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    The results show that the influent quality is not influenced by the UF effluent quality,and the optimal operational parameters are the flux of 60 L/(m2· h) and the recovery rate of 80%.
    结果表明,超滤单元的产水水质基本不受进水水质的影响,其优化的运行参数是:通量为60 L/(m2.h),回收率为80%。
    The impact loading were come into being due to change of influent quality in the 40st and the 49st days, volume loading rose to 3.68kgCOD/(m3·d), 4.46kgCOD/(m3·d), COD removal efficiency were 98.9%, 97.5%. The operation effect of membrane bioreactor were not influenced.
    Biological contact oxidation process is designed to treat aquatic products processing wastewater. The quantity of influent is 400 m3/d and the influent quality of COD_ Cr is 728~ 1 176 mg/L . The effluent COD_ Cr and removal rate of COD_ Cr are 92~140 mg/L and 85.2%~93.3% respectively since the system runs stably.
    The result shows that at FeCl_3 dosage of 2.5 mg/L (calculated as Fe~3+) and PAC consumption of 40 mg/L, the optimum treatment effect can be achieved, with turbidity < 0.1 NTU, SDI <1.5, and COD_Mn removal rate of 24% in treated water, and thus meeting the requirement for influent quality to the RO system.
    Influent Quality of Rapid Infiltration System Using Artificial Soil for Treating Municipal Wastewater
    Influent quality estimation and effluent quality evaluation of municipal wastewater treatment plants
    Flexible variation of influent quality has little effect on COD and BOD5. SS concentration of effluent showed that BBAF reactor has capacity to suit shock loadings. It was also found that a moderate change of hydraulic load affected COD and BOD5 removal efficiency slightly.
    According to the actual influent quality and six monthes operation, to ascertain the feasible function parameter of CAST: the circulate cycle of Single pool is 240 minutes, the influent and aerobic time is 30 minutes, aerobic time is 90 minutes, settle 60mins, effluent time is 40mins, the remain 15mins is idle and DO 0-3.5mg/L.
    根据设计工艺参数,针对目前的进水水质,经过近六个月的调试和试运行,确定CAST池较适宜的运行参数为:单池运行周期240分钟,其中进水/曝气30分钟、曝气90分钟、沉淀60分钟,滗水40分钟,闲置20分钟; 溶解氧控制为0-3.5mg/L。
    ②Considering that the actual influent quality of C plant is below the designed value, but the MLSS still maintains the designed one, as a result, the system parameters are not in the optimal condition, which can lead to higher energy consumption.
    The influent quality of water reclamation plant is determined based on the practical operation in Xianyanglu Wastewater Treatment Plant;
    This paper has illustrated how the influent quality, filtration rate and medium degradation influence the direct filtration performance.
    Based on the investigation of the suitability of land treatment of wastewater ,the land treatment expert system(LTES) of wastewater was established by using Turbo Prolog and C languages. Test results indicate that LTES can identify and predict such indexes of land treatment system as influent quality, site suitability, effluent objective etc. accurately and fast, which resolves the problems about site and type selections of wastewater land treatment technology.
    An optimal control model was set up based on artificial neural network. The model can be used to predict the effluent quality according to the variation of influent quality in wastewater treatment system. Input of the prediction result into nonlinear optimal controller may result in on-line adjustment of manipulated variable, so that the whole system may achieve a real time controlling effect.
    所建立的基于人工神经网络的最优控制模型能够根据废水处理系统中进水水质的变化对出水水质进行预测 ,将预测结果输入非线性优化器后能在线调整控制变量 ,从而使整个系统达到实时的最优控制效果。
    The results showed that the two stage SBR system was adaptable to the change of influent quality and operation conditions during the long term operation.
    试验发现在长期运行过程中 ,二级SBR系统对进水水质及操作条件具有良好的适应性 ;
    An influent quality experiment of artificial soil rapid infiltration s ystem has been conducted by using both soil column and pilot-scale plant filled with artificial soil.
    Corresponding to the change of influent quality,the type of biochemical reaction is changed in rapid biological filter,which could be reflected from the change of its effluent pH value.
    Under the condition when influent quality and operation parameter were given, the model can predict effluent COD and VFA concentrations of EGSB reactor, internal pH value and change of alkalinity of the reactor, biogas yield and its composition. 
    In this paper regeneration,operation and influent quality of condensate treatment mixed bed was compared with the make - up water treatment mixed bed in thermal power plant and thus proved that the main reason of the unqualified outlet quality from condensate mixed bed and the decrease of boiler wa-ter's pH value after operating is the high concentration of NH3 in condensate water.
    Under the influent quality conditions, the biological sand-filter was ripened in 60 days with the natural culture of bacteria.
    在试验进水水质条件下 ,通过自然培养 ,石英砂生物除锰滤池可在 6 0天内培养成熟 ;
    The poorer influent quality in disinfection contact tank results in the more advantages of the short-term free chlorine plus chloramines disinfection process in the control of disinfection byproducts.


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