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    The theory of wavelet transformation has been applied successfully at the aspect of image processing and analysis,such as image coding and fusion,but little study has been carried on for the change detection of multitemporal remote sensing imageries.
    It overcame the frequent methods' shortage of little data,large amplitude of data variation,low accuracy or unpredictability.
    Although the AT_2 receptor is expressed in renal proximal and distal tubules and vasculature,and AT_2 receptor stimulation induces a bradykinin/NO pathway within the kidney,little information is available concerning AT_2 receptor regulation of renal function and sodium excretion.
    The follow-up period ranged from 3 to 14 months (median, 7.7 months). 4 lesions were completely involuted, 6 lesions involuted significantly, 5 lesions partially and 1 involuted little.
    ConclusionInterlocking intramedullary nail fixation can fix tibia fracture with little invasion and complication,as well as flexible fixation and earlier limb initiative exercise.
    A suitable combined programme for fertilizer applications were N: 75130 kg/hm2,P2O5:50.0-112.5 kg/hm2 from tillering to the first ten days of July,with no or little potassium fertilizer.
    确定“黑土型”退化草地上人工植被的施肥组合方案为施肥时间在分蘖~7月上旬、N:75~130 kg/hm2、P2O5:50.0~112.5 kg/hm2、施或不施钾肥,可取得较高的产量和经济效益。
    The result indicated that using reasonable process technology,the two grey yarns can be made into 31dtex/12f Nylon DTY which has little lousiness and breakage and possesses favorable spinnability.
    Dodecanenitrile to be synthesized in this way is good in quality with purity over 99.5% and little by-products and low cost. It is worthwhile industrialization.
    The results of mineral phase analysis by XRD and study on microstructure showed that α-Al2O3 phase was the major component in bauxite chamotte 85# because of its high content of alumina,a little mullite phase in it,and the grain size was about 5 μm;
    Results show that high purity Ti2AlC bulk material was synthesized by hot pressing elemental powder mixture of 2.0Ti/1.0Al/1.0C at 1 500 ℃ for 60 minutes,in which little TiC and Ti3AlC2 existed as secondary phases.
    结果表明:完全以元素粉为原料按2.0Ti/1.0Al/1.0C(摩尔比,下同)配比在1 500℃热压60 min能合成纯度高的Ti2AlC块体材料,产物中仅含有非常的杂相TiC和Ti3AlC2。
    The system outputs control pulsing signal by HSO of 80C196KC,which consumes little resource of CPU,and realizes the rotating,locking,rate-changing and fraction control of stepper motor.
    In conclusion, N6 basic medium with the supplements of 4 mg/L 2,4-D,but without proline and CH,was investigated to be suitable for the callus induction of immature embryo from maize inbreds with the characteristics of little spontaneous shooting,and high regeneration ability.
    幼胚在附加4 mg/L 2,4-D且去掉水解酪蛋白和L-脯氨酸的N6改良培养基上,幼芽及根的数量、出愈率高、愈伤组织质地好,并明显减了幼胚自发性芽分化的趋势,有利于保持愈伤组织胚性、提高再生植株频率,为玉米自交系幼胚诱导的适宜培养基。
    (2) 16.6-1 1.1kaB.R: C,O isotope is a little heavy, temperature rises, rainfall is inclined to be little;
    In flooded paddy soil NH4+-N is the dominate inorganic N while NCV-N is little. The cumulated NH4+-N in soil layer of 30~60 cm was 4 times higher than that in surface soil.
    在淹水稻田中,土壤无机氮以NH4-+N为主,在30~60 cm土层中累积量比表层提高了4倍,NO3--N含量极
    Most patients had a relative normal B cells and NK cells with a rate of decreasing as little as 2. 6% and 5. 3% , respectively, more patients showed a decreasing T4 cells (82% ) than that of T8 cells (34% ).
    B细胞和NK细胞百分率以相对正常或升高为主,相对下降者均很,分别占2.6%和5.3%; 在T细胞中,T_4细胞的百分率降低者(82%)高于T_8细胞降低者(34%),二者比值降低者占44%。
    Sm haveone occurrence state in this glass,but in the reduction state,there has little Sm~(2+) in the glass.
    Sm 在玻璃中以Sm~(3+)的形式存在,仅在还原气氛熔制下,部分Sm 以Sm~(2+)的形式存在。
    CONCLUSION : CT Guided Radioactive 125I seeds Interstitial Implantation is a safe ,effective method with little side effects and worth spread .
    复查病例均未发现放射性肺炎及骨髓抑制等严重并发症。 结论CT导向下放射性125I粒子组织间植入治疗肺癌安全有效,并发症,值得推广。
    Design of the Progressive Die for the Brake Hoof Block with Little or No Scrap
    Study and application of pulverized coal ignition with little oil by using stabilized combustion cavity burners.
    Yulin City Longan Spend many Fruit little Meteorological Origin Cause of Formation Analyse 2004


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