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    Research on Present Situation of Undergraduates' Life Habits and Health Education
    Investigation and Analysis on Life Habits of Military Retired Cadres
    Investigation and analysis on health situation,work and life habits of enterprisers in Wenzhou city
    Investigation and study of life habits and sports behaviors of impoverished students
    Meta analysis of association between life habits and stomach cancer in Chinese people
    Transactional Study on Life Habits,Knowledge and Consciousness in Preventing Infectious Disease of College Students
    4.To avoid Subhealth according to adjusting psychology, correcting bad life habits, improving working efficiency, reducing working pressure, improving one's habitude.
    Results (1) The overall score on life habits was 12.95±1.55, and there was no significant difference between sexes.
    结果 ( 1)总体生活习惯评分 12 .95± 1.5 5 ,性别之间无显著差异。
    Conclusions The infection of intestinal parasites was related to the work style, life habits and health conditions, etc.
    [Methods]We investigate the 2 572 male workers of Jinan-west railway workers in 2004 and analyze the influence of food and life habits on the morbidity of fatter liver by use of non-conditional logistic regression method.
    [方法]2004年,对济南铁路局济南西机务段2 572名男职工进行脂肪肝患病情况调查,采用非条件Logistic回归分析方法分析饮食、生活习惯对脂肪肝发病的影响。
    Effects of Sports on the Life Habits of University Students
    The Study of Effects of Sports on the Life Habits of University Students of Health Care Class
    2 The prostitution of woman is concerned with many situations, such as economic poverty, failure in marriage or love affair, bad life habits, exposure of erotic stimulus, sexual aberrance in family members, abetment of partners, stressful events and so on.
    Some domestic experts have carried out researches on effects of sports on the life habits of university students in health care class but the research has not been extensive, thorough and concrete enough.
    There is no detailed research and not enough follow-up investigation. By interviewing 251 students and 26 teachers of health care class in the university, reading a great amount of literature concerning the subject and making use of methods of induction, deduction, contrast and synthesis, the author of this thesis draws the conclusion that problems exist among the university students of health care class in such aspects as life habits, mental and physical stress, personal needs owing to the reasons of students themselves.
    Sports can satisfy the different social needs of students, helping the students to realize their ego and become integrated into the society. All of these mentioned above can be beneficial in the creation of good life habits of the students.
    Purpose: The Epidemiology's cross section investigation was adopted to obtain the occupational health status of criminal police in Beijing. Understanding the capital detective's occupation characteristics, life habit and health condition, the scientists will have the possibilities to offer the exactitude's health knowledge and help the capital criminal police to change their bad life habits, and attain the better health.
    Since more than a century, the male semen quantity and fertilities have descended gradually and the male patients with asthenospermia have increased greatly, with the influences of some factors which bring people invisible pressure, such as, pollution of environment, increasing rhythm of life, changing idea of sex, bad life habits, etc.
    This essay analyses the country houses about the advantages and disadvantages of the technique of using the solar energy, according to investigation of the characteristics of the surroundings and the houses, the life habits and the economic situation, and the collection and researches of some relative materials of the three northeastern province.


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