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    When growing anaerobically in the light using sulfide as electron donor, strain HD_1, HD_2 and HD_4 deposited sulfur granules in the cells.
    Dox accumulation in the Har-resistant HL60 cells treated by Tet was increased. CONCLUSION: Dox resistance in the Har-resistant HL60 cells treated by Tet or Dau was reduced, due to the increase of Dox accumulation in the cells.
    In the first one, the cells were cultured at four levels of cadmium (0, 50, 100, 180 μmol/L) and one level of phosphorus (2.5 mmol/L) to investigate the effect of cadmium on the accumulation and distribution of phosphorus in the cells;
    (2) The metabolic behaviour of oxHDL2 in the cells is similar to HDL2. Both of them do not take a lysosomal pathway.
    In this research,gene fusion of cholera toxin B subunit with spike protein,nucleocaspid protein or small membrane protein was obtained,and fusion protein shold be expressed in the cells being transfected with the recombinant plasmid.
    After incubation in conventional medium for 24 h over 90% WSA and 70% of the 3H-Liposomes still remained in the cells, while only 35% of the 125I-Trastuzumab remained.
    Viral plaque forming assay and MTT assay were used to detect the viral titer change and protective function of the pshRNA7816 on RSV infected Hep2 cell. Results The recombinant RNAi plasmid pshRNA7816 which targets the mRNA of RSV M2-1 gene was successfully constructed. The pshRNA7816 significantly reduced CPE of RSV infected Hep2 cells,reduced the viral titer of RSV in the cells(P<0.001).
    结果成功构建了针对RSV M2-1基因mRNA的pshRNA7816载体质粒,研究发现pshRNA7816能明显改善RSV所致的病变效应,降低RSV在细胞内复制的病毒滴度,并且能明显提高被RSV感染后细胞的存活率(P<0.001),非特异性质粒无抗RSV效应。
    With the ie-1 promotor of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhydrovirus,the DNA vector of RNAi was constructed,which can transcribe dsRNA in the cells to form hairpins and complementary to the region from +19~+446 of ie-1 gene of BmNPV.Experiments demonstrated that the DNA vector inhibited the replication of BmNPV both in vivo and in vitro.
    利用家蚕核型多角体病毒ie-1基因启动子,构建了在细胞内能转录形成与ie-1基因+19~+446区域互补同源的发夹状dsRNA的RNA i DNA载体。 研究结果表明,该载体DNA在体外、体内均能较好地抑制家蚕核型多角体病毒在细胞中的复制。
    Dendritic cells (DC) are special antigen presenting cells (APC) in the body. They intake, process and treat antigens, then bind with MHC-Ⅱmolecules in the cells and present the antigen-MHC-Ⅱmolecules compounds to naive T cells, thus elicit specific immune response.
    The results showed that EBV might make a great impact on the pathway of DNA synthesis regulation, gene transcription and so on by its gene expression products, and then altered protein expression pattern, consequently promoted cell growth and suppressed cell apoptosis, while OA could inhibit phosphatase to cause the over-phosphorylation of related proteins which affected pathways of the signal transduction in the cells.
    OA则可能是通过对蛋白磷酸酶的抑制,使细胞内相关蛋白过度磷酸化,影响细胞内的信号转导通路,改变基因表达; 同时,EB病毒与OA在细胞内可能会对相同的途径影响发挥作用,在某些通路中可能相互促进,而在某些通路中可能存在一定拮抗性的作用。
    The hyphae oftentimes penetrate the host cell walls vertically,and form haustoria and intracellular hyphae in the cells.
    Apoproteins and CE components dissociate from endocytic lipoprotein in the cells.
    At the early stage of the formation, the corpuscles appeared to be secretory granules in the cells.
    Results The plus and minus-strand of HCV RNA was intermittently detected in the cells and the supernatant of the culture medium over a period of more than three months after incubation. Various antigen against HCV were expressed in cells.
    结果 细胞内和培养上清中在孵育后的 3月余均可间断地检测出HCV正链和 /或负链RNA ,多种HCV抗原在细胞内能稳定表达 ;
    Objective To explore the distribution of cytochrome C and evaluate the effect of nitric oxide on cytochrome C redistribution in the cells.
    目的 探讨细胞内细胞色素 C(Cyt C)的分布以及一氧化氮处理细胞对 Cyt C在细胞内再分布的影响。
    Their interaction may suggest a new mechanisim to localize AP2α in the cells and to regulate the transcriptional activity of AP2α. 
    它们的相互作用可能与AP 2α在细胞内分布及其调控基因转录的方式有关.
    Heat shock protein(HSPs) is a kind of protein molecule widespread and highly conservative in the cells. In the context of major histocompatibility complex(MHC) I class molecules, HSP presented peptides to CD8+ cytotoxic cells, induced specific anti-tumor immune response through binding the receptors on the surface of APC.
    Higher concentration of angiogenin degraded the RNA products in the system, suggesting that there is a mechanism to control the entry and accumulation of angiogenin in the target cells, which ensured angiogenin to play its role properly in the cells.
    研究发现 ,体系中过高浓度的血管生成素降解RNA产物 ,提示细胞具有控制该因子在细胞核内积聚的生物学机制 ,以保证其在细胞内恰当地发挥作用。
    The inhibitory effects of HIV-1 RT in mice serum collected after given non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) oould be well and immediately determined. But that in serum collected after given nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) was weak, because this kind of RT inhibitor could display the inhibition on HIV-1 RT only when it has been activated through phosphorylation in the cells and acts as competitive inhibitors.
    In contrast, only EGF P expression could be detected in K562 cells transfected with empty vector with diffuse distribution in the cells.
    相反 ,转染空载体的细胞仅表达EGFP ,且其在细胞内呈弥散样分布。


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