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    Exploratory discussion on overall strategy of nonferrous metal enterprises
    The sustainable growth of enterprises must be guided by the overall strategy to find a development space and path.
    This thesis analyzes external circumstances and internal condition of DLHGSTC by applying strategic management methods, try to find company external opportunity, threat and internal superiority, inferiority, definecompany overall strategy, competitive strategy and function strategy,probe into feasibility and method, define strategic purpose plan and guaranty measure.
    运用战略管理方法对大连海工科技公司的外部环境和内部条件进行分析,找出公司所面临的机会、威胁和公司目前的优势、劣势; 确定公司的总体战略、竞争战略和职能战略,探索实施这些战略的可行性和方法;
    The last part presents the development strategy in the future five years, confirm the overall strategy aid at to be the top engineering consultation and design company in Northeastern of China and the key strategy which bases on intelligence.
    Considering it is natively and closely connected with the customers, which is popularly regarded as God of the enterprise, Marketing strategy which is although the functional strategy submitted to the Overall strategy of the enterprise reasonably act as the core of the strategic system of the enterprise and has oriented function to the other functional strategies.
    Of these problems, the most important one is centered on the formation, implementation, and evaluation of the groups' overall strategy, and the respective competition strategy .
    The case can somewhat reveal the essence of the overall strategy and the basis of strategy making and implementing.
    The frame of competing strategic and overall strategy finally for 8 company' s establishments changes resource advantage, is industrial advantage , step area resource suit , the dynasty internationalization of product mix and the article direction development of health protection.
    The products development is the very important part in the company's overall strategy, it plays a important role in accomplishing Corporation's overall strategy goal, the enterprise must fully take every opportunity and menace, make a correspondence strategy according to its own conditions take every opportunity and face every challenges ahead and finally establish its own marker competitive edge, thereby get onto a road that lead to sustainable development.
    The author discussed the overall strategy of the company in the aspects of brand, operation, services, financial management and human resources, and proposed important suggestions in order to carry out the overall strategies efficiently.
    从品牌、业务、服务、财务管理、人力资源等方面对公司的总体战略进行了论述; 并针对总体战略的有效实施提出了关键举措建议。
    They expect to establish strategic positions and objectives at the overall strategy level and to put it into effect.
    In view of the three interactional arrangements of the strategic management-the overall strategy of the corporation, career strategy and functional strategy, this paper analyses insurance companies the use of various strategies in the development of their own.
    According to the actual needs of high & new technology industry zones, under the new competitive native and international environment, this paper puts forward the overall strategy layout and the developing direction for the enduring development that some outstanding zones should be developed primarily.
    One is the integration of the overall strategy and resources of IPCE, the other is the establishment of competition strategy and development direction for the three key products in order to acquire and maintain sustainable competitive advantage, while emphasizing speed and quality of operation is of vital significance in the process of resources integrating.
    一是理化院的总体战略及资源整合; 二是为获得并保持三类支柱产品的持续竞争优势,确定各自的竞争战略和发展方向,同时强调在资源整合中,运营的速度和质量至关重要。
    In the second article the power equipment production chain is analyzed, covering the development trend in the power generation market, the overall strategy for the exploration of the power market and power sector construction, the comparison between the capability of domestic and oversees manufacturers and a deeper explanation of the surroundings facing domestic manufacturers.
    Based on the strategic triangle theory of David J Collies and Professor Cynthia A Montgomery as well as the SWOT matrix theory, Part 5 talks about the strategic objectives and plans for implementing the development strategy for XYG, measures to guarantee the effective implementation of the overall strategy are put forward.
    Followed the analysis of the general situation of telecommunication operators in China and the macro environment faced by China Tietong, the market and overall strategy of China Tietong are addressed.
    iSoftStone takes software outsourcing service and technical service as the overall strategy and implements a tactics of "start from domestic market and move step by step to oversea market" , which leverages software service outsourcing to Koreas as a breakthrough.
    This paper adopted SWOT analysis method,analyzed the advantage, inferior position, opportunity and challenge that presented intourism industry of Tianjin, and searched the competition force of Tianjin tourismindustry's development, ensured overall strategy idea for Tianjin tourism industry'sdevelopment and development plan for Tianjin tourism resource.
    As China’s enter into the WTO, Hong Kong and Macao opening its freezing meat market, the adjustment of live pig exportation quota policy, and company’strategy to enlarge the domestic market, the company has to fully display its own superiority, formulate and implement correct service marketing strategy, innovate and perfect the service marketing system unceasingly, as to serve for the company overall strategy.


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