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    The network based measurement is a new direction of the measuring technology of mechanical parameters, and the virtual instrument is the base of network based measurement.
    网络化测量是机械量电测技术新的发展方向 ,而虚拟仪器是网络化测量的基础。
    Direct current is widely applied on subway, electric railway and metalsmelt. The direct current measurement is also an important part ofelectromagnetic measurement.
    Transformer's DC resistance measurement is one of the primary item before transformer leaving factory and precautionary test. The inherent time constant of transformer is quite long, so it is very important to study how to shorten the measuring time.
    Harmonic measurement is an important embranchment of harmonic problem. It is not only the main basis of studying the harmonic problem, but also the starting point of analyzing the problem.
    Regular dielectric loss measurement is very necessary for the high voltage electric equipment in order to monitor its insulating state.
    The harmonic measurement is a main basis in the study of harmonic problems. It will be very necessary to prevent the harmonic bane and to assure the safe running of power system with the accurate capacity of harmonic measured in real time.
    With the development of the CCD, different application of plane imaging luminance measurement is introduced. However, the objects in the real world are three-dimensional.
    With the development of national economy, more requirements are needed to power qulity of power department, while power network's measurement is the necessary condition of improving power qulity.
    Microwave measurement is an important part in microwave technique. It directly influences the design quality of microwave systems and devices.
    The paper presents situation and experience of on site tests for GIS. On the basis of worldwide experience of on site tests, it is stated that AC voltage test combined with a sensitive PD measurement is the best solution.
    本文介绍GIS现场试验的现状与经验 ,根据世界范围的经验 ,指出交流电压试验配合灵敏的局放测量是最好的试验方法。
    From the experiment,we conclude that the symmetry slots on the portcover of TE 011 -mode cylindrical cavity can be used for high precision,multifunction,wide range measurement of flake materials' parameters,moreover the measurement is contactless,and the samples don't need special processing.
    实验表明 ,圆柱TE0 11模端盖的对称隙缝可用于高精度、多功能、宽量程测量片状材料参数 ,且测量是无接触的 ,无需对样品进行特殊的加工。
    Chaotic measurement is a completely new principle which can be used for high precise measurement in extremely unstable systems.
    混沌测量是一种全新的测量原理 ,它能用极不稳定的测量系统实现高精度测量 .
    The frequency conversion measurement is a new anti interference technology.
    Electromagnetic measurement is the most important part of measuring technologies,including measurement of electrical current,voltage,resistance,inductance,electric capacity and other electromagnetic volume.
    The current measurement is widely used in industry and scientific research,the noninvasive current measurement has advantages of high precision and automation.
    电流测量是工业生产和科学研究中经常进行的项目。 与传统的欧姆定律方法相比,非侵入式电流测量技术具有与被测电路电隔离、精度高、易于实现自动化等优点,具有广阔的应用前景。
    The torque measurement is one of important contents of transmission line. The performance parameters of the whole drive system can be gotten by analysis of torque.
    Frequency is an important parameter of microwave instrument and microwave frequency measurement is an effective approach to examine the normal operation of microwave instrument. So improving precision of microwave frequency measurement guarantees the reliability of microwave frequency measurement.
    Partial discharge (PD) measurement is a common non-destructive testing method to monitor the defects existing in an insulation system.
    Applying chaotic system to measurement is a breakthrough in the study of measurement and nonlinear applied science. It has extremely high sensitivity and resolving power.
    In the course of non-synchronization sampling, signal period measurement is an important step in digital measurement and analysis of periodic signal.


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