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    Under the conditions of the market economy system and the imperfect major departments of trade, a new model of safety management for the trade is discussed, based on the history of establishment, stagnation, recovery and development of All-China Iron & Steel enterprises Safety Coordination Conference.
    从全国钢安全协作会的成立、停顿、恢复、发展的历程 ,探讨了在市场经济体制下 ,在行业主管部门缺失的情况下 ,行业安全管理的新模式
    The results show that the major reason for the land degradation is constant aridity such as shortage of rain, excessive use of land, and shortage of protection measures in dry seasons.
    Through analyses and studies on water ponding patterns in abandoned workings, put forward a suggestion of drainage technique and method during road driving along next goaf under a ponding goaf to use electric coal drill, solved caving problem during prospecting and drainage, not only ensuring safety during road driving along next goaf, but also acquiring major economic benefit.
    通过 对采 空区 积 水规 律的 分 析与 研究 ,提 出在 积 水采 空区 下 沿空 掘进 采 用煤 电钻 探 放水 技术 及 方法 ,解 决了钻 机探 放 水的 塌孔 问 题,既保 证了 沿 空掘 进的 安 全,又 取 得了 较 的 经济 效益 。
    The lack of data and availability is a major problem that embarras se s human reliability analysis (HRA) for a long time.
    数据匮乏与可用性差是长期困扰人因可靠性分析 (HRA)的一难题。
    The way for solving the problem is that the government increases the research funds for the coalmines whose technology level is low, builds intensive safety monitoring and controlling system for coal mines and regards the supervision department as the major manager. This will make the safety supervision of the township coal mine become centralized and quantitative in order to realize the overall management, and put an end to the passive state of the safety supervision and management on the township coal mine in a fundamental way.
    There are 42 mine wells in four major mine areas, Jixi, Hegang, Shuangyashan and Qitaihe, in Heilongjiang province, China, 70% of which are high gas mine wells.
    So, the primary task is to distinguish the “six major key elements” in travel, then merge different kinds of safety accidents into the command centre of the urgent link in the city, and finally set up a “trinity” union of the special service numbers (police 110, fire alarm 119,traffic police 122).
    The paper aims to analyze the drawbacks in current emergency management of unexpected public emergency events, and introduce the process of designing and realizing the decision-making system of unexpected public emergency vents, which consists of three major functions including emergency plan, disaster history and law database.
    In this paper, main applied fields of PES in safety system, namely in process detection, monitoring and early-warning system, chemicals transport monitoring system, major accidents prevention, monitoring and emergency response support system, are expounded. Based on analyzing the reason and its type of system fault and failure of PES, both technical route of building safety protect system and technical measures of improving its reliability of it are given.
    Mainly introduces the current situation of noise environment in the unit area of Changzhou Refinery and analyzes and assesses the noises of major machine train, pumps, blowers, pipe and equipment, high - pressure exhausting and bring forward the corresponding solutions.
    Relations between kinds of accidents and death numbers(Asymp Sig=0.000),marsh gas accidents,grime blast,mining fire,mining floods,coal and gas outburst influence significantly. Deaths of each major coal accident dose not decrease from 1970.Changes of accidents along with dates didn't fluctuate distinctly.
    自70年代以来单次事故死亡人数没有明显减少,不同事故类型与死亡人数有明显不同(Asymp Sig=0.000),瓦斯事故、煤尘事故、火灾、水灾、煤与瓦斯突出等单次影响较,事故的时间规律在日期上显现不明显(Asymp Sig=0.262)。
    The major reason is enterprises neglect safety and input little for safety production when they seek economic benefit. Their awareness of safety production is very weak.
    Through comparison and analysis,the major different factors of the casualties for these two extremely similar earthquakes occurred in Yunnan are found out. The early-warning foreshock(or short-impending prediction) is the most important factor in reducing the casualties.


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