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    This article, on the basic of probing into the inquiry teaching theory, seeks one suitable inquiry teaching mode, implementation tactics of physics teaching in middle school, etc, realizes mainly: Students study by way of inquiry voluntarily, train inquiry ability and innovation ability of students.
    She has proposed the teaching principle at first, then carried on concrete implementation, proposed three links of the learning-centered mode for Hotel English course and three-in-one combination on the method.
    This article, on the basic of probing into the inquiry teaching theory, seeks one suitable inquiry teaching mode implementation tactics of physics teaching in senior middle school, etc, realizes mainly: Students study by way of inquiry voluntarily, train inquiry ability and innovation ability of students.
    National Ministry Of Education issued“Educate and revitalize the action plan by 2003-2007”in February of 2004,proposing implementation“Lodge and make the construction project of the school in the countryside”, in order to realize the goal of“Two bases”in rural west.
    The Design and Implementation of the Examination System on the K-12 IT Course
    To set up the mathematics classroom teaching mode for the purpose of training students with creative power and ability of practice is an important task to realize the reform in current foundational education and is also a strategic problem relating to the implementation of character education .
    The former in elude : management program and assessment system must be practical, teachers should give students correctly guidance , students must change Learning style , pay attention to the passive Learner and avoid extremes,The Later include : the implementation of the theory of Explorative Learning should confrom to the reality of Lanzhou , should have supervision,management model should be diversification, Learning assessment should be reformed.
    In order to study the implementation of the Junior English curriculum Reform in the eastern area of Qinghai province, by the ways of questionnaire , interviews and attending English classes This paper analyzes the data collected, exploring the problems in this process and puts forward ways to solve them so as to provide background materials for the senior English curriculum in this area.
    As the main intermediary between curriculum design and implementation, primary and secondary schools teachers is the key to carrying out the new curricula.
    Centering on how to realize the curriculum target,in the spirit of the curriculum reform, onthe layer of practice, the article mainly discusses the implementation and evaluation reform onInternational sense education.
    For this reason, it will be important practice significance and theory significance to strengthen the healthy development of non-intellectual factors during the implementation of quality education.
    非智力因素是学习的动力系统,它要通过认识系统不断形成和发展起来。 开发学生非智力因素是实现人的全面发展的需要,是构建学生主体地位的需要,也是素质教育要求培养高素质创新型人才的需要。
    However, during the implementation of a new curriculum, the problem of how teachers change the old-fashioned way of teaching and how learners fulfill the subjectivity in their learning remains to be the key problem to be solved.
    The implementation of teachers' rights and interests has impact on teachers' life quality and profession idea.
    3. Government capital investment and school management system are two factors influencing the implementation of teachers' rights and interests.
    At present, The implementation of newPhysical education course standard, Physical education teaching faces reforming in anall-round way, which have high request to P.E teacher’s quality, require P.E teacherchange the educational idea, and realize that is transformed to " expert teacher " bythe " empirical teacher ", But the inherent mechanism of this kind of transformation, avery important respect of which lies in the improvement of P.E Teacher’s efficacy.
    How to lawfully guarantee the implementation of teachers hiring system and achieve the successful transfer of relationship between schools or education administrative departments and teachers, especially how to regulate schools' behavior and protect teachers' lawful interests through hiring contracts, is worth paying attention to and demands immediate solution, the reason of which lies in that it decides whether teachers hiring system can succeed or not.
    Results and Conclusions: In the reform of new politics courses, the new courses pursue the idea of "Students are the aim of education". Hence the realization of cultivating the talented people calls for the construction of harmonious relationship between teachers and students, which enable the positive interaction between quality education and the implementation of the new courses.
    Pragmatic failure is mainly caused by English learners' negative transfer of their mother tongue, neglect or ignorance of the communication context, cultural differences including thinking patterns、 social norms、 value systems and so on, differences in pragmatic rules and different ways of implementation of speech acts.
    The curriculum reforms finally can carry out to the teaching material's reform. Because the teaching material is the carrier of curriculum, is the important resource of the achievement of the curriculum goal and the teaching implementation.
    The traditional curriculum evaluation system is the bottleneck that confines the new curriculum reform in elementary education. Building a suitable evaluation system is one of the prerequisites for the successful implementation of the new curriculum.


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