungens retrieved from GenBank,and the similarity was 100%; while it showed 82.9% of identity compared with P.multiseries which also belonged to the genus of Pseudo-nitzschia;
    SK-2(分离自青岛养殖场)的ITS和5.8S rDNA的长度为331bp,尖刺拟菱形藻与从GenBank中获得的2株尖刺拟菱形藻相似程度最高,为100%,与该属的多列拟菱形藻相似程度稍低,为82.9%.
    the ITS sequence similarity of SK-2 and SK-1 was very low,showing 51.5% of identity,but it had very high level of similarity with that of Skeletonema pseudocostatum(95.5 %);
    The results of the experiments indicated that the particle electrode had very high catalytic activity. The 94.0% phenol conversion could be obtained at the operating conditions as follows: temperature(25 ℃,) initial pH 6.4,air flow 0.5(L/min,) cell voltage 6.5 V,electrolyte concentration 0.025(mol/L) and reaction time 150 min.
    结果表明,当反应温度为25℃,pH为6.4,气体流量为0.5 L/min,槽电压为6.5 V,电解质浓度为0.025 mol/L时,电催化降解质量浓度为200 mg/L的苯酚水溶液150 min,苯酚去除率为94.0%,催化活性较高.
    was esfablished The results of a series of tests showed that the method had very high specificity and sensitivity, and could be used as a method of rapid clinical diagnosis for canine distemper.


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