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    The test results showed the related coefficient R of the estimate data and the experiment data is 0.8955~0.9861, which is very highly related.
    It is highly important for the subsistence and development of interworking the intelligent networks service.
    Compared with the normal mammary gland tissue,the atypical hyperplasia was significantly different(P<0.05),and the breast cancer was highly significantly different(P<0.01).
    非典型增生与正常组织相比,差异有显著性(P<0.05); 乳腺癌与正常组织相比,差异有非常显著性(P<0.01)。
    Results The highly correlated coefficient of 0. 953(t = 8. 851, p< 0. 001) and 0. 912 (t=7. 008, p<0.01) were obtained in intrarater reliability group and interrater reliability group individually.
    结果 两组重复测试ODI的相关系数分别为0.953和0.912,相关非常显著(A组:t=8.851,p<0.001;B组:t=7.008,p<0.01).
    ECRa and HE in 35 import granite samples, compared with other homemade granites and building materials, have highly remarkable differences (P<0.01), except the HE in Fujian granites (P<0.05).
    而进口花岗岩石材35个样品的ECRa和HE均值,与国产花岗岩及其它建筑材料相比,除与福建产花岗岩的HE值比为有显著性差异 (P<0.05)外,其余均有非常显著性差异(P<0.01)。
    Applying ANN models to HY-1A CCD data, the results appears reasonable except for highly turbid areas.
    针对HY-1A CCD数据的处理试验表明,除了在非常浑浊的水体,反演结果基本合理。
    Means two groups have therapeutic effect on increased patient's FEV1. 3.The electro-acupuncture and control group's FEV1% have highly significant difference between prior and post treatment( P1<0.01, P2<0.05).
    2.电针组与对照组,两组间及两组内第一秒用力呼气容积(FEV_1)比较。 电针组治疗前后比较差异非常显著(P<0.01),对照组治疗前后比较差异极其显著(P<0.001)。
    (DD, 2n=2x=14) and Glu-A3 locus of Triticum monococcum L. (A~mA~m , 2n=2x=14). Thus, separation and identification of novel glutenin genes from wheat related species are highly important.
    栽培一粒小麦(Triticum monococcum L.,A~mA~m,2n=2x=14)的Glu-1A~m位点编码的LMW-GS等位基因出现的变异频率也非常高,因此从小麦近缘种中寻找新的候选优质谷蛋白基因对小麦品质改良具有重要意义。
    261 strains from 10 natural foci in china were analyzed based on optimized parameters, the results indicate that Yersinia pestis is a highly homologous group with similarity over 97%.
    3. H group compared with G group on relative pigment remainder rate inside stomach and average small intestinal propulsive ratio, it was highly significant difference (P<0.01), H group compared with G group in plasma motilin, it was significant difference (P <0. 05) , the content of NO in the gastric fundus, gastric antrum and jejunum of H group compared with G group was highly significant difference( P < 0.01) .
    3.H(3倍常用量的水提取物)组相对胃内色素残留率及平均小肠推进比与G(蒸馏水)组相比具有非常显著性差异(P<0.01); H组血浆胃动素与G组相比具有显著性差异(P<0.05);
    18S rRNA gene, encoded small subunit ribosomal RNA and 1800bp, was 80% in organism and regarded as highly conserved molecules in course of evolution, so 18S rRNA gene was the important marker for organism taxonomy and system evolution.
    18S rRNA基因是一类编码核糖体小亚基RNA、长约1800bp的DNA序列,由于在生物体内含量较大占80%左右,且在进化过程中非常保守,核苷酸的替换率较低,因而它是探讨生物高级分类群系统演化的难得工具之一。
    All of the RI ligands examined are highly toxic if injected into mammalian cells, which contain no effective inhibitor of RNases.
    Its independence from programming languages, computing platforms, and networking protocols makes it highly suitable for development of distributed applications.
    In 1987, RC4 algorithm was designed by Ron Rivest for RSADSI, which mainly differed from other algorithms of stream ciphers in highly secure and efficient nature.
    1987年,Ron Rivest为RSA数据安全公司设计了RC4算法,该算法与众多流密码的算法的设计思想不同,安全性高,而且更易于软件实现,正是由于该算法具有了线性反馈移位寄存器等其它流密码算法所不具有的特性,因而得到非常广泛的应用.
    Compared with the other teaching contents in physics, the demonstration of reconstructing color spectrum in computer to be lagging behind and less highly regarded.
    Sequence analysis showed that the BDNF gene of Asiatic Black Bear was highly conserved compared to those of human and giant panda, with an identity of 94.5% and 98.9%, respectively.
    It is highly crucial to explore its intrinsic features so as to improve the efficiency of school physical education.
    After Bufeikangxian decoction or Prednisone administration, an obvious decreasing of TGF- β 1 mRNA was found . Compared with the bleomycin group, there is a highly significant difference (P<0.01, P<0.05).
    应用补肺抗纤汤和醋酸泼尼松治疗后,大鼠肺组织TGF-β1 mRNA阳性表达均较肺纤维化模型组明显下降,差异有非常显著性和显著性意义(P<0.01,P<0.05);
    Depending on the advantage of higher quality programs and abundant channel resource, digital television provides highly advantageous condition for VOD (Video on Demand) service.
    数字电视以其高质量的音视频节目和丰富的频道资源等优势,为VOD(Video on Demand,视频点播)业务的开展提供了非常有利的条件。 目前,VOD已经成为了数字电视最重要的交互业务之一,具有良好的发展前景。
    30K proteins, expressed highly in silkworm, may be reached 35% in total silkworm yolk protein.


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