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    This paper makes a macro prediction about the tendency of major natural disasters that may occur in the early21st century in China,and rais es ideas of comprehensive study of natural disasters so as to push forward the work of disaster reduction,which,in turn,will make a contribution to the sustainable development of society.
    The paper describes that the human error control technique is an important way to prevent accident and introduces two kinds of major technical methods of human error control in accordance with the theory of accident origin and the current situations of safety management at most state enterprises.
    从伤亡事故致因理论和我国大多数企业的安全管理现状出发 ,分析说明人为失误控制是预防事故的重要途径 ,并具体介绍了人为失误控制的两种主要技术方法。
    In view of the importance of safety technology training for special operators, the major problems in the safety training for special operators at enterprises are analysed and the corresponding countermeasures are put forward. It is of significance to the implementation of safety training for special operators at enterprises.
    从特种作业人员安全技术培训工作的重要性出发 ,分析了当前企业在特种作业人员安全技术培训方面存在的主要问题 ,并提出了相应的对策 ,对搞好企业特种作业人员安全技术培训工作有重要的指导意义。
    This paper describes why the construction of safety culture should be advocated,explains what the safety culture is,explicits the process of safety culture,elaborates the major significance on the construction of safety culture and proposes the relevant points of how to build the safety culture. In a word,the aim is to ensure the safe production and personal safety.
    论述为什么要提倡安全生产文化建设 ,解释何谓安全文化 ,明确安全文化的作用 ,阐述建设安全文化的重要意义 ,提出怎样建设安全文化 ,目的就是要确保安全生产 ,确保生产过程中的人身安全
    In this paper based upon reason analysis on major safety accidents in construction enterprises the importance of safety production in construction enterprises is elaborated. Meanwhile, corresponding countermeasures and proposals are proposed to reduce safety accidents.
    通过对建筑施工企业重大安全事故的产生原因进行分析 ,阐明了施工企业应将安全生产放在重要位置 ,并提出了减少安全事故的对策和建议
    Investigation and disposition of the accident in coal mine is the major part of the safety supervision, and a system engineering as well.
    Safety is one of the major concerns in the construction process.
    So strengthening the prediction and control of such hazardous accidents has major significance for safety production.
    因此 ,加强化工过程灾害性事故的预防与控制对于安全生产具有重要的意义。
    With the intensified enforcement of safety production nationwide, it has become one of the major tasks to enhance occupational health and safety (OH&S) in the state-owned enterprises. Datong Coal Gasification Co.
    随着国家安全生产工作力度的不断加强 ,加强职业健康安全管理成为许多国有企业的一项重要任务。
    Current status of compensation system of occupational injury was studied. One of major causations for high frequency of occupational injury was that the rate of compensation was too low resulting in low cost of accidents.
    研究了我国工伤事故赔偿的现状 ,目前我国事故多发的一个重要原因就是工伤事故赔偿标准偏低 ,导致事故成本低 ;
    Major hazard installation is one important factor influencing on urban safety level. Meanwhile safety planning for major hazard installation is one of effective method to improve urban safety level.
    The paper points out the major function of enterprise culture analyses the importance of enterprise safe cultural construction and carries on the detailed argumentation of the experience of management in the safe cultural construction of yuantai expressway Co. Ltd of Shanxi.
    Work safety situation keeps serious still in China; major accidents happen frequently, one of the important reasons is the poor safety awareness of the employees.
    Safety management is one of the major parts in the management of coal enterprises. Safety,as one of the major requirements in industrial production,lies in production itself.
    Person mistake behaviors,equipment danger condition and mistake management are three major causes for the leakage of ammonia tank from the man-machine system. This paper provides not only important information to prevent ammonia leakage to control and disposal accident,but also emergency succor plan.
    The emergency shelter is an important measure to deal with emergency accidents,moreover it is a safe place to shelter from major accidents for modern citizens.
    In uranium mine ventilation, wind force ,wind pressure and wind direction are the three major factors affecting radon reduction technology.
    Coal mine disasters happen frequently across China,and accident numbers,fatalities and fatality rate per million tons are much higher than those in other countries. A major cause for this lies in the flaws of China's coal mine safety regulation system and furthermore,the misdistribution of regulatory power.
    In the case of good and bad entrusted construction units being intermingled,how to standardize the performance of the entrusted construction units and strengthen their safety management as well as prevent and reduce safety accidents,is one of major contents for the unit that will undertake all the activities to deliver complete project to manage the relevant sides,which is also a difficult point of safety works.
    The management of major hazard installation is the key technological component in safety assurance and environmental protection.


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