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    Expectations on Domestic Products of Medical Lasers from the Point of View of Clinical Medicine
    Space Angle and Point Coordinate Calculation for Combined Fixtures
    On Division of Government and Capital Functions: An Analysis from the Point of Changing Government and Enterprises' Authorities
    Bootstrap Circuit Analysis From the Point of View of Positive Feedback
    Prism Angle Errors Test Using Laser Point Source Interferometry
    Study on Dielectric Medium for EDM from System Point of View
    Basing on the present situation of marine economy development of Liaoning Province in the recent years,from the point of viewof static state,dynamic state and structure benefit,this article analyzed the marine industrial structure,comparing with those of the whole country and other coastal provinces and cities.
    基于近年来辽宁省海洋产业发展现状,从静态、动态及结构效益等角度对辽宁省海洋产业结构进行分析,并将辽宁省与全国及其它部分沿海省市的海洋产业结构进行了比较。 结果表明,目前辽宁省海洋产业结构在多元化上较为适中,但海洋产业结构水平较低,变动速率较慢,增长稳定性低于全国平均水平,海洋产业的发展仍处于初级不稳定阶段。
    In this article,from the point of modern equipment management,does a systemic research on key equipment technology of HSM,which provide a techical reference for design,selection,application and equipment management of HSM.
    Objective By observation in the regulative effectiveness of electro-acupuncture (EA) on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal index (HPA-index)and corticotropin releasing hormone mRNA, (CRHmRNA) on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) model rats, studying the mechanism of CFS with treatment of EA in the point of the neuroendocrine system.
    目的观察电针对慢性疲劳大鼠模型下丘脑、垂体、肾上腺指数及下丘脑促肾上腺皮质激素释放激素(corticotropin releasing hormone,CRH)mRNA表达的影响,从神经内分泌角度探讨电针(electro-acupuncture,EA)治疗慢性疲劳综合征(chronic fatigue syndrome,CFS)的作用机制。
    From the contractors’ point of view, it probes into the relationship of interest between contractor and subcontractor, and reveals that it’s important for contractor to prompt the management for the subcontractor.
    From view point of burner design, the EI-XCL type burners manufactured by B&W Corporation in USA have stronger superiority in aspect of reducing NOx formation;
    ②from the point of software component technology natural characteristic,analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of these technology;
    At the level of the tibial plateau and the patellar tendon attachment, measure the mean medial percentage width of the intersecting point of the patella tendon and the AP axis, and the mean angles between the AP axis and lines connecting the middle of the posterior crutiate ligament (PCL) to the medial border and medial 1/3 of the patellar tendon attachment.
    The horizontal and vertical distances from entry point to apex of greater sciatic notch, the length of the screw, the angle of the screw on sagittal and coronal plane were measured respectively, and then all data were put into SPSS 10.0 for statistical analyze.
    Combining the situation of safety production and management in domestic mineral enterprises, the paper elaborated how to construct the new type safety management which is needed out of the long-term safety management in mineral enterprises from the system point of view.
    From point of view of thermodynamics and considering the influence of thermal factor in tunnel on wind flow,the calculation method of natural wind was derived.
    This paper is aimed at the performance requirements of W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel,From the composition、organization and heat treatment process of high speed steel analyzing point of view,one of the primary reasons of determine the performance is indicated.
    Using Lagrange equation, the literature analyses the vibration of the beam from the point of view of energy. And the result is compared with testing result of literature[4]. A small error is gained.
    This article analyzes the problems in library from the point of knowledge management and discusses the execution method of knowledge management in library.
    In the basis of traditional economic means of analysis, this paper is to explore the mechanism of non-profit and economic development. Authors think that nonprofit organizations have been contributing to the economic increasing in the international point of view. It has been demonstrated that there is stronger outside consistence between nonprofit organizations and economic development in China.


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