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    (2)politeness-one major factor in resricting pragmatics;
    The results show that the oxidation of the substrate surface is the major factor affecting the mobility of the epitaxial layer.
    结果表明 ,衬底表面氧化是影响外延层迁移率的重要因素
    Conclusion The imbalance between intimal cell proliferation and apoptosis was a major factor in the development of the restenosis lesion.
    结论 内膜细胞增殖与凋亡的失衡是决定再狭窄的重要因素
    Conclusions:XbaI RFLP of ER gene is major factor to affect bone metabolism and lipid metabolism in postmenopausal women, X genotype can help preserving bone mass of femur, xx genotype related with lower apoA1and A1/B, Lp (a) also affected BMD of femur.
    结论 :ER基因XbaI RFLP是影响绝经后妇女骨和脂代谢的重要因素 ; X基因型可维持股骨骨量 ,xx基因型与低apoA1含量和A1/B比值相关 ,Lp(a)也影响股骨骨密度
    Some studies indicated that homologous deletion of p16 gene is a major factor that causes cancerization of CA.
    City is the space for the cluster of services and it also is the major factor that affects the development of service industry.
    Conclusions XbaI-RFLP of ER gene was major factor to affect bone metabolism and lipid metabolism in postmenopausal women.
    Conclusion High incidence of hospital infection occurred in patients with severe hepatitis is a major factor leading to death.
    Recently, speculative financial behavior has become a major factor of financial crisis in developing countries. Financial liberalization leads to assets price bubbles.
    High permeability of the lower blast furnace is a major factor for achieving stable furnace operation with high productivity.
    The main results show that the gas flow rate is the major factor effecting on the propagation velocity of the thermal wave;
    Immune reaction, cytogene abnormal regulation and apoptosis taking part in the process of pathological lesion in ALD were found in these years and apoptosis was considered as the major factor in the pathogenesis of ALD.
    There are a lot of studies about coping at home and abroad that have proved that coping is an important factor which influences the recovering from the illness of a patient, and that coordinates the relationship between stresses; or in other words, it is a major factor which is related to the result of the adoption of an individual to the stress cases or stress situation, for instance, constain, mental illness, physical diseases, and so on .
    With the extension of scientific research methods, it suggests that the content of oxygen free radicals in the body increases after high intensity exercise, which is a major factor to cause fatigue.
    2) in the study of the bonus incentive, we insist that the trust among team members is a major factor determining the efficacy of the team bonus incentive, and we put forward some requirements for trust among team members with efficient bonus incentive, and in light of the conclusions drawn from the model, we come up with some methods and suggestions which may help to enhance the effectiveness of the bonus incentive and to minimize the demand for trust in team with efficient bonus incentive;
    A major factor ofr marketing strategy on internet is the capability of keeping contact with the websites from Global Information Nets.
    网上营销战略的一个重要因素是可以沟通全球信息网的网址,但有效的营销所需要的并不仅是一个吸引人的网页,网络提供了更为广泛的其他营销方式。 其中,电子邮件营销就是从事网络营销的一种重要手段。
    In practice, it's a duty-bound obligation of schools to develop psychological health education and improve the quality of home education through the cooperation between schools and families; and it's a major factor to evaluate whether psychological health education is successful as well.
    Governmental investment is a major factor that promotes the sustaining growth of the national economy.
    No2. The management level is major factor that influence enterprise achievement level.
    A major factor of myocardial injury in cardiopulmonary bypass ( CPB) stud-y is myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury (MIRI) , which is an acute inflammatory response, and often causes multiple complications after operation.


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