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    pH is generally less than 6.5. Thewhole groundwater system is in the oxidation environment.
    地下水中 pH 值一般小于 6.5,呈偏酸性甚至弱酸性,并且处于氧化环境中。
    The exampleanalysis suggests that  ̄(234)U/ ̄(238)U ratio is 7.1  ̄(234)U/ ̄(230)Th ratio is 560 in the groundwater atNevada test site U.S.A,and this aquifer system is in stronger oxidation environment,U,Th,Ra,Pb and Po radionuclides are highly retarded,their retardation factors are range form 10 ̄2~10 ̄5 and distribution coefficients are 4.7~2630 ml/g.
    实例分析表明,美国内华达州试验场地下水中 ̄(234)U/ ̄(238)U=7.1, ̄(234)U/ ̄(230)Th=560,显示出含水系统处于强氧化环境; U,Th,Ra,Pb和Po放射性核素强烈地受到吸附阻滞,其阻滞系数为10 ̄2-10 ̄5,分配系数为4.7~2630ml/g。
    In turn, during the postglacial period, the CaCO_3 and Al_2O_3 contents became higher, and the ratios of Na to Al , Mg to Al and Na to K decreased, which reflected that the sedimentary environment became an open oxidation environment, the climate became humid and hot with a stronger condition of chemical weathering.
    The results are as follows:(1) Groundwater in Dongwu Banner is dominated by HCO_3-Na type,and it is manly phreatic water under the oxidation environment;
    Factor F1 indicates the oxidation environment and is correlated with the terrigenous material,factor F2 indicates the weak oxidation environment,and factor F3 indicates the weak reduction environment. The wavelength ranges of principal factors F1,F2 and F3 are 405 to 445 nm and 495 to 595 nm,605 to 695 nm and 445 to 485 nm,respectively.
    主因子F1指示氧化环境,并与陆源物质相关,F2指示弱氧化环境,F3指示弱还原环境,主因子的波长范围分别是405~445 nm和495~595 nm,605~695 nm,445~485 nm。
    The uranium ion is easily washed away with flowing water at oxidation environment, deposited at the reduction environment. In the nature,the uranium mine is usually enriched in the oxidation-reduction transition zone.
    Then by compare among these technical routes and programs, the author believes that in the oxidation environment, the use of catalytic methods removing both NO_x and PM is a better method.
    It isconcluded that they occurred in oxidation environment, more detrital materials, longdistance transport and deposited in high-energy environment.
    was mobilized and released, but the released uranium can not be preciPitated bemuse of the oxidation environment, and it can be diffused during diagenetic dehydration and then precipitated in nearby grey beds with low Eh together with uranium-bearing "stagnant water" fixed in pores, forming economic uranium concentration.
    Hematites are often in parage- nesis with pitchblende,but they are products of different stageS in hydrother- mal eVo1Ution process. Hematite occurred in the OXidation environment with high fugacity Of oxygen. while pitchblende occurred in the reduction envi- ronment with IOW fugacity of oxygern.
    In the course of the oxidation, a little uranium is released from the detrital minerals, Because of the oxidation environment,the released uranium wasn't able to be precipitated, only to diffuse to the adjacent grey bed which has low Eh Value with uranium-bearing "stagnant water" fixed in pores during the dewatering process of the diagenesis and form minable uranium deposit.
    在这种氧化作用中,长石、石英等硅酸盐类矿物碎屑中的微量铀部分被活化释放出来。 由于该层为氧化环境,释放出来的铀不能沉淀,只能和原来储存在孔隙间的含铀“囚水”一起,在成岩脱水过程中扩散到与其相邻的Eh值低的灰色还原层中沉淀,形成铀的工业富集。
    All these tell that within the range of 4 7m well depth,the formation environment of coral reef is frequently affected by climate,the actions of runoff and weathering increase and relatively strong oxidation environment occurs.
    3.Ce出现相对大的负异常。 这些特征表明,在井深4—7m范围内,珊瑚礁成岩环境频繁受到古气候变化的影响,径流和风化作用增强,并且出现了相对强的氧化环境
    The ratio between dibenzothiophen and phenanthrine is less than 1.0,suggesting that the whole Shahejie Formation was formed in weak oxidation environment of fresh water.
    大民屯凹陷沙河街组的二苯并噻吩与菲的比值都在 1 0以下 ,表明该凹陷的沙河街组整体上形成于淡水弱氧化环境 ;
    middle Cretaceous rocks are red or brown, belonging to oxidation environment, such as Wangshi Formation of Jiaolai basin, Pukou Formation and Chishan Formation of Subei basin, Hayang Group of Gyeongsang basin, Well ZC7 2 1?
    中白垩纪地层属氧化环境 ,岩石通常为红色或棕色。 例如 ,胶莱盆地的王氏组、苏北盆地的浦口组和赤山组、庆尚盆地的河阳群。
    The shallow groundwater in aquifer of 60m-120m is the mixed water of the paleo-groundwater and modern precipitation, the proportion of the paleo-groundwater, however, is higher than that of modern precipitation, and the oxidation environment is revealed by the analyzed results of some groundwater samples.
    6 0m~ 12 0m左右的浅层水为古地下水与现代降水的混合水 ,但古地下水占的成分较多 ,部分水样为氧化环境
    The cold and oxygen-rich Antarctic Bottom Water not only provided a favorable oxidation environment for the formation of crusts,but also brought about a broad and regional sedimentation hiatus to create a growth place for the crusts.
    In the oxidation environment, coating could be oxidized to form dense oxide film with the self-healing function on the surface. The scale on the surface of Mo(Si0.6,Al0.4)2 coating could be divided into two layers: the free surface was Al2O3;
    Oxide fiber/oxide ceramic matrix composites can work under the high temperature oxidation environment for a long time, which are one of the most promising high temperature structure ceramic materials.
    Red beds are sandy gravel beds deposited under the arid and hot climates and correspondent to the oxidation environment of continental basins.
    The results showed that the tail water did not alter the redox environment of Changjiang estuary, which belongs to oxidation environment.


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