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    Measures to Move out of“Bottleneck”of Railway and Other Modes of Transportation
    Conclusion Serum HBV DNA was above 103 copies/ml in 72.38% of HBVM positive patients, and serum HBV DNA positive rate and HBV DNA copies was highest in HBV surface antigen, HBV e antigen and anti-HBcAg antibody positive mode, with active viral replication and strong infective power. Viral replication might still exist in other modes.
    结论血清HBVM阳性患者中72.38%血清HBV DNA≥103copy/ml,且HBsAg(+)、HBeAg(+)、抗-HBc(+)模式的血清中HBV DNA≥103copy/ml检出率及HBV DNA的拷贝值均明显大于其他各种模式(P<0.05),病毒复制活跃,传染力强,但其余模式仍可能存在病毒复制。
    Analysis and Study of Joining and Cooperation Between Urban Rail Traffic and Other Modes
    Planning Study on the Link between Track Traffic and Other Modes of Traffic
    In order to distinguish PBL from other instruction modes, the thesis indicates some difference between PBL and other modes, which is traditional instruction mode, problem-based learning and activity instruction mode.
    We calculated the electromagnetic field distribution of the guiding modes in the hollow metallic waveguide, discussed the mode attenuation characteristic in waveguides of different media and radius, and find the method to restrain other modes' propagation: mode matching and choosing the right media to increase the EH11 mode's attenuation.
    Aimed at DMU 70V model machining center by DECKEL MAHO company in Germany of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab, by means of 3-D graphics coordinate transformation, on the basis of the procedure of deduction of post-processing algorithm of other mode of motion axes and detailed deducing, the paper gives the post-processing algorithm for DMU 70V model machining center.
    本文针对大连理工大学现代制造技术实验室购进的德国DECKEL MAHO公司出品的DMU 70V型加工中心,从三维图形坐标变换入手,借鉴其它运动轴方式的后置处理算法确定过程,通过详细的推导,得出了DMU 70V型加工中心的后置处理算法。
    In recent years, B2G electronic commerce has been paid more and more attention into when the other modes such as B2C, B2B, and C2C make progress obviously. Now it has become a very important part of electronic commerce system.
    By the training of that mode, other modes are also reinforced.
    This chapter elaborated MBO -the business enterprise changes the system mode within the scope of world and our country development at present, at actual operation, MBO differs from other modes in law character, thus the reader has a clear and deepen understanding to MBO.
    Nowadays the influence of competition from other modes and the national economic policies on ridership must be taken into account.
    Symmetrical two peak structure appears in the spectrum for each mode when the initial fields are both in the pure number states or both in the coherent states. The split of the two peaks is proportional to the field intensity of the other mode.
    两模光场初态均为光子数态或均为相干态时 ,每模腔场谱一般都为双线结构 ,两条谱线的频差与另一模初始场强大致成正比 ,改变一模初始场可以调节另一模谱线频率
    The other mechanism is dependent on c-myc bingding to the Sp1/SMad transcription factor via the c-myc repressed by c-myc and what other modes of c-myc transcriptional repression may exist.
    Modes on theL(0,2)hranch have the least attenuation compared to all other modes fornon梔imensional frequencies above 12, and their relative simple mode shapessuggest that they are likely to be induced in practice.
    It classifies all modes by both homogeneity and space-time correlation of macroblock. The SKIP mode can be early terminated, and other modes can be compared type by type.
    Via formalized description and analysis, mission is combined with other mode operators organically, and is used to express the hierarchy and compulsion of CMAS.
    If a circuit used in gyrotron has mode selectivity for a mode, i.e TE_(02) mode, andcan suppress the other modes, it will be very useful for improving the characteristics of the amplifier.
    本文研究的输入耦合系统就是这样一种具有模式选择特性的模式转换电路。 该输入耦合系统工作在Ku波段,用来激励并传输TE_(02)圆电模,它包括三个主要部分:宽带盒型微波输入窗;
    At first, theoretical study is performed by solving the formulas for obtaining the key dimensions of the pill-box window, the coupling wave equations for getting the mode conversion coefficient from input mode to the other modes in the coaxial sector tapering transition section.
    其次,利用Ansoft HFSS软件对输入耦合系统的各组成部分进行了数值模拟:优化了盒型窗的性能参数,得到了理想的带宽特性曲线; 确定了扇形渐变波导中扇形渐变段的长度,分析了工作频带内竞争模式对工作模式的影响,探讨了滤模加载对改善模式转换性能的作用。
    Wth the fast development of information technology and Internet, theE Internet-based distance education is superior to any other mode in modern distanceeducation, which has the trait of digital fOrm, multmedia, rich infOrmation, goodinteractivity and large cover.
    It is faced with new chances and challenges that waterway transport stands in an inferior position in the competition with other modes of passenger transport;


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