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    The Logic Order of Constitutive Elements of Crime
    The paper is focused on the judge's decision on the facts of the case by use of evidence, mainly discusses the connection between evidence and facts during the course of judgment, and following the course of litigation awareness, the logic order of living facts、 case facts、 and judging facts, appraises the formation、 role and influence of evidence during the course.
    本文以裁判者借助证据对案件事实的认定为研究对象,主要探讨了司法裁判活动中证据与事实之间的联系性。 按照诉讼认识活动的进程,沿循生活事实、案件事实、裁判事实的逻辑顺序,论证了证据在这个过程中的形成、作用与影响,并最终对裁判事实有一个清楚的认识。
    7. It should be integrate the logic order of knowledge in textbooks with thedeveloping order of students physiology and psychology.
    while in terms of syntax, the legislative provisions have to follow fixed logic order and lots of complex prepositional phrases, nominalization, binomial and multinomial expressions cluster in the legislative sentence.
    The research of this article is rigorously following the logic order of "Theory Analysis-Demonstration Research-Proposal".
    ; In the aspect of automatic control, AT89S52 is chosen as the core of the control and the working time of every assembly unit is used as logic order. So the intellectualized control of washing process is realized.
    In the logic order of raising problems, analyzing problems and solving problems, I make some probes about the problems of compulsory education to the guarded children whose parents are peasant workers.
    The discussions are developed along the two dimensions of towns and countryside and traditional times and modern times, with the logic order from the character representation to spiritual image, and to life pattern, this paper anatomizes the figure’s social, cultural and aesthetic connotations step by step.
    This research starts with the income flux and its source, and analyzes them according to the logic order of peasant household—income flux—employment decision-making— development of new income flux. And the focus is on the employment decision-making and labor flow behavior. The thesis consists of five chapters.
    In details, the thesis is mainly composed of four parts, Following the logic order of "Theory Analysis→Demonstration Research→Proposal": The first section of this thesis is introduction of theme sekction、research methods and a review of presented papers in correlative areas.
    According to internal logic order of the controlling and managing the government contingent liability, this part points four basic countermeasure and suggestions The first one is deepening the system reform and keeping within limits of the local government contingent liability.
    According to analysis, we discovered that the logic order of state ownership should be: compared with natural person and corporation, the legal status of a country has a longer historic background. Because of its participation in the social relationship adjusted by civil law, the country becomes a civil subject, and all the rights that it enjoys become proprietary rights.
    Secondly, the writer annotates the academic concept related to university morale culture respectively from general to special logic order.
    Based on the fact, this article explores how to strengthen and improve undergraduate ideological and political education work, which is described from five aspects in following logic order.
    Economic Agriculture--Tech--Agriculture--Strategic Agriculture, this is adevelopmental course of capitalist agriculture; its logic order reflects historical andpractical processes.
    According to the logic order of three industries driving the urbanization, the industrial structure changes strength is divided into the initial motive force of the pushing urbanization formed in the developing of primary industry, the second motive force formed in the industrialization advances, the follow- up motive force formed in the developing of the tertiary industry.
    In this article, Yuanyou's structure is analyzed from the aspect of Yuanyou's beginning ,Yuanyou's preparing, Yuanyou's process, and Yuanyou's results in a logic order ,in order to completely describe Yuanyou's culture in《Chuci》.
    Thus,during the teaching,teaching levels should be designed appropriately according to the logic order of scientific knowledge and students′ intellectual order.
    English is a hypotactic language,which takes great care of its language form,and suggests a logic order of particular-to-general;
    Results showed that based on periodization,the power training could be divided into preparative stage,competitive stage and transitional stage,each of which showed close migratory aptitude with others and nonlinear exertion of different training content,methods,measure of load were implemented in different stage in a logic order.


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