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    Sticking to the harmonious education concept is the key to implement the Three Representatives in ideological education among young cadres in the army, and only by which can traditional education concept be transmitted to quality education based on humanity, the content and method be innovated, and the ideological education be developed harmoniously and healthily.
    constructing the socialism harmonious society is the significant strategic mission of our party which embarks from the development basic characteristic of our country's present stage.
    At present, the alienation of views on political achievements is a great problem, which harasses contemporary China's overall, harmonious and sustainable development of economy and society and prevents the people from developing in an all-round way.
    The new leading collectivity leaded by Hu Jintao secretary-general, who put forwards firstly the scientific development view, which is "persisting in human center, establishing the all-around, harmonious, continuable development view" and "persisting in 'the five plan as a whole'" to promote the economy and society's fast development, this new scientific development view has become the most important instructional thought to instruct our development in society, politics, economy and culture.
    In order to gradually form the system of socialist morality fit market economy, improve the quality of the all nation, form good moral vogue, promote the harmonious development of the two civilization, widely advance the building of the socialist modernization. The Party Central Committee had officially published The program of the building of citizen morality .
    为逐步形成与市场经济相适应的社会主义道德体系 ,提高全民族的素质 ,形成良好的道德风尚 ,促进两个文明协调发展 ,全面推进社会主义现代化事业 ,中共中央正式印发了《公民道德建设实施纲要》。
    Secondly, the inference is the reflection of objective requirement of harmonious development of civilization;
    二、这一科学论断是社会文明协调发展规律的客观要求 ;
    Since there lies inherent unity inside expanding the spirit of "seeking the truth and doing practically" and erecting scientific outlook of development, we ought to grasp Humanism (make people as basis), the core of scientific developmental outlook, on the high basis of the general criterion, basic reliance and essential demand of expanding the realistic and practical spirit to carry out the intention of overall, harmonious and sustainable development, thus more profoundly recognize the scientific point of new developmental outlook.
    It is the manifestation of "represent the basic interests of the overwhelming majority of the people" and the certain requirement for constructing the harmonious society to deal with the harmony of interests on condition of the interest differentiation.
    有必要提倡一种“利己不损人”、“利己又利人”(双赢)的价值选择。 正确处理利益分化条件下的利益协调,是“代表最广大人民根本利益”的体现,更是建立和谐社会的必然要求。
    MAO Zedong structure new democracy harmonious breakthrough point of society,to use economy,politics,culture three social structure analytic approach that key element make up,prove the three to develop coordinating in an all-round way.
    A harmonious Party school has essential features of stability and order, being brimming with vigour, unity and coordinate, democracy and justice, etc.
    In order to promote harmonious development of the economic community in the region,natural resources and human history resources should be proper integrated,coordination of the economic structure should be advanced,ecological construction and environmental protection should be enhanced,employment should be enlarged and income should be increased.
    Only weeding through the old to bring forth the new can promoting the harmonious sustainable development of the correspondence education of Party schoo.
    We should insist on the overall,coordinative and sustainable scientific executive notion,constantly improve the Party's overall planning ability and the ability to realize the harmonious development between man and nature.
    In new relational pattern and related law standard of Constitution and The Villagers' Committee Organization Law of People's Republic of China,the villagers' autonomous organization and the grass roots party organization should perform their own functions,coordinate mutually,and construct new civilized,democratic,prosperous and harmonious socialistic countryside.


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