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    Plaque forming cell (PFC) was determined with quantitative haemolysis of SRBC (QHS).
    Ceiastrol ip 1, 3mg/kg×5d caused marked decreases of the weights of thymus and of spleen plaque forming cell (PFC) in the mice, caused marked increase in serum complement C3 level, but the level of serum hemolysin and IgG in the mice was not significantly affected.
    In this report, we observed the effects of Formica fusca L on phagocyte function of peritoneal, macrophage,plaque forming cell of spleen and T lymphocyte subsets of lymphatic node in mice The results showed- the phagocyte function of macrophage, the number of plaque forming, cell, the L3T4 cell, the ratio of L3T4 and Lyt2 cell in the mice of cell the experimental group were increased ( P<0.01~0.001 ) .
    本文观察了黑蚂蚁对小鼠巨噬细胞吞噬功能、空斑形成细胞数及T细胞亚群的影响。 结果表明,实验组小鼠经胃饲蚁粉液(1g/kg)10天后,巨噬细胞吞噬功能、空斑形成细胞数、L_3T_4细胞及L_3T_4/L_(yt_2)比值明显增高,与对照组相比P<0.01~0.001。
    Results In 250mg/kg and 1 000mg/kg dose groups, all the thymus and spleen weight, the plaque forming cell count, serum hemolysin volume and toe thickness as well as carbon clearance index were significantly lower than those in control group ( P<0.05, P<0.01 ).
    结果  2 5 0、10 0 0mg/kg剂量组的胸腺和脾脏重量明显低于对照组 (P <0 0 5 ,P <0 0 1) ,空斑形成细胞对数值、血清溶血素抗体体积、足跖厚度及碳廓清指数均低于对照组 (P <0 0 5 ,P <0 0 1)。
    In this paper,the numbers of immunoglobulin-secreting cells(IgSC) in spleens and bone marrows of five healthy BALB/c nude mice and nine mice bearing human tumor were detected by using staphylococcus protein-A plaque forming cell (SPA-PFC) assay, in order to observe if nude mice establish any other type of immune responses to the heterotransplanted tumor cells.
    This paper reported the effect of Panax notoginseng (PN) decoction,crude polyshaccharid on the natural killer cell (NKC), Macrophage (M_Φ), antigen-linking cell and antibody-producing cell of mice as determined dy the ~125I-UdR incoporaterelease assay, the serum lysozyme content assay, the special rosette forming cell (SRFC) test and the plaque forming cell (PFC) test.
    The suppressive effects of cyclosporin A ( CsA ) made in China on immune function were studied in mice. CsA ( 25 and 50 mg/kg ig for 4 d ) caused a significant decrease of spleen plaque forming cell ( PFC ) in mice.
    SPG_1 (1.25, 2.5 and 5.0mg/kg, ip for 1 day) and SPG_2 (2.5 and 5.0 mg/kg, ip for 1 day) promoted the plaque forming cell(PFC) response to sheep red blood cells (SRBC) in mice. The effects of SPG_1 and SPG_2 on immune function were studied in aged immunodeficient mice.
    小鼠ip SPG_1可显著增强羊红细胞(SRBC)诱导的小鼠脾脏空斑形成细胞(PFC)反应。
    It was found that the spleen plaque forming cell(PFC)response to sheep red blood cells,delayed cuta- neous hypersensitivity(DCH)induced by dinitrochlorobenzene and the lymphocyte prolifer- ation stimulated by concanavalin A(Con A)were significantly decreased in stressed mice. In addition.
    结果指出,应激可使羊红细胞(SRBC)致敏小鼠脾脏的空斑形成细胞(PFC)减少,使二硝基氯苯(DNCB)所致迟发型皮肤过敏反应(DCH)和刀豆素A(Con A)诱导的脾淋巴细胞增殖反应减弱。
    The effects of extract from the leaves of ginkgo biloba on the numbers of anti-SRBC forming cell,hemolysin product and macrophage phagocytic function were investigated in mice by plaque forming cell(PFC),hemolysin and phagocytic index assays.
