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    The results show that the tensile strength of the SWRH72B and SWRH82B steel wire rods changes little,but the reduction of area increases by over 50%.
    The activity of the enzyme was strongly inhibited by Cu2+,Fe2+,Fe3+,Zn2+and EDTA,while Na+,Li+ had no effect on it. Mn2+,Mg2+ had a little inhibition and K+,Ca2+ had a little activation on its activity.
    That proves the bearing capacity coefficients obtained by the present way of calculation is smaller than real values. While in terms of seismic bearing capacity,under the operation of seismic loading,N_(cd) changes little(2%~6%)while N_(qd) and N_(γd) reduce by 20%~75%,the seismic bearing capacity is 15%~40% less than the static bearing capacity.
    The results showed that the fermentation liquid of Onnia tomentosa and Ceizene unicolon and the mycelium ethanol extract of Formitopsis pinicola had obvious an- ti-tumor activity,the tumor inhibiting ratio of mycelium ethanol extract of Formitopsis pinicola cultivated in Potato-woodehipping medium was 88.87% at the concentration for 500μg/mL,and the inhibiting ratio had little change when Formitopsis pinicola cultivated in different medi- um and for different days.
    结果表明:PDA培养基培养的Onnia tomentosa和Ceizene unicolon的发酵液以及木屑马铃薯培养基培养的Formitopsis pinicola菌丝醇提物具有显著的抗肿瘤活性,其中Formitopsis pinicola菌丝醇提物浓度为500μg/mL时对肿瘤细胞的抑制率达到88.87%; 且在不同的培养基中及不同的培养时间获得的菌丝醇提物的抗肿瘤活性变化不大
    The difference between the verbal intelligence quotient(IQV) and performance intelligence(IQP) have little influence on the IQR-W.
    The oxidant H2O2 and reducer Na2SO3 had little effect on the stability.
    Including Bond Wire and Pad effects both,detailed performances have also been proposed with NF deterioration to 3.21/3.23 dB,but S parameters change a little after tuning and optimization,finally,the circuit turns out to have outstanding performances.
    完全考虑Bond Wire和Pad效应的性能参数也已经给出,但噪声系数恶化为3.21/3.23dB,S参数在电路调整优化之后变化不大,整体性能比较突出.
    This method is wide in application and the removal rate of chroma differs little when the strength of current ranges from 1.0A to 2.5A;
    该方法具有较宽的操作范围,电流强度在1.0-2.5 A范围内,废水色度去除率相差不大;
    Results of db3WD show that the low and high frequency section have little difference possibly due to the lowness of collection frequency(×10-1 s).
    The temperature had little impact on the removal rate of CODcr.
    Little changes of pH in soil were seen after aluminum compounds application.
    It was observed that the temperature had little effect on the sorption ability of Aspergillus sp.and the removal rates of sorption were from 95.1% to 97.9% at 16~36 ℃ in 5 h while the time of complete decoloration and degradation was largely effected by the temperature and was shorter at 32~36 ℃.
    结果表明,温度对绿曲霉的吸附能力影响不大,在16~36℃下吸附5 h对活性黄M-3RE的去除率在95.1%~97.9%之间,但染料的完全脱色降解时间受温度影响较大,32~36℃下染料分子脱色降解较快。
    The H2/CO ratio of equilibrium composition was mainly deter- mined by the H_2O/CO_2 ratio of feed composition,but it had little relation to oxygen content.
    The results show that after 10 times heating-cooling cycle from 400 ℃ to the room temperature,the cladding interface keeps strong bonding and the interfacial electric resistance remains 0.5~0.6 μΩ,which vary little compared to as-claded ones.
    In the treatments of mixing silicon with phosphate in different proportion, the raising of the proportion of silicon with phosphate can make the available phosphate and Ca2-P and Fe-P and Al-P and O-P to reduce, the content of Ca8-P increase, and has little effect on Ca10-P.
    When the current density is 1.0 A/cm2,temperature is 35 ℃,pH is 8.3,Pd-Co alloy exhibits the maximum corrosion-resistance,but the electrodeposited time has little influence on it.
    当电流密度为1.0A/dm2,镀液温度为35℃,pH值为8.3时,钯钴合金沉积层的耐蚀性最强; 而沉积时间对合金耐蚀性的影响不大
    The result shows that changing the ratio amongst R2O(Li2O,Na2O,K2O)is possible to reduce thermal expansion coefficient,weight loss in acid,transition temperature and softing temperature obviously but has little effect on weight loss in alkali.
    The density functional theory B3LYP/ 6-311G** was employed to study the influence of solvent(THF) on the geometrical conformations,natural electronic distributions and energy properties of polysilances(Si6H14). The calculated results indicated that the influence of solvent is of little on geometry of Si6H14,but some changes for natural electronic distributions and energy gap can be observed.
    For EPA-EE purity less than 85%, recovery of EPA-EE changes little with loading, and the consumption of carbon dioxide based on unit product decreases as the loading increases.
    Char yield of curing product of BAPP and epoxy resin is higher to that of DDM and limiting oxygen index (LOI) of curing product of BAPP and epoxy resin is 34. The effect of BAPP by glass state temperature of curing product of epoxy resin is little.


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