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    Role of Supply Department in control of nosocomial infection
    Application of the PMAC in Control of Servo Proportional Value
    The urokinase-type plasminogen activator(uPA) system plays a central role in control of cell surface proteolysis and extracellular matrix degradation.
    尿激酶型纤溶酶原激活剂(urokinase-type plasminogen activator,uPA)系统在控制细胞表面蛋白水解和细胞外基质降解过程中发挥重要作用。
    The previous studies had indicated that hereditary factors play an impotent role in control of the concentration of TGF-pl in plasma.
    Though active sludge technology made a significant role in control of pollution of water environment, There are a quite few of defects as follows due to limit of gravity separation.
    Using hierarchical regression analyses approach to analyze employee involvement affect job burnout and organizational justice in control of the demographic variables and background variables, and found that employee involvement affect the different dimensions of job burnout and organizational justice, But the ability of the dimensions of employee involvement predict the dimensions of job burnout and organizational justice is different.
    Result: There was no dramatic difference between the final therapeutic evaluation in the two groups (P<0.05), but local infiltration of angelicae sinensis has great value in control of the disease, enhancement of the hair growth,reduction of the duration, and improvement of the effect.
    Methods: In control of various conditions we acquired rat islets by means of pancreatic ductal distension with collagenase and purification of discontinuous density gradients. The implants were removed from the xcnotransplanted mice at the day of transplantation, the day 3,5, and 7 after transplantation,respectively,and the rejection was observed.
    <Abstrcat>Spray pyrolysis(SP) method had some advantages in control of the synthesis material composition, morphology and particle size, especially when preparing LiO_2 and LiO_2, the effect was good. The process of SP method was reviewed, the characteristics of cathode materials for Li-ion battery prepared by SP method were introduced.
    喷雾热解法(SP)在控制所制备材料化学组成、形貌和粒径等方面有一定的优势,特别是在制备Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O2和Li[Ni1/2Mn1/2]O2时,效果较好。 综述了SP法的过程;
    It indicated that pDCs played a key role in control of HIV infection and the loss of blood pDCs correlated with disease progression in HIV infection.
    Taking monitoring the construction of soft soil subgrade of a certain contract section of Dan-Zhuang Freeway for example the paper gives emphasis to elaborating the application of construction monitoring technique in control of soft soil foundation construction quality,which lays a foundation for guiding similar project's construction hereafter.
    As test shown,the same effect can be gotten to use low intensity pile as using other methods in disposing soft ground. Moreover,because of many advantage,low intensity piles has many superiority in control of soft ground sedimentation at end of bridge than other methods.
    Being advantageous in control of bidirectional power flow,diode-clamping multilevel converters are more and more concerned,researched and applied in medium-voltage motor driving and FACTS equipment.
    The functions of PMAC and Servo Proportional Value were introduced. The paper also show the application's scheme of the PMAC in control of servo proportional value in detail
    The introduction is made to the main circuit composition and features of matrix current converter, with adoption of PWM control to convert AC power directly into any voltage, frequency output, while in control of input power factor, to take output side as power source, distributing the power to the input side, via distribution rate change, it can control input power factor.
    介绍了矩阵换流器的主回路构成及特点。 采用PWM控制将交流电源直接变换成任意的电压、频率输出,在控制输入功率因数时,将输出侧看作电流源,将其电源分配到输入侧,通过改变分配率,就可以控制输入功率因数。
    The results of simulation by applying MATLAB indicate that using interpolation algorithm not only improves control accuracy,but also has the characteristic of conventional fuzzy controller to control the common object. In demand for opproved effect it needs combine fuzzy control with interpolation algorithm in control of big lag object.
    To use 3D seismic prospecting in control of coal seam occurrence form has demonstrated its satisfying effects,but for a mine's high yield,high efficiency geological guaranteeing system still need to determine geological anomalous bodies of“barren zone”,subsided column,gob area and coal seam outcrop etc. with accuracy.


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