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    The Influence of a Little PS on the Properties of H-PVC/CPE/PE Blend
    Only 6 patients(19.35%)of MPR group had a little pneumothorax or hemoptysis,but the complication incidence of non-MPR group was 45.45%(15/33)(P<0.05).
    TGF-β1 protein was expressed mostly in syncytiothrophoblast cells and cytotrophoblast cells, and little in interstitial cells and vascular endothelial cells.
    RESULTS: ① Gene transfection mediated by LipofectAMINE at 24 hours later under the fluorescence microscope showed that little amount of cells were positive in GFP with the positive rate of about 5%.
    A little ZnMn2O4 were found after annealing at 900 ℃.
    The phase composition of alloy with aging treatment include Al-based solid solution,low melting point phase(Mg2Sn and Mg3Bi2,Bi),Mg2Si precipitates,and little CuAl2.Machinablity test shows that the machinablity of Sn and Bi alloying lead-free free-cutting 6xxx Al-Mg-Si alloy is better than conventional Pb and Bi alloying 6262 alloy.
    峰时效态合金的物相组成为Al基体,主要强化相Mg2Si,低熔点物质Mg2Sn、Mg3Bi2和Bi及少量的CuAl2相。 切削性能试验表明,用Sn和Bi微合金化6xxxAl-Mg-Si合金的切削性能比Pb和Bi微合金化的传统6262合金稍好。
    Most stool examination was normal (10/18, 55. 56%) but few stool specimen could be found with some leucocytes (3/18,16.67%) and little occult blood (4/18, 22.22%).
    Meanwhile the mainly transference depth of DOM was 40 cm and a little of DOM can transfer to the depth of 60 cm.
    在供试的旱地土壤中DOM主要迁移深度为40 cm,少量DOM可迁移到60 cm.
    Results c-jun mRNA expressed a little in cortex and hippocampus of normal rats,and increased a little in sham group than in normal rats(P>0.05).
    结果正常大鼠大脑皮层和海马区内即有少量的c-jun mRNA的表达,假手术组的表达略高于正常组(P>0.05)。
    2)A little free liquid(46.1%)might be discovered between intestines surrounding the appendix.
    There were no significant difference in headache degree among little or no bleeding or hemorrhage volume beyond middle level in the aged(P>0.05). The headache would aggravate when the cerebrospinal fluid pressure exceed 2.94 kPa(P<0.01) or the cerebrospinal fluid showed fresh hemorrhage(P<0.05).
    老年组中等量以上出血者所致头痛程度与阴性、少量出血者无明显差异(P>0.05),颅压>2.94 kPa时头痛明显加重(P<0.01),脑脊液为新鲜出血时头痛明显(P<0.05)。
    The gaseous phases in the fluid inclusions are nearly pure CO2,with a little N2 at the early stage.
    The results show that the large precipitate which is Ti-rich with a little Nb and V precipitate in solidification and form complex(Nb,V,Ti)(C,N) precipitate.
    The results of mineral phase analysis by XRD and study on microstructure showed that α-Al2O3 phase was the major component in bauxite chamotte 85# because of its high content of alumina,a little mullite phase in it,and the grain size was about 5 μm;
    Results showed that the changes can be divided into 3 stages during heating at 600~1 400 ℃ under carbon embedded condition:(1)During 600~ 800 ℃,Al melt at 660 ℃,which accelerated the densification of the specimens; little amount of Al4C3 and AlN formed at 800 ℃,which resulted in decrease of porosity and increase of CCS;
    The major components of the corrosion films were qualitative FeCO3 and amorphous compound Cr(OH)3, also included a little amount of oxide and carbide of Fe and Cr, and some pute Fe.
    In K2ZrF6 solution, the ceramic coatings composed of a large amount of t-Zro2, m-ZrO2 and a littleγ-Al2O3 and KZr2(PO4)3 were prepared on LY12 aluminum by a micro-arc oxidation technique. With the increase of micro-arc oxidatin (MAO) time, the content of crystalline substances is increased, the coating surface roughness is increased, and the compactness of the coating is improved.
    The results showed that the effects of the three disinfection methods were fairly effective. A little mould occurred only on the stem segment treated with 75% alcohol for 10s + 0.1% HgCl2 for 8 min.
    The experiments indicated that Realgar was a mixture of β-Realgar(As4S4)and α-Realgar(AsS),also containing a little As2S2 and As2S3.The mole ratio of arsenic and sulphur(As/S) was 1.00001.Other elements(Al,Si,K,Ca,Ti,Fe,Sb,Ni,Cu and W) amounted 1.99%.
    As/S(摩尔数之比)为1.00001。 还含有少量A l、S i、K、Ca、Ti、Fe、Sb、N i、Cu、W等杂质。
    Result Maximal resistibility of lumbar vertebra decreased 63.6% significantly(P<0.01) and structural mechanical stranth of right proximal femoral neck declined(-29.4%,P<0.01)in Model group,Conclusion Little ethanol had badly affected biomechanical properties including vertebra and proximal femoral neck in growing mice.
    结果腰椎最大抵抗应力降低(-63.6%,P<0.01),股骨颈结构强度下降(-29.4%,P<0.01)。 结论持续少量乙醇摄入可造成生长期小鼠的腰椎和股骨颈的力学性能下降。


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