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    Discussion on Public Order Management of Higher Institutions in the New Situation
    How to Strengthen and Consolidate the Management of Fixed Assets of Higher Schools in the New Situation
    This paper analyses the new issues and problems of the ideological and political work of the college students in the new situation, puts forward the main task, and suggests some methods of doing the ideological and political work of the college students in the new situation.
    本文分析了在新形势下 ,高校学生思想政治工作面临的新情况、新问题 ,提出了做好学生思想政治工作的任务、方法和途径
    In the new situation, it will add new contents and energy to the work of ideology and politics in the academy, guide the direction of efforts and enhance the development of theory and practice in the field.
    在新形势下始终做到“两个务必” ,将为公安高校思想政治工作注入新的内容和新的活力 ,将为公安高校思想政治工作指明前进的方向 ,将极大推动公安高校思想政治工作理论与实践的更大发展。
    Therefore, in the new situation, the "two-course teachers" still face unprecedented challenges if they want to better accomplish theirmissions.
    Recently, the Party Central Committee puts forward that the ideological and political education work must be strengthened. This shows that in the new situation the ideological and political education work must be strengthened. Then, how can the the teachers in normal school increase the efficiency of the educational work, the key piont is to find out the students' practical thoughts.
    In the new situation, this objective is enriched and developed by Jiang Zemin.
    The moral education should carry forward the Yanan' s spirit to train and bring up a new generation so as to meet the need of constructing socialist modernization and find a good way to adapt to the reform and development of moral educational work in the new situation.
    In the new situation, the development of secondary normal school in Jiangxi should be conducted with the international education modes, that is, with application as base, teacher training as characteristics, comprehension as direction and improvement as aim so as to quicken and transfer the development of selfcreativeness.
    Directed at some problems in the employment of our college students,this article puts forward some suggestions on how to solve these problems in the new situation.
    针对目前我校学生就业工作存在着一些不足 ,提出在新形势下如何做好学生就业工作
    In the new situation we should constantly think and explore how to strengthen and improve ideological and political work for young students in order to complete their own values better. Besides,it is very important to realize the strategy of governing the country by the rule of virtue.
    不断地探索与思考在新形势下 ,加强和改进青年学生思想政治工作 ,较好的实现青年学生自身价值 ,实现“以德治国”的方略就显得尤为重要。
    Colleges and universities must go to the market,consciously applying the market regu- larity and introducing marketing management in the new situation so as to promote the comprehensive develop- ment and enhance the competitive capacity in the world market.
    In the new situation ,the innovation must be guided by the important ideology of the "Three Representings" to strive to carry forward the innovation in educational thinking, sense, theory, institution and system.
    in the new situation of todays world,it behooves university educators to be aware of the significance and imperativeness of competence-based education,which provides and efficient tool for student management.
    在新形势下 ,作为高校教育工作者 ,重新认识当代大学生各类素质培养的特殊性、重要性、必要性、紧迫性 ,是加强学生管理的重要途径。
    So it is necessary to make research on the functions of the higher education of Jiangxi in promoting the regional economy in the new situation and the development strategy of the higher education.
    But there exist many problems in the new situation, such as the contradiction between teaching and research, the reconcilement between teaching reformation and development, the administration and division of this section.
    A higher demand for the development of human resources in colleges and universities in the new period has been put forward in the 16th National Congress of the CPC. This paper has done research into five methods of the rational distribution of human resources in colleges and universities in the new situation through analysis of its present condition.
    To do the ideological and political work in the new situation is of practical significance to guarantee the reform and development of higher education.
    In the new situation , in order to give better service to schools as well as the society, it is necessary to make an active exploration for new channels and ways of using documentation, continually create documental work , and improve service quality.
    在新形势下广大档案工作者应积极探索开发利用档 案信息资源的新途径、新方法,不断创新,提高服务质量,更好地为学校及社会服务。
    In the new situation the campus educational construction must be guided by the advanced culture. And a higher taste cultural environment should be constructed in the university.


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