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    Technical Analysis of Developing Internet Applicationswith PowerBuilder
    With the development of technology in the network and multimedia area, the business of multimedia communication, especially the VOIP technology, has become a leading element in Internet applications.
    With the popularity of the Internet applications and the development of the Web technologies, it provides an ideal platform to construct a Web Service based workflow management system.
    随着Internet应用的普及和Web技术的发展,基于Web Service工作流管理系统的实现具有了一个理想的平台。
    The best-effort service is adequate for traditional Internet applications like E-mail, web browsing or file transfer but not for the new real-time applications like IP-telephony, multimedia conferencing or audio and video streaming, which require high bandwidth, low delay and low delay jitter.
    New Internet applications are coming out at an unprecedented rate under the rapid development of Internet technologies.
    SVG, a scalable vector graphics language description specification based on XML, is developed by W3C organization for rapid Internet applications, which can meet demands required when spatial data are on a graphic display in GIS.
    With the development of Internet applications and technologies, enterprises gradually adopt this application architecture to build their own application systems in order to combine them better into Internet/Intranet.
    随着Internet应用及技术的发展,企业逐渐以该种模式为主流构架应用系统,以达到与Internet/ Intranet的进一步融合。
    Network security is a big problem which troubles Internet development and Internet applications.
    网络安全一直是困扰 Internet应用发展的重大问题 .
    This paper analyzes the architecture of the J2ME technology and its application on the wireless devices such as mobile phone, discusses the J2ME and WAP integrated wireless Internet model, and then forecasts the trend of the future wireless Internet applications.
    分析了J2ME (Java 2microedition)技术的体系结构以及它在手机等无线通信设备上的应用 ,探讨了结合J2ME与WAP等技术Internet应用的无线模型 ,并对今后无线Internet应用的发展趋势作出了预计。
    The solution to the graphics Web publishing technique using scalable vector graphics (SVG) technique is chosen, which can meet the requirement of the electric power information management system based on a comparison of different graphics Web publishing techniques of developing Internet applications.
    通过比较Internet应用开发中图形Web发布技术,选择了适合电力企业管理信息系统要求的基于SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)技术的图形Web发布解决方案;
    Nowadays it is facing some problems, such as different data forms, heterogeneous platforms, complex distributed environment, etc. , in many Internet applications including E-Commerce. In order to solve those problems, this paper discusses the advantages of XML, the method of realizing data interchange service, and the plan of mapping data using XSL.
    目前电子商务和其它众多Internet 应用遇到了数据格式不同,系统平台不兼容,复杂的分布式环境等问题,该文针对以上问题,在介绍XML特点、用XML实现数据交换服务以及使用XSL实现数据映射交换方法的基础上,提出了基于CORBA的数据交换服务体系结构,并探讨了客户端-数据中心-客户端模式的XML数据交换服务系统的设计和实现。
    EZ80F91 is well_suited for industrial,communication,automation,security,and embedded internet applications.
    Lastly, advances a method to implement these internet applications integration and cooperation based on SOA and EJB.
    With the progress of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, the Internet applications model is in a great reformation.
    Its foreground can be ignored. Constructing the cooperative edit CSCW system is becoming one urgenthotspot problem in Internet applications. It is also a typical sample ofInternet high-level applications.
    With the high-speed development of Internet, Internet applications have been a more and more integrated part of the daily lives of people.
    Although Internet applications are greatly grown, the technologies about computer management, network-communication, resource sharing are not improved accordingly.
    With the rapid development in computer and network fields, especially the Internet Applications' popularization, the modern enterprise information systems have shown some new trend: the resources are deployed on a computer environment with different platforms, the connection between information resources are loosely.
    This paper applies Web Services in the government e-procurement system. Because Web Services has advantage such as lower coupling, more suitable for Internet applications etc. relative to the other distribution technologies, using it can build an efficient, open, inter-operable government e-procurement system.
    本文将最新的Web Services技术应用到政府电子采购系统中来,因为相对于传统的分布式技术,Web Services具有更加松散的耦合、更适合于Internet应用等优点,所以利用它能够建立一个高效的、开放的、互操作性强的政府采购系统。
    On the other hand, great improvement canbe made to the extensibility, reusability, dependability and maintainability of Internet applications and the scope of Internet applications is further extended.


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