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    Mathematical Mode and System Design for Automatic Corrected Depth of the Perforation
    Building the Mathematical Mode of "Tianji's Horse Racing Strategy"and Discussion on Its Advantage
    The capitalization of earnings itself and its application have severe constraints, which can be divided into three levels: constraint of theoretical structure, constraint of mathematical mode and constraint of boundary for application of mathematical mode.
    收益法理论本身及其应用有严格的约束条件,这些约束条件可以细分为以下三个层次:理论结构的约束; 数学模式的约束;
    According to the theory analysis, mathematical mode showing the lineal relationship between the response of airborne scanner and the effective reflected brightness of targets has been established under the reasonable assumption, exact physical significance for related parameters is given.
    By introducing the measuring methods of atmosphere pollution meterology conditions and main factors of pullution meterology, and by analysing the calculation methods for the diffusion coefficient of regional atmosphere boundary layer and the selection of atmosphere diffusion mathematical mode, it is further explained in this paper that the dilution process of polluting things, when conveyed, diffusing and migrating in atmosphere is closely dependent on meterology conditions. So, it should be given more attention in the evaluation and prediction analysis of atmosphere environment effect.
    A mathematical mode of X ray radiation field which is from a nuclear explosion is needed in the spacecraft radiation damage calculation.
    According to Planck blackbody spectrum,we proposed a compound mode of normolized blackbody spectrum which was stratificed on the basis of temperature gradient,obtained the release energy and radiation pulse and found a mathematical mode of X ray radiation field which is from a nuclear interception in outer space.
    In this paper,the mathematical mode is formed based on the artificial corrected depth of the perforation and the foundation of analyzing the shape characteristics of the natural γ curves in testing an oil well. The system design for the automatic corrected depth of the perforation is also given.
    According to the principle of continuity of efficient local flow and fully considering the influencing factors, a formula of scouring depth around spur dike is built; this formula has an explicit mathematical mode and physical conception.
    由此根据有效局部水流连续原理 ,建立了丁坝坝头冲刷深度计算公式 ,该式涉及因素较全面 ,公式建立过程中所使用的数学模式清晰 ,物理意义明确 .
    The non-integral type P-s curve of various piles can be described by common exponential functional model with p as independent, and for integral type P-s curve of single pile may be described by various types functional models with s as independent, in which the power function model is representative In the paper, the mathematical mode of the curvature extremum of P-s curve model is derived, the relationship between these models and its adaptibility are analyzed
    各种桩基的不完整型P -s曲线可用以P为自变量的普通指数函数模型描述 ,单桩的完整型P -s曲线则可用以s为自变量的各种形式的函数模型描述 ,以幂函数模型具代表性。 该文推导了P -s曲线模型的曲率极值的数学模式 ,分析了这些模式间的关系和适用性
    The degree of similarity of the tumor cells was obtained though software made by mathematical mode.
    Conclusion:The mathematical mode and software are scientific,practical. The degree of similarity can be applied in clinical pathological diagnosis,as a reference.
    Study on the mathematical mode of mine workings advance direct cost,Optimal design and elect position of mine workings based on this mode。 Search for the best economic benefit.
    研究了井巷掘进直接成本数学模式 ,以此进行井巷位置的优化设计和选择 ,以求达到最佳经济效益
    in order to make the pressure loss calculation being accurate and useful, a dynamic mathematical mode of the pressure loss calculation is set up by means of introducing the experimental methods and ideas in the research on fluid mechanics;
    Build the mathematical mode about temperature and illumination which exploit the test condition of different seedtime and autochthonic resources about temperature and illumination, research the planting boundary about high yielding-excellent quality-late maturity Japonica rice.
    The calculate mode of chimney height is introduced on important,and the caculate method is devided to two steps: the one is the height of the chimney bottom,the other is to decide a necessary chimney height according to the mathematical mode of atmosphere diffusion and ensuring not affect the air quality.
    this formula has an explicit mathematical mode and physical conception.


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