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    Physical Base of Unloading Rock Mass Mechanics for Jointed Rock Mass of High-Steep Rock Slopes
    Physical Base of the Structure and Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Soft Magnetic Materials
    The physical base of thermal imaging antagonistic technology of tank is introduced.
    在此基础上 ,提出了坦克红外热成像对抗技术的物理基础
    Research on the Physical Base of the Double Glow Discharging Surface Alloying Process
    On Physical Base of Transformation from Cohesive Soil into Incohesive Soil
    The Physical Base and Analyzation of the Major Technique in Wireless Position Location
    High strain dynamic signal matching as a pivotal technique in this dissertation, discussed and researched from the elementary theory of high strain the physical base , technical method and indicated the problems in dynamic signal matching, corrected matter, cured technique and practiced measure, and then had the correspond conclusions.
    The naissance of quantum information offers the reliable physical base for the transformation of tomorrow's science and new theory for the twenty-first century's development about information science.
    The former is physical base of the whole system which provides a platform for software to run on and communication interface(including human computer interaction interface),and its hardcore is embedded processor;
    The distributed hydrologic model is one of the focus in hydrology field. The model which combines with GIS and RS owns powerful physical base and obvious superiority compared to tranditional models.
    The model is considered the role of weather conditions on the concentration of pollution, and pollution emissions into the role of pollution concentrations, in comparison with the previous air pollution forecast statistical models, is based on the more credible physical base.
    HA needs integrate binary systems experiment values , the parameters Wh is an average value, the more big change of mixing enthalpy ,the worse the predicted effects ,which is related to the physical base.
    This paper outlines the principle, physical base and new abvance of acoustic logs.
    The auther suggestes that the sef-organization of fault evolution system is the cardinal physical base for earthquake predi ction.
    In this paper,the physical base of the mean square deflection method extracting informa-tion of multi-parameter earthquake precursors has been studied.
    The physical base of thismethod is that rock properties including elasticity,deformational property,electric property,magnetic property,thermal property and so on will change obviously when crushing stressreaches up to more than 50 percent during earthquake preparation,which results in changes ofabsolute value,variation rate and measuring error of rock physical parameters.
    The physical base of transformation from cohesive soil into
    Pre-earthquake creeping is a physical base for predicting big earthquake.
    This paper analyzes tradition classification absence by studying physical base of RS image,points out the SAM method suits to the shape feature of surface spectrum,and studies the improving way and implement step,then it gives out an example about analysis and comparison experiment,which shows that improving method makes classification more accurate.
    通过研究遥感 ( RS)图象的物理基础 ,分析了传统分类方法的弊端 ,指出基于广义夹角的计算机分类方法 ( SAM法 )较适合地物光谱的形状特征 ,进而对 SAM法进行研究 ,并提出了改进方法和实施步骤 ,给出了分析比较试验实例 ,说明该研究改进使分类计算更精确


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