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    The following paper illustrates the methods and measures of quality control at primary and construction stage of construction project,and points out that man should carry out item management of construction project by strictly following design paper,construction specification and national standard,in order to ensure construction quality and to increase investment results.
    Presents the detailed calculation method for sigma level and process capability index,establishes relation among Sigma level,process capability index and reject rate through research for fluctuation of quality character process and probability distribution,and system analysis for reject rate,which not only expands the research field of six Sigma management,but also provides the theory of quality evaluation decision for enterprise management.
    With the deeply comprehending on the concept of quality, convergence of quality management and enterprise management is coming.
    This paper discusses the influence of information technology on the idea, method and organization of quality management.
    Effect of Modern Information Technology on the Development of Quality Management
    The Review of Quality Cost and Quality Earning Caculation Items
    Observation on Phenomena of Quality Culture by Economics
    A study on this substance of quality physics
    Analysis of Quality Objection with MINITAB Software
    Understanding and Improvement of Quality Assurance(QA) Management System
    Systems Thinking of Quality Certification
    Three ways speak out the origin of quality management of animal and animal products 1. Science technology which is understand and used by human been, can satisfy human demands of animal and animal products with high quality and quantity.
    第四章 动物及动物产品质量管理的体制基础:质量管理思想的产生与发展与体制密切相关,资本主义私有制对质量管理的贡献在于它的稳定性和连续性,质量管理对象的微观性,从抓工厂质量管理开始,从制定质量标准开始,从质量监测、监督向质量控制及全员质量管理发展。
    Additionally, this thesis shows the detail of the structure and action mechanism of the data analyzing agent and decision-making agent, with the outstanding attributes of intelligence, which play the most important roles in the automatization, intelligentizing of quality control in real time.
    It has considerable theory meaning to the progress of the subject of quality management of our nation, especially to the quality control and management of the field of advanced technology, and comprehensive practical foreground and value for our nation enterprises' quality management practice.
    This article attempts to study and investigate systematically and profoundly the quality management system of small software corporations in order to promote the further development of quality control in our country.
    Therefore, it is necessary for ERP system to strenthen the management of quality cost, which is deficient in finance and cost administration sections of dominent ERP products.
    Then, this article researched synthetically evaluation of quality economy profit, setting up a quality guidelines system which can reflect the quality economy profit in corporation effectively, making synthesize quantitative analysis to quality economy profit, forming a mathematics model - second class vague model of synthesize judgments - to quantitative analysis quality economy profit.
    2.to establish quality cost management system, to introduce the six steps of quality cost management briefly, and to analyze the correlation and interaction of every step.
    Quality is the passport to the world, quality management system was a sub system affected by many factors of the management environment, after analyzed the management experience of fifteen famous enterprises, A hierarchy structure of effect factors of quality management was set up, the effect degree of these factors was work out by AHP.
    质量管理是企业生存发展的生命线,质量管理系统作为企业系统的一个子系统,受到众多环境因素的影响。 本文通过对国际著名质量奖的评审要点及11家获奖公司和4家质量管理成效卓越的国际著名公司的质量环境建设的分析,建立了质量管理环境影响因素的层次结构,并采用层次分析法测度了各因素对质量管理的影响程度。


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