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    Principles and Policies of Teaching Reform in Higher Educational Institutions Challenged by the Revolution in Latest Technology
    Principle and Policy of the Development of the Towns System along Hexi Corridor
    Research on the Principles and Policies of Climatic Resources Management
    The Path,Principle and Policy Tools of Regulatory Reform in Telecommunication Industry
    This dissertation identifies the three key problems in management and sharing of simulation resources, that's the establishment of the principles and policies, the standardization, and the building of the actual platform to manage and exchange simulation resources.
    On the basis, it designs the policy system of the base systematically, and puts forward the introductive thoughts, the designation principle and policy framework of vitalizing the old base, therefore, it provides the useful policy system mode for making the vitalizing policy of the old base.
    Its content is very abundant, including international environment, international strategic objective, strategic principle, foreign principles and policies.
    ways for Carrying-outthe Line,principle and policy of Science and Technology by the Science Management people
    Discussion on Economic Attribute and Toll Road Pricing Principles and Policy
    Between Principles and Policies: Ronald Dworkin and Constructing an Ideal Jurist
    Role and Working Mechanism of Tax Incentives for Promoting Development of High-tech Industries: Principle and Policy Design
    Chapter 7 "the innovation of rural land institution at developed coast way area. basic principle and policy direction" has been summed-up the content of last 6 chapters,and in this chapter pointed out the policy direction as following:"to enhance ownership to consolidate contract rights to relax using right to protect revenue rights and to make standardization for administrative rights
    My essay tries to explore and study Jiang Zeming's distinctive strategic made ofthinking and the art of thinking through researching Jiang Zemin's articles andmacroscopic strategic decisions made by the third generation of leadership with him atthe core of the Party Central Committee. At the same time, my essay tries to deepenour understanding of Jing Zemin's strategic thinking and enhance our consciousness ofcarrying out the Party's line, principles and policies.
    Facing the new environment and task, everything is waiting to be taken up, situation to be cited of all trades, the Communist Party of China should finish its own strategic task and historical mission, on one hand it should depend on the correct route, policy, policy of the party, on the other it should be competent at leading cadres at all levels of party that builds task of strenuous country by carrying out these principles and policies correctly.
    文章接着分析阐述了建国初期干部教育面临的新形势和干部教育的任务。 建国初期中国共产党的历史地位和工作环境发生了根本的变化,党的中心任务也随之发生了根本的转变,针对建国初期的形势任务,中国共产党制定的正确的干部教育方针政策。
    In this article, screening principle and policy for selection of mixed solvent were established on the basis of green chemistry principles.
    A solvent system of methyl ethyl ketone(MEK) and N-formylmorpholine(NFM) for separation of butanes and butylenes was selected according to the above principle and policy and its feasibility was tested by vapor and liquid equilibrium experiments.
    The fourth and fifth parts address the goal, strategy, principle and policy of Luzhou industry development in the coming five years according to results of the SWOT analysis.
    最后,为营造泸州工业发展的良好外部环境,提出了需要争取的政策建议。 本文较全面地总结了泸州工业经济发展的现实情况,大胆阐明了泸州工业今后宜走什么样的发展道路,以及为什么这样走和怎样走。
    Party leadership has been realized throughformulating and implementing correct line, guiding principle and policy.
    In Section Three, from the relations of the principle and policy, the author analyzes the differences in legal status, function of the principles of investigation and criminal policies firstly, and secondly points out that because of the higher legal status and the wider applicative scope, the former is binding on the latter.
    Emphasizing concrete evidence analysis and international comparison, the article studies the reform of China's financial expenditure structure by the use of financial principles and policy analyzing tools.


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