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    The history can never be turned upside down——comments on 2002 Japan's New History Text Book
    Aesthetic Inclination of Postmodernism of the New History Novels
    The Historical mutiny and the dispelled sage——An overview of the revolutionary narration in the new history novels
    The Two Dimentional Tortures between History and New History
    The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan examined the new history textbook compiled by "The Commission for New History Textbook Making" and published by Mulberry Press ,and claimed it up to standard on April 3,2001, which makes the issue of Japanese history textbook become the focus of our country, Asia ever the whole world again.
    2001年4月3日,日本文部科学省通过对“新历史教科书编撰会”编制、扶桑社出版的新编历史教科书的审查,认定其合格。 由此,日本教科书问题又一次成为我国乃至亚洲甚至整个世界的热点问题。
    New history novel of the anti-tradition stage mainly overthrows the heroic subject in tradition history novel through clearing old history concept, attempts the revelation of the civilian world under the shroud of the utterance space of the power and the ideology of the mainstream.
    England brought out the idea of "new history " , making a great breakthrough in the field of developing students' historical consciousness and abilities;
    The history textbook is the basis of the school teaching , and it is also the main target of the teacher's teaching and the student's learning; its function to carry out the history education target can't be replaced. So researching on the new history textbook under the background of the new course reformation, will be of important significance for implementing the basic spirit of the new course reform into the classroom teaching in the middle and for the student's development.
    I want to cast a brick to attract jade, and make our new history textbook be better to serve in the implementation of the student's overall development and new course reformation.
    History in the "new history fictions" of the new era of China is no longer as serious as that in the "old history fictions", authors have described the background and carriers of complexity and pluralism of humanity.
    在中国新时期涌现的“新历史小说”中,历史不再象在“旧历史小说”中那样,是正襟危坐的主人,而是作家们呈现人性复杂性、多元性的背景和载体。 在众多“新历史小说”中,莫言的“新历史小说”以神秘的历史意蕴、对古老民族人性的深度挖掘和天马行空般的言说方式,成为“新历史小说”的主力军。
    On April 3rd, 2001, the Education-Science Department of Japan granted the publication of <The New History Textbook> which edited by Japanese right-wingers, caused a severe controversy in Asia.
    New history novels are written by the new realists and the modern writers. These novels are reflection of the new aesthetic standards and historical point of view and the mental state of these writers.
    “新历史小说”是以与“用艺术手段再现历史的真实”的历史小说截然不同的话语体系来重构自己的言说机制和价值系统的 ,其“非正史”的叙事立场 ,不仅表现了写作“新历史小说”的“新写实”和“先锋派”作家们新的历史观念和审美倾向 ,也折射出了这些作家面对当代生活的边缘心态
    This year, in the new history textbook examined and verified by Japan department of culture, the Japan government openly beautify the colonial dominance over Korea, and try to turn the merge of Japan and Korea into reasonable, and further beautify the war of aggression, the people of Asia should together determined to boycott the reverse a verdict of history campaign by Japan government.
    日本文部科学省今年审核通过的新历史教科书明目张胆地美化对朝鲜的殖民统治 ,企图使“日韩合并”合法化 ,公然美化侵略战争 ,亚洲人民应共同坚决抵制日本的历史翻案运动。
    In 1990s, however, a huge barrier appeared in the friendly relations, which includes the historical revisionism headed by the "compiling committee of the new history textbooks" and the homage that all the previous prime ministers paid to the Yashukuni Jinjya.
    But New History Novel has improved this status visibly.
    But the “history” he conveyed had lost the objective authenticity in traditional sense, and represented the so-called “new history” or “textual history” referred by critics of new historical criticism.
    One could say that Ukraine is buklding a new history in its architecture : within the last 10 years more than 5000 churches were built, the historical centres of many cities glorifying national and local heroes were restored, monuments celebrating Ukraine's independence were put up and new directions were set in urban building.


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