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    An original strain, Rhodotorula sp. CIBAS A 1401 was isolated from nature sources in southwestern of China.
    红酵母菌株(Rhodotorula sp.) CIBAS A 1401是一株分离自我国西南天然源的具有生物技术用途的高活性苯丙氨酸解氨酶(PAL)菌种.
    In the marine environment (low signal-noise ratio), the paper has carried out the propagating theoretical study of nature source in marine horizontal strata earth, numerically calculated effects of seawater on nature source and EM responses in depth and conduction contrast. The results indicate (1) the effect of seawater on electric and magnetic field is different, stronger on magnetic field and weaker on electric field;
    在海洋环境下(低信噪比环境),研究了水平层状介质下海底大地电磁场的传播理论,数值模拟了海水对大地电磁场的影响,计算了不同海水深度、不同电导率对比度的海底大地电磁的响应,研究结果表明:(1) 海水对大地电场和磁场的影响程度不同的,对磁场的影响大,对电场的影响小;
    Characteristics of marine nature source by real data show in fellow: (1) marine nature source is affected not only by high conduction seawater but also by seawater moving(noisy frequency of this measurement: 0.084hz, 0.75hz,
    通过实测数据研究了海底大地电磁场具有如下的特征:(1)在海底大地电磁场不仅要受到高导海水影响,还要受到海水运动的干扰(本次观测受到的周期噪声干扰频率为:0.O84Hz,0.75Hz, 1.4Hz);
    Water is one of the most precious nature sources.
    They agreed on that technology progress 、human source 、nature source and the structure of capital all are the key reason of the growth of economics.
    It is difficult to achieve amount of antimicrobial peptides from nature sources. The object of this study is to construct the expression vector of rat beta-defensin-2 gene and study the expression of the recombinant expression in E.
    Cotton is one of the most important nature sources of fiber and oil.
    However, the low quality and limited colour hinder the development of the nature source.
    Recently, with the appearance of organic waste and the improvement of people's environmental consciousness, more and more people are interesting in the nature source and chemistry of all kinds of hazardous organic wastes and the harm approach to mankind.
    Taxol is a new kind of anti-cancer medicine having assured curative effect,but its nature source——Taxus are very exiguous and close to deracinate.
    Three model phenolic compounds,a known anticarcinogen BHA,a nature source of phenolic compound tea and a synthetic chemical cinnamic acid,have been used to treat male SD rats for studying the inhibitory mechanism at initiation stage of AFB1 which could induce hepatoma. The quantity of AFB1-DNA adduct in liver,glutathion S-transferase(GST) activity in hepatic cytosois and cytochrome P-450 activity of hepatic microsomal enzyme system were measured as indicators.
    AbstractTGF-β presents widely in most normal tissues andtransformed cells,It is known that blood platelet is thebest nature source for TGF-β.
    The theory of nature source electromagnetic sounding technique and its applications are presented in this paper.
    Because the relative coefficient (r) between the agents from nature source, such as ADM, MMC and VCR, were larger (r=0 5539~0 7208) at either 1 PPC or 5 PPC, it is shown that some of hepatomas were multidrug resistant.
    结论 结果提示 MMC对肝癌抑制作用较强 ,DDP和 TSPA剂量增加与疗效提高可能有较大的关系。 天然来源的药物 ADM、MMC和 VCR之间 ,无论在 1PPC或 5 PPC水平 ,其相关系数均较大 (r=0 .5 5 39~0 .72 0 8) ,表明部分肝癌具有多药耐药性
    T he variations of the speciation in Co re MS can be divided into two periods:the extractable forms of the elements have stable concentrations between 13and 4cm,which indicates the nature sources of the heavy metals;
    The analytical results testified that grain size of aerolion dust can be divided into different two group of grain size, namely, partculate from industrical pollution are most smaller than 10 μ ms and the bigger grain are mainly from nature source of sandy dust.
    This paper reviews the role and bioactive mechanism of HS in pathological processes of breast cancer as well as research progresses in the classification,anticancer activity and structure-activity relationships of HS polysaccharides analogs isolated from nature sources and chemosynthesis.


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