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    Functions, Objectives and Operating Models of National Base of Health, Scientific and Technological Products
    Research on the Strategic Alliance Operating Models and Management Based on the Industrial Organization Theory
    Ways for Government to Support Energy Conservation under the Public Financial System ——on the operating models,revelations,and lessons from the EU,the UK and France
    On the Important Roles and Operating Models of Incubating System in the Technical Upgrading of State-owned Enterprises
    Study on Operating Models of Public Welfare
    Based on these, four operating models of land-readjustment were discussed in part five.
    So, we calculate andiicompare the expected profit of three operating models of supply chain.
    The operating models of the modern logistics of the large shipping enterprise include the diversified model and specialized model;
    Yet achieving the e-commerce, requires the enterprise to modify in many respects especially in operating models, which is very different from traditional trading models.
    Then the attention to the operating models, operating procedures and legislation environment is focused.
    Since in the middle of the eighties in the 20 centuries, the International Olympic Committee had reformed the operating models of Olympic Games. By using commercial mechanism and carrying out marketing tactics, the economic values of Olympic Games had explored dramatically.
    In this paper, we introduce international Real Estate Investment Trusts, including it'skinds, structure, operating models and character.
    In order to accelerate gas development in the West, it is necessary to formulate open policies, to adopt new operating models for the gas pipeline project, to provide financial support to gas utilization projects, and to adopt preferential policies to support gas consumption in the west of China.
    This paper summarizes the positive and negative views on implementing "the industrialization of education" in colleges and universities and the operating models of the implementation. It holds that the models can be summarized as "round outside and square inside", that is, as far as the three functions of higher education (teaching, scientific research and social service) are concerned, it is believed that education can not be operated as industrial model while scientific research and social service can.
    概述了高等院校实施“教育产业化”的正反观点 ,并对国有高等院校“教育产业”的运作模式进行了探讨 ,认为可以把国有高等院校教育产业的运作模式概括为“外圆内方” ,即就目前高等教育现有三大功能 (教学、科研、社会服务 )来讲 ,我们认为教学不能按产业模式来运作 ,而科研和社会服务可以按产业模式运作。
    This article presents in a way of summarized account the functions, objectives and operating models of the National Base of Health, Scientific and Technological Products, which is jointly run by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Guangdong provincial government and the government of Zhongshan Municipality of Guangdong Province.
    By analyzing the practical problems in teaching reform appearing after the expanding enrollment in colleges and universities and taking the theoretical bases and reality as the guideline, this paper puts forward options of concrete operating models as to the implementing hierarchical teaching in our school.
    通过对高校扩招后教学改革所面临实际问题的研究 ,以分级教学的理论基础和现实依据为指导 ,提出了在我院实施分级教学改革的具体运作模式选择。
    Furthermore, its multiple operating models and measurable effects also account for its quick development.
    The results of empirical and normative research indicate that land consolidation in South China has a special characteristic and needs diversified operating models and methods.
    通过实证研究得出:南方岩溶石山区土地整理有鲜明的特色,具有多种多样的土地整理运作模式。 岩溶石山区土地整理既要因地制宜,同时又必须机动灵活。


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