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    In this paper the multi factor effect mechanics and the random proceess and the time dependent resistance of the concponent part of the reinforced concrete are studied A method to calculate the time dependent resistance is put forward
    本文分析了钢筋混凝土结构构件的多因素影响机制以及影响其抗力的随机性与时变性 ,并研究了它的随机时变抗力 ,提出了其随机时变抗力的计算方法。
    Methods To analyze data of 163 women patients with CHD by single and multi factor non condition logistic regression analysis.
    方法 用单因素和多因素非条件Logistic回归分析 16 3例女性冠心病患者资料。
    A fuzzy set is a class of objects with a continuum of grades of membership. By applying the concept and method of a fuzzy set to a fault diagnosis system of generator's insulation, it has characteristics of multi factor diagnosis and human thought simulation.
    模糊集对中介过渡的事物以恰当的描述 ,把模糊集的概念和方法引入到发电机绝缘故障诊断领域 ,具有多因素诊断和模拟人类思维方法的特点 ,可利用已知的故障特征量去判别发电机绝缘系统的状态并对未来发展趋势作出评价 ,以期从根本上予以排除。
    The Mono factor and Multi factor analysis were conducted on 909 case control pairs of lung cancer,liver cancer and breast cancer.
    Because of the difficulties met in conception design of offshore platform, a multi level and multi factor fuzzy optimization model has been used in optimum lectotype of offshore platforms.
    针对海洋平台概念设计中经常遇到的复杂的方案优选问题 ,提出将多因素、多层次模糊优选理论引入平台的设计选型工作中 .
    As a new method, the uniform distribution and experimental design (U D design) is especially suitable for multi factor and level experiments, which can cut the experiment times and improve the efficiency of experiments.
    均匀设计是一种新的试验设计方法 ,特别适用于多因素、多水平试验 ,能有效减少试验量 ,提高试验效率。
    In consideration of data scatter in the uniform design method used in multi factor experiment of material,it is proposed that the neural network model be used in the analysis of experimental data from the uniform design method. A BP model of factor and result is set up.
    针对均匀设计方法在材料多因素试验中数据离散性大的问题 ,提出采用人工神经网络模型对均匀设计试验数据进行处理 ,建立了试验因素与结果之间的BP模型 .
    On the basis of multi factor comparison measures and methods are proposed to solve those problems in the shared water system.
    通过多因素的比较分析 ,提出了解决住宅生活消防共用给水系统中这些问题的改良方法和措施
    ②The shooting results are results of multi factor influence so that it is hard to reach quantitative analytic conclusion produced by single factor from real test shot gathers;
    2激发效果受多因素影响 ,难以从实际实验炮集数据得出单一因素的定量分析结论 ;
    Multivariate time series method is used to analyze the performance of oil production and injection wells. A multi factor model for predicting the water cut in oil well is presented.
    采用多元时间序列分析的方法 ,对油水井动态特性进行了分析 ,建立了油井含水率的多因素预测模型。
    Multi factor classification score of system engineering is applied to the optimization of multiform waterproofing plan in deep foundation pit, actualizing optimization of multiplex goals by appraising strong and weak points of a plan in terms of its reliability, cost, construction difficulty, construction period, environmental influence etc.
    应用系统工程中多因素赋权评分法对深基坑工程多种治水方案进行优化 ,从评价 1个方案优劣的可靠性、造价、施工难度、工期、环境影响等方面 ,来实现多重目标的最优 .
    Methods:By applying the softwares of Epi Info,SPSS and SAS, the Mono factor and Multi factor Logistic regression analysis were made.
    方法 :采用流行病学调查方法 ,对调查变量进行单因素和多因素 L ogistic回归分析。
    Three genotypes and five kinds of plant growth regulator were used in the study. A multi factor and multi repetition experiment design was used and the effects of genotypes and plant growth regulators on the formation of potato test tube tuber were analyzed.
    利用 3个品种 5种植物生长调节剂采用多因素多重复试验设计 ,分析了基因型、植物生长调节剂对马铃薯脱毒试管薯形成的影响。
    2) The family factors of influencing child behavior are Expressiveness and Moral Emphasis of family members by Multi Factor Analysis.
    经多因素分析 ,儿童行为问题的影响因素主要有家庭成员情感表达、家庭道德观。
    Firstly, the Black Scholes option pricing model, i.e. single factor option pricing model is introduced. With the changes of the hypotheses, a kind of exotic option pricing model - a multi factor option pricing model is then derived, and with the boundary conditions, the analytic solution of a rainbow option based on two underlying variables is given.
    先介绍了标准期权即Black Scholes单因素期权定价模型及其解析解 ,然后在多个标的变量的情况下 ,通过调整Black Scholes期权定价模型的基本假设条件 ,推导了一种新型期权定价模型———多因素型期权定价模型 ,并结合边界条件 ,给出了基于 2个标的变量的彩虹期权的解析解 ;
    In addition, the model is extended, and a multi factor option pricing model with the dividend is derived.
    并对此进行了扩展 ,推导出支付股票红利的多因素型期权定价模型 ,从而解决了多因素条件下的模型描述问题 ;
    Mono factor and multi factor conditional logistic regression model was used to select NPC related risk factors.
    结果 通过多因素条件logistic回归分析 ,筛选出 7个与鼻咽癌发生有关的因素。
    Timetable problem is a multi factor optimized decision problem and is a typical problem in constitution and planning,and so it occupies a central position in school teaching. This thesis employs genetic algorithms which has rather good robust, and takes the arrangement of courses in college as a concrete example.
    课程表问题又称时间表问题 (timetable problem) ,是一个多因素的优化决策问题 ,也是组合规划中的典型问题 .
    Because of the difficulties met in conception design of offshore platforms, a multi level, multi factor and non structural fuzzy optimum decision model is used in optimal type selection of offshore platforms.
    针对海洋平台开发设计中经常遇到的复杂的方案优化选型问题 ,提出了将多因素、多级非结构性模糊优选理论引入到平台的设计选型中。
    Multi factor regression analysis was used to analyze those factors affected ISI. In the same experiment,13 rats with diabetes mellitus were treated with Superior Fiber Complex (SFC)for 8 weeks and the results were compared with the pre treated data.
    用多因素逐步回归分析 ,探讨影响ISI的主要因素 ,并比较糖尿病大鼠用优化的复合纤维 (SFC)治疗 8周前后的效果。


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