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    The treatment of TCM embody the synthesis function of multi factor multi target ,have its holistic superiority and characteristic. Actual studies show that many formula can alleviate IR , but most of them limit to observe the phenomena , deeper and aborder discuss about the mechanism of IR have not been put in practice, especially about cytological and molecular biological mechanisms.
    The Uniform Design method — a new design method, especially suitable for multi factor and multi level experiment — is introduced.
    With the aid of multi factor analysis, the effect of the three factors of time, space and human effort on the bacteria content in the air of the old patients' ward is examined.
    the main risk factors sifted from multi factor logistic analysis were drinking habit,source of drinking water,family history of gastric cancer,drug taking,and pig raising,with garlic being an important protective agent;
    The regression formula for erosive wear of structural ceramic materials was acquired by using the multi factor orthgonal experiments. Combined with single factor experiments, Analyses of the erosive wear characteristics of three typical structural ceramic materials(SiC, Si 3N 4 and Al 2O 3) has been made.
    Evaluation model of multi level and multi factor is constructed using nonlinear character of neural network, network design problem is solved by compound learning system of Genetic and Neural network.
    利用神经网络的非线性特性构成了多层次多因素事物的评价模型 ,并建立了包括遗传算法和人工神经网络的混合学习系统 ,解决了网络设计问题。
    Based on the multi condition and multi factor ordering selection problem as the background and by applying the AHP method, this paper presents a scientific and rational ordering selection scheme and its model.
    Abstract Aiming at the multi factor Influences on urban water supply system such as the complexity, non linearity, time variation etc an improved nearest neighbor calculation which the fuzzy logic system (FLS) and artificial neuro network (ANN) are conducted in has been adopted to estimate the loading of urban water supply The estimation experiments on short time and medium long term hydrography show that this method is simple to use with high accuracy
    Multi factor Cox model analysis indicated that the leading factors influencing the prognosis were pre radiotherapy TNM classification, post radiotherapy N staging and parapharyngeal space change. Local recurrence was related to restaging of the pathogenic site in nasopharyngeal cavity.
    Experimental testing results on bamboo species Dendrocalamus giganteus and Pleioblastus amarus with flatness and thickness deviation as quality indicators determined the best quality of the wafer, as well as the optimum wafering conditions through a series of single factor experiments and multi factor orthogonal experiments.
    That suggested that HIE is multi factor pathogenic, the asphyxia is the most important factor and the intrauterine asphyxia will cause more serious HIE than delivery asphysia.
    提示 :HIE是多因素致病 ,其中以窒息为首要病因 ,且宫内窘迫所致的 HIE引起的脑损伤较出生时窒息重 ;
    This paper puts forward a multi factor analysis model which is similar to the trade off model of capital structure after classifying the factors affecting capital structure.
    CONCLUSION The preparation process of complex prescription of herbs with double standard and multi factor orthogonal test has good reproduction and stability to guarantee the effects of the medicine.
    结论 双指标多因素正交试验优化的中药复方制剂制备工艺经 3批扩大 1 1 4 .8倍中试 ,重现性好 ,结果稳定 ,从而确保质量
    According to the importance of the roles that rock mass structure and rock mechanics properties play in the stable state of surrounding rock,a comprehensive quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis combined multi factor and multi-index classification method is used to determine the surrounding rock type and to make a scientific evaluation of the stability of chamber surrounding rock so as to provide a basis for determining the scheme for rock excavation and surrounding rock reinforcement and support and for calculating the related parameters.
    根据岩体结构、构造及岩石力学性质对围岩稳定状态所起重要作用 ,采用定量与定性相结合的多因素多指标的综合分类法 ,综合分析、确定围岩类别 ,科学评价硐室围岩稳定性 ,以此作为确定岩体开挖和围岩加固支护方案、计算相应参数的依据
    Based on Fuzzy operation, from the view point of measure based operation, this paper presents the problem in the Fuzzy operation of multi factor assessment and the relation between operation and its result.
    以模糊运算为基础 ,从测度运算的角度指出了多因素综合评判中模糊运算存在的问题 ,以及运算与结果的关系 ;
    It discusses operation models and implementation steps of multi factor assessment, and also verifies those models by giving the example of multi factor experiment scores.
    讨论了多因素综合评判的运算模型和实现步骤 ,并以多因素的实验成绩评定为例 ,对这些模型进行验证 .
    Finally, it finds out the operation models suitable for multi factor assessment through comparing and analysing the assessment results.
    通过对评判结果进行比较与分析 ,得出适用于多因素综合决策的运算模型 .
    To find out the risk factors of hospital infection in childhood primary nephrotic syndrome(nephrosis) and prophylactico therapeutic measures, 190 cases of child patients hospitalized for nephrosis during the period lasting from 1991 to 1999 were collected. Then a retrospective analysis of the distribution of the various risk factors was made using the single factor analysis and the logistic multi factor regression model.
    为探讨儿童原发性肾病综合征 (肾病 )医院感染的危险因素及其防治措施 ,我们收集了1991~ 1999年肾病住院患儿 190例 ,采用单因素分析及Logistic多因素回归模型回顾性分析各危险因素的分布。
    Under conventional conditions the dyeing technology of fast growing Chinese fir was studied by a series of single factor experiments and multi factor orthogonal experiments.
    通过系列化单因素试验和多因素正交试验 ,研究常规条件下速生杉木染色工艺及工艺参数对木材染色效果的影响。
    Results Multi factor analysis indicates that the most significant one of indicators related to physical development was abdomenal perimeter,the statistically significant factors related to obesity included hyperphagia,taking food too fast and liking to trink sweet beverage.
    【结果】 多因素分析显示体格指标相关数最高的是腹围,肥胖儿童食欲良好、进食速度快、喜爱甜饮料为肥胖儿童的显著影响因素。


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