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    Describes the biology, damaging characteristics and its regularity of occurrence of Stathmopoda masinlssa on fruits of kaki persimmon.
    本文对柿蒂虫(Stathmopoda masinissa Meyrick)生物学、发生规律作了观察记载。
    In this paper, based on the Gauss theory of geomagnetism and the spherical harmonic model of the geomagnetic field, the horizontal gradients of the geomagnetic field in north-south and west-east di-rections were calculated in Chinese and its surrounding regions, the contour maps of the horizontal gradients of the geomagnetic components were constracted, and its regularities of distributions were analysed.
    根据地磁场的高斯理论和地磁场的球谐模型,计算出中国及其邻近地区地磁场的水平梯度(南北方向和东西方向),绘制出地磁场各个要素水平梯度等值线图,并分析了水平梯度的分布规律。 地磁场总强度(F),水平强度(H)和垂直强度(z)的水平梯度,主要随纬度变化,与经度关系不大。
    This paper makes the analysis of the structural characteristics of carbon-unit, inference that for DB and CMDB propellants, decomposistion temperature and burning surface temperature are independent from pressure and initial temperature, and the temperature at the top of carbon-unit is relatively stable in a certain pressure region, and discuss the burning tate temperature sensitivity and its regularity.
    分析了碳单元的结构特征,推论出双基和改性双基推进剂的分解温度、表面温度不随压力和初温而改变,以及碳单元顶端温度相对稳定. 依此讨论了燃速温度系数及其规律.
    This paper studies influence of poisson's ratio on the natural frequencies and mode shapes in a SD-SD circular cylindrical shell and its regularity. It also investigates the vibration of strain energy in mode shapes.
    The associated silver has its regularity in time-space distribution of tin ore fields and ore deposits, orin paragenetic association of minerals and correlation of elements, which is of practical significancefor prospecting the associated silver.
    To make good use of its regularity fot improvement of stadents' ablility in studying and applying mathematics , the following teaching principles should be adhered to : attaching great emphases to the training of mathematical language , paying much attention to classifying and summing up of cal-culative methods , and repeatedly convincing the students of the truth that mathematics is from and for practice .
    (3) the same type of rocks displays different wave velocity and its regularity of change in the different tectonic setting;
    It is shown that, with the increase in solidification rate,the fiber spacing decreases and its regularity becomes poor while the tensile strength of the material increases firstly, when R=58mm/h,it is up to 2300Mpa,and then decreases.
    In order to do safety supervision works better,we analyzed and evaluated the status of dam horizontal displacement observation,and precision of the results and its regularity,and gived some improve suggestions.
    The character of activated silicic acid and its regularity of change have been studied by experiments Obtained results are of great significance for effective water-purification of activated silicie acid
    A new type tetrahydrofolate coenzyme 1,2 dimethyl 3 ( p methoxy)benzenesulfonyl imidazolinium iodide and its reaction products with nucleophiles were studied by 1H NMR and its regularity was explored by chemical shift and coupling constants.
    Based on an analysis of the 10 reported cases of hypertensive pontine hemorrhage (HPH) in respect of the findings by CT, its diagnosis and treatment, the authors indicate that HPH is of complicated clinical presentation, thereby suggesting that a further investigationb be made on its regularity of occurrence and clinical characteristics with an aim of gaining more clinical insight into it and to provid better preventive and therapeutic measures against its occurrence.
    Effect of temperature on eddy current testing and its regularity are discussed, and the measures to eliminate the effect are put forward.
    The Depositional System Chains and its spatial distribution are applied to restore the sedimentary environments in the prediction areas and its regularity in coal accumulation for the resources prediction.
    Statistic method is used to study drilling cost and its regularity changing.
    For the liner type chader wall of TGP Permanent shiplocks, on the basis of analysing the characteristics of itsstructure and reinforcement arrangement, summarizing its regularity, introducing parametric medelling and computer graphicrepresentation technology, taking Auto CAD Release 14. 0 as development platform, ADS (protective medel) as program langUage, and Visual C + + 5 .0 as translator, "the CAD system for liner-type chamber wall of TGP shiplocks" has been successfully developed.
    By analysing the significance of scientific progress for the existence of enterprises and its regularity,the article puts forward three ways for the realization of scientific progress in enterprises. 
    A new type tetrahydrofolate coenzyme 1,2 - dimethy - 3 -(P -methoxy ) benzenesulfonylimidazilinium iodide and its reaction products with nucleophiles were studied by HNMR and its regularity was explored by chemical shift and coupling constants.
    They(20)were positive after 6 months,The development of NA has its regularity in patients with viral hepatitis treated with IFN .
    In this paper, the mechanism of crack producing and its regularity are analyzed from the lattice structure of InSb crystal.


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