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    Accorcliny to the experience of many years' practice and the current Characteristics of students' thonghts,the aathor probes into innovation in Political ideological work and enhancement of its pertinence and effect in the new historical period. The author also puts forward some new ideas for it.
    结合多年工作实践的体会 ,并根据当前学生的思想特点 ,就思想政治工作在新的历史时期如何创新 ,切实增强针对性和实效性进行了有益的探索 ,并提出了新的思路。
    In the new historical period, the key to inheriting and developing Marxism is dialectical unity of the insistence and development of Marxism. Inherit the old theory as well as searching for a new one.
    在新的历史时期 ,继承和发展马克思主义的关键在于正确把握坚持和发展马克思主义的辩证统一 :老祖宗不能忘 ,要有新境界 ,要敢说新话。
    Deng Xiaoping Theory innovates and develops Mao Zedong Thought with new ideas and views of point in the new historical period, which is a new stage of developing Marxism in China.
    邓小平理论又是邓小平在新的历史时期用新的思想和观点对毛泽东思想的创新性发展 ,是马克思主义在中国发展的新阶段。
    In the new historical period and world structure,the values of Marxist theories of national culture lie in the task of constructing open trend of national culture and pushing it forward so as to lead it to the qualities of truth,kindness and beauty,which is also the light such theories are throwing on us.
    在新的历史时期和世界格局中 ,建构民族文化的开放态势 ,使民族文化不断更新发展 ,引导民族文化走向真、善、美 ,既是马克思主义民族文化理论给我们的启示 ,也是马克思主义民族文化理论的价值之所在
    In the new historical period, it is the unshirkable duty the CPC members to hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and take "Three Represents" as the guide ideology to enrich and develop Marxism continuously.
    在新的历史时期 ,高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜 ,以“三个代表”重要思想为指导 ,坚持理论创新 ,不断丰富和发展马克思主义 ,是当代中国共产党人义不容辞的历史责任
    It points out that college teachers should pursue technology creation and accomplishment transferrence there by improving social productive forces ,and they also should use the world outlook and methodology of Marxism to speed up culture construction of the new period and veiw it as their holy mission to meet the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of people in the course of occupational morality cultivation in the new historical period.
    认为在新的历史时期 ,高校教师在职业道德修养的过程中 ,应当以科技创新和成果转化进而提高社会生产力作为崇高的职业追求 ,用马克思主义的世界观和方法论加快新时期的文化建设 ,把满足最广大人民群众的根本利益作为自己神圣的历史使命。
    This briefly explores the fundamental principles of college and university moral education facing the new century,moral education in college and university should obey such principles characteristics of party,time,innovation,quality and system in the new historical period.
    本文就面向新世纪高校德育应坚持的基本原则进行了初略探讨 ,认为在新的历史时期 ,高校德育应遵循党性、时代性、创新性、素质性、系统性等教育原则
    The article compared and studied the physical education course and the Extracurricular physical education in many aspects, and put forward that in the new historical period physical education in the higher institution should transfer its "key" from physical teaching course to the Extracurricular physical education so as to build an atmosphere of physical culture, construct and perfect the new teaching model, and achieve the goal of "quality education". 
    Not only has Mao's choice in taking the road exerted a great and profound impact upon China's development in its revolutionary and constructional courses, but also provided precious experiences for the Communist Party of China to adhere to the integration of Marxism with the actual Chinese situations so as to impede the great task of the Sinolization of Marxism in the new historical period.
    毛泽东对马克思主义中国化道路的选择 ,不仅对中国革命和建设事业的发展产生了巨大而深远的影响 ,而且为中国共产党在新的历史时期继续坚持马克思主义与中国实际相结合、推进马克思主义中国化的伟大事业提供了宝贵的经验。
    By analyzing how the value of college students forms and develops, this paper tries to expound, in the new historical period, the effective conduct of value education in colleges and universities to mould the value of college students of the day.
    通过对当代大学生价值观形成和发展历史具体分析 ,阐明在新的历史时期里高等院校如何有效地对当代大学生进行价值教育 ,重塑当代大学生的价值观。
    Economic globalization refers to the process that market economy is popularized throughout the world and that market economy is unprecedently developed in the new historical period.
    In the new historical period, maintaining and keeping up the spirit of hard work is of great significance for finishing the task of the reform of the independent operation of colleges and universities' supply and maintenance services and promoting the development of education undertaking.
    Choosing the new-type path of industrialization in the new historical period is the result of China's long-standing exploration of the mode of industrial development.
    This paper expounds the position and functions of university library in the new historical period, which is the basic mark of university's developin g level, the resources center for routine teaching and researching activities, t he important organization for university students' quality education, the front position for spreading advanced culture, and the most active information service center.
    阐述了在新的历史时期高校图书馆的地位和作用。 其具体体现在:是大学发展水平的基本标志,是日常教学和科研活动的资源中心,是大学生素质教育的重要机构,是传播先进文化的前沿阵地,是最具有活力的信息服务中心。
    In the new historical period, especially in the knowledge economy an d network environment, how to do well the construction of personnel ranks of the root library has become a urgent task of the root library to do well its manage ment and service.
    In the new historical period,it is the quintessence of theory on constructing socialism with Chinese features In practice,we should correctly deal with the relationship between reform,development and stability based on the philosophy of practical and realistic thought. We should make the thought become a sharp thinking weapon of theory on constructing socialism with Chinese features.
    In the new historical period, it has a new connotation and therefore new problems arise.
    在新的历史时期师德有了新的内涵 ,同时也出现了新的问题。
    In the new historical period, factors affecting ASEAN's security cooperation come mainly from the large nations like the U.S., China and Japan as well as their own. Therefore, how ASEAN adjusts its security system to fit in with the new situation has become a issue of common concern.
    在新的历史时期 ,东盟的安全合作主要受到来自美国、中国、日本等大国因素以及东盟自身因素的影响 ,因此 ,东盟将如何积极适应新形势 ,及时调整地区安全机制成为大家共同关注的问题
    In the new historical period, prison education should practice socialization and science, pay more attention to humanization.
    The theory of religions in compliance with socialism is the greatest progress of CCP in the new historical period. The theory can be traced back to the discussion of classic writers of Marxism and is based on the premise of protracted and complexity of the problem of the religions in our country, and at the same time it’s because of the new development and the change of religions in present society.


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