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    The previous investigation of gel W/O/W multiple emulsion loaded insulin
    Compared to the results of previous investigation in the same area (May 2000-May 2001), the concentration of nitrogen increased 20.9 %, while phosphate dropped 35.4 % andsilicate dropped 26.2 %.
    Continuation of breast development was seen in 34.8%(8/28) of female children by the age of 4 years at the previous investigation, in 55.3% (21/38) of female children aged 5 years then, In 26.1% (6/23) of female children aged 4 years, in 18.4% (7/38) of female children aged 5 years seen last breast development ceased.
    乳腺发育维持不变者,4岁39.1%(9/23),5岁26.3%(10/38); 乳腺继续发育者,4岁34.8%(8/23),5岁55.3%(21/38)。
    Objective To express main neutralization antigen VP7 of human rotavirus serotype G2 and G3 by recombinant adenoviruses on the basis of previous investigation of the prevalence of rotavirus in China.
    目的 研究我国G2和G3型轮状病毒主要中和抗原VP7基因在重组腺病毒中的表达。
    However, NH4-N increased 182 % compared with the previous investigation, which was partly resulted from faster rates of bodies decomposed and excretion to aminated due to high temperature and low rainfall, and partly from slower dilution of NH4-N due to weaker river flux.
    The result also showed that phosphorus (39.1 %) was the limiting factor for phytoplankton growth in Zhelin Bay during the present investigation, but the limiting factor was nitrogen (41.8 %) in the previous investigation.
    营养盐含量的改变引起营养盐结构的转变,以Dortch等(1992)和Justic(1995)提出的营养盐化学计量限制标准来衡量,调查海区最可能的生长限制因子由上一年度的纫 昙氮(41.8%)转变为本年度的磷(39.l%)。
    In this thesis, based on the previous investigation on 2D moving and rolling contact problem by BEM, the conforming discretization is generalized to 3D cases, and a scheme of BEM for moving contact of 3D elastic solids with prescribed moving direction using conforming discretization is presented.
    β-1,4-galactosyltransferase 1 (GalT I) is the first cloned glycosyltransferase. It had been regarded as a house-keeping gene for a long time. In our previous investigation, it was found that GaT I was an intraction protein of SGT, and EIAF, one of the Ets family members could regulat its expression.
    β 1,4半乳糖基转移酶(GaIT Ⅰ)是一个最早克隆的糖基转移酶,长期以来被认为是一个管家基因,本实验室以前的工作表明GalT Ⅰ是SGT的一个相互作用蛋白,Ets转录因子家族的成员EIAF可调控其基因的转录。
    Previous investigation reveals that specific cellular immunity mediated by CTLs plays a very important role on immune responses against viral infection and tumor.
    以往研究表明:细胞毒性T淋巴细胞(cytotoxic T lymphocytes,CTLs)介导的特异性细胞免疫在机体抗感染和抗肿瘤中起重要作用。 因此有效激发特异性CTL应答是治疗性疫苗的重要目标。
    Therefore, based on previous investigation of Ca~(2+) dynamics in coupled cells, from the deterministic level to the stochastic level, and from a single cell to a multicellular system, this dissertation deeply studied effects of coupling strength, IP3 level, noise, and etc, on synchrony of Ca~(2+) oscillations in coupled hepatocytes.
    发现胞内Ca~(2+)和IP_3分别作为间隙耦合因子对于耦合细胞中Ca~(2+)振荡达到同步都是十分有效的; 耦合肝细胞中Ca~(2+)振荡的相锁定比率与耦合强度和IP_3水平的关系表现出的“魔鬼阶梯”的构像说明系统中不仅存在1:1的相锁定,还存在多样的谐波锁定;
    Previous investigation found that human po1ymorPhonuclear leukocy'tes (PMNs)suppressed the TNF-a release from phagocytic cell U937. The present study wasundertaken to further investigate the effect of human Pnss on the production ofM-ca by the human peripheral blood mononuc1ear cells (PBMCs) and to elucidateits tentatve mechanism.
    本教研室发现人的中性粒细胞可以抑制吞噬细胞U937释放TNF-α。 在此基础上,本实验研究进一步探讨人的中性粒细胞(poly-morphonuclear leukocytes,PMNs)对人外周血单个核细胞(peripheral bloodmononuclear cells,PBMCs)释放TNF-α的影响及其作用的初步机理。
    The last part analyzes the problems with regardto making nonnegotiable stocks negotiable and to directlyapplying financial theory to the analysis of the security marketin China on the basis of previous investigation.
    By previous investigation , there are three categories of substrates.
    Based on the conclusion of previous investigation,using the systematic analysis method,putting the goal of performance evaluation system into the center,I have studied the basic pr i nc i p I es and procedures i n estab I i sh i ng performance eva I uat i on system,the influences of environmental factors on enterprise's performance evaluation and how to setting target,bench work and method of performance evaluation.
    本文是在现有的国内外调查研究结论的基础上,立足于规范的系统分析,以企业绩效评价的目标——服务于战略管理为主线,研究有效的企业绩效评价应遵循的基本原则和程序; 分析企业内外部环境因素对绩效评价产生的影响及如何确立企业绩效评价标准、构建绩效评价指标体系、选择绩效综合评价方法,以期对该领域的研究有所贡献。
    On the base of previous investigation, the article made empiric studying on such connection effect, established estimating indexes such as industrial diffusion degree, then realized estimating such effect on the depth and the direction of the industrial chains.
    本文在以前研究成果的基础上,对国民经济33部门的关联作用进行了实证分析和深入探讨。 并且对产业的这种关联效应进行了评价分析的研究,建立了产业扩散(集中)度、产业结构扩散度等指标体系,从而实现了评价产业在关联作用中对产业链条深度和对产业链条延伸方向的影响。
    Because the investigative range of IC card’s going out is the previous investigation of public bus commutation ticket, the investigative range of citizen is much narrow.
    The p53 geneis the most common suppressor gene involved in multifarious tumor development and progression, including meningiomas, and previous investigation has focused on the relationships between p53 expression and malignant proliferation.
    2. In addition to previous investigation on genetic diversity among the bacterial wilt resistant peanut germplasm collection in China based on morphological observation, the AFLP analysis in this study further confirmed such diversity.
    In chapter one, on the base of surveying a number of references, we in details summarized the previous investigation results about CMEs, and discussed the solar on~disk region of CMEs by studying flares, filament eruption and coronal dimming associated with CME.
    ObjectiveCisplatin (CDDP) is one of the commonly used and effective drugs in treating adenocarcinoma of lung. The previous investigation indicated that ultra-activation of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorization function induced by CDDP positively participated in the process of CDDP related resistance in lung adenocarcinoma cells.
    目的顺铂(cisplantin,CDDP)是临床上治疗肺腺癌常用而有效的药物之一,线粒体DNA(mitochondrial DNA,mtDNA)是其重要的作用靶点,上一阶段的研究表明:CDDP引起的线粒体氧化磷酸化(oxidative phosphorization,OXPHOS)功能代偿性增强参与了癌细胞对CDDP的抗性形成过程。


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