    TAM 50mg/kg markedly increased ANAE(+) cell percentage of peripheral blood lymphocytes and the production of spleen plaque forming cell(PFC) in hydrocortisone treated mice.
    Plaque forming cell(PFC)response assayed by experiment of dissolving SRBC.
    Objective:To observe the effects of extract of river clam(KAL) on delayed type hypersensitivity(DTH)response and hemolytic plaque forming cell(PEC) response in immunosuppression mice.
    目的 :观察河蚌提取物 (KAL)对免疫低下小鼠的迟发性过敏反应 (DTH)和溶血空斑形成细胞 (PFC)反应的影响。
    HOU by i.g at 120 mg/kg remarkably increased the development of serum hemolysin and the production of the spleen plaque forming cell (PFC) in cyclophosphamide mice.
    合成鱼腥草素 12 0mg/kg还能明显增强环磷酰胺模型小鼠血清溶血素的生成及脾脏空斑形成细胞溶血能力 .
    The recipient mice(BABL/c) were lethally irradiated and cotransplanted syngeneic bone marrow(10 7/mice) and the QXMSC1IL 6 (5×10 5/mice). Lymphocyte proliferation induced by ConA and LPS, helper T lymphocyte precursor(HTLp), cytotoxic T lymphocyte precursor(CTLp), plaque forming cell (PFC), delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) were examined 30, 60 days in post transplantation respectively.
    在骨髓移植后 30d、6 0d检测BMT小鼠淋巴细胞对LPS ,ConA增殖反应 ,T辅助细胞前体 (helpTlymphocyteprecursor,HTLp) ,杀伤性T细胞前体 (cytotoxicTlymphocyteprecursor,CTLp) ,迟发型超敏反应 (delayed typehypersensitivity ,DTH)及空斑形成细胞数 (plaqueformingcell,PFC) ,反映骨髓移植后小鼠免疫功能。
    Methods After irradiated mice spleen cells were prepared to assay the reaction to Con A, LPS, MLC, IL - 2 production and plaque forming cell (PFC ).
    方法 UVB照射后小鼠脾细胞对丝裂原反应,混合淋巴细胞培养,溶血空斑形成细胞及脾细胞的白细胞介素-2(IL-2)产生等非特异免疫功能指标的测定。
    Methods: The humoral immunity of fomes officinalis polysaccharides was ohserved by measurement the serum hemolysin concentration (HC50), the plaque forming cell (PFC) and the exponent of spleen.
    Methods: To study its biological activity,crude OPs were extracted and purified,and three dosages were applied in various methods such as mouse spleen lymphocytes transformation test(LTT),delayed type hypersensitivity(DTH)reaction,test of plaque forming cell,NK cell activity assay,assay of phagocytic function of the phagocyte,tumor-bearing mouse spleen lymphocyte activity test and assay of erythrocytic SOD activity.
    方法:采用热碱法提取,以三个剂量组(2.5、5、10mg/m l)进行正常小鼠脾淋巴细胞转化实验、迟发型超敏反应(DTH)、自然杀伤细胞(NK)活性测定,抗体形成细胞活性溶血空斑形成细胞实验(PFC)、碳廓清实验、腹腔巨噬细胞吞噬鸡红细胞实验、荷瘤小鼠脾淋巴细胞活性测定(MTT法)、红细胞超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)活性测定。
    ②Experiment 2: Compared with the model group, the large, middle and small-dose Fuzheng Paidu tablet and Xianggu Duotang tablet remarkably improved the level of hemolysin and plaque forming cell in blood serum (0.120±0.015, 0.131±0.019, 0.101±0.017, 0.104±0.018, 0.063±0.020; 0.446±0.047, 0.498±0.016, 0.383±0.060, 0.387±0.064, 0.221±0.061, P < 0.01).
    CONCLUSION: Fuzheng Paidu tablet can remarkably accelerate the phagocytosis of macrophage in abdominal cavity, the level of hemolysin and plaque forming cell in blood serum and the transformation of peripheral lymphocyte in immunosuppressional mice.


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