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    Applications of plasma techniques in the catalyst preparation
    Application of PlantWeb Digital Architecture in the Catalyst Plant
    Plant Web在催化剂厂的应用
    The Application of InTouch8.0 Software in the Catalyst Factory
    The Application of PLC in the Catalyst Production Working Procedure of Edge Angle Lapping
    The Application of HollySys SmartPro System in the Catalyst Kaolin Unit
    HollySys SmartPro系统在催化剂全白土装置中的应用
    XRD experiments indicated that NiI2 and Cu(OH)2 were generated in the catalyst, and explained the phenomenon of the existence of the induction period during the vapor phase carbonylation of ethanol.
    Again passed to catalyst P/V atomic ratio determination, add differently promoters and the influence of promoters atom to the catalyst mainfested (VO)_2P_2O_7, we also the promoters' existence form in the catalyst, but also inspected the catalyst precursors to activated in the temperature and the time, the activation airspeed, the feed gas the oxygen content as well as the catalyst dry way and the increase carrier to the catalyst performance influence.
    The results, 1.951% of P and 0.113% of Rh in the catalyst, are very close to the estimated values.
    It was found in the XRD study that CuO and ZnO exist in the catalyst before its reduction and Cu and ZnO exist in the catalyst after its reduction.
    When exposed to syngas, these reducedprecursors valy with the redox environment from Fe~0 to iron carbides,Fe_1-zMn_zO, and finally to (Fe_1-xMn_x)_3O_4. Manganese plays both electronicand structural roles in the catalyst.
    当还原处理过的前驱体被置于合成气中时,随着反应环境的变化Fe0转变为碳化铁、Fe1-zMn2O,最终成为(Fe1-xMnx)3O4。 锰在催化剂中起着电子及结构双重作用。
    100% at a Mo content of 2.47 wt% in the catalyst.
    在催化剂中Mo含量达到 2 47wt%时 ,双氧水的得率可达到 10 0 % .
    The application of InTouch8.0 software in the catalyst factory,the flexibility and efficiency of the InTouch8.0 software is known.
    The results indicated that,the organic promoter added in the catalyst can enhance interaction between Ru and active carbon,the reduction temperature of the catalyst was also risen from 89 ℃ to 104 ℃.
    (2) dispersing effect, which inhibit the agglomeration of the catalyst particles effectively, resulting in the decrease of the particle size and the increase of the dispersion degree; (3) energetic effect, which supplied part of energy to keep in the catalyst, making the adsorbed hydrogen and reactant molecules activated and thus facilitate the hydrogenation.
    The physicochemical properties of Bi-P catalyst system and the mechanism of oxi-dation-dehydrodimerization and aromatization of propylene were investigated by usingXPS,PAS, TPR and X-ray diffraction methods. The results indicated that propylene isdissociatively adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst and the activation of α-hydrogenis related to the strength of metal-oxygen bond in the catalyst. The products of allyloxidation depend on the electron transference between the allylic intermediates andthe catalyst.
    The profile of partial pressure of oxygen in the catalyst pore was obtained by numerical solution with explicit Adams-Bashford and implicit Adams-Moulton methods combined together.
    The results show that the radial distribution of Ga species in the catalyst is uniform, and Ga is highly dispersed on the support, and that a part of Ga ions inserts into the surface layer of the support, resulting in the significant change of surface acidity of the catalyst. In general, the addition of Ga changes the B acidity of the catalysts, but the role of Ga is varied with the Ga loading.
    This article studied on the existance form of Co at different burning tempera ture in Co /HZSM-5 and existance valence state of deoxidation Co at different tempera ture. combined activity evaluation consequence. obtain the influence relation to benzene and ethylene synthetise phenylethyleneby one step process of reaction activity of Co' s existance form and valence state in the catalyst.
    The existence of the Li species serving as an electron donor gives rise to metallic Rh in the catalyst, as evidenced by the XPS results. IR spectra of adsorbed CO indicate that the existence of Mn in the catalyst improved the dispersion of Rh and enhanced the concentration of Rh + species on the surface.
    The method of doping the trivalent, canon into copper-based catalyst for methanol synthesis is effective in enhancing catalytic activity. The form of chromium in the catalyst and the nature of promotion effect as well as its relation to catalytic activity after doping Cr2O3 into Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 has been studied by XRD, ESR,TPR and the determination of catalytic activity.


